Jarvis: Foraging (song)

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  • Status: EP track
  • Length: 1:32
  • Released: 20th May 2016
  • First played live: Never
  • Recorded: Unknown


Horse and Prince, Pavement, Field
Agaricus, The Blushing Wood
False Deathcap, Grey Spotted Amanita
Tawny Grisette, all are good

The Blusher, the Honey, the Woody Ears
Queen Bolete, Bay Boletus
Penny Bun, Scarletina
Chanterelle, all come eat us

Trooping Funnel, Glittering Ink Cap
Horn of Plenty, Velvet Shank
Snowy Wax, Amethyst Deceiver
Saffron Milk Cap, the earth we thank

The Giant Puffball, Shaggy Parasol
Woody Blewit, gather them all
The Fairy Ring, the Polypore
Porcelain, Oyster, Dryad, and more

The Charcoal Burner, Powdery Brittlegill
Scarlet Elf Cup, take your fill

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