Jarvis: Daddy, You're Not Watching Me


  • Length: 3:35
  • Released: Room 29 (17 March 2017)
  • Recorded: Studio Ferber, Paris



Daddy, you're not watching me
See my fingers as they touch the keys
But shouldn't you be guiding me
As we play our song together

See I've been watching so carefully
In the absence of God I guess you'll do for me
If there's no higher power
I'll raise my eyes to thee
Forgive me if I stare
I never saw the likes of you
I can't really work out
Just where you're coming from
Where are you coming from?

Daddy, you're not watching me
Though you used to
Or so it seems to me
So now I'm watching something else you see
Searching for a clue
'Cos if we all watch each other
We will no longer
Need to bother
Looking out for you

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