Jarvis: I Picked a Flower (song)

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  • Artist: The Nu Forest (The Pastels and Jarvis Cocker)
  • Length: 3:24
  • Released: I Picked a Flower (single) (July 2003); The Last Great Wilderness (original soundtrack) (August 2003)
  • Note: There is a remix by Cinema Recorded Music Library



I picked a flower

Hey, lovers
You must not be lazy
Or you will lose her
Oh, and it will drive you crazy

I found a rose in another man's garden
She was flowering all alone
Undervalued and unappreciated
I knew I had to take her home

And though she did not want to betray you
I knew that I had her in my power
And I drank deep of a sweet and heady nectar
And she opened beneath my hand
Like a flower

I was not looking
Not looking for a lover
But when I saw her
Oh, how could I refuse her?

I said: "He don't deserve you
No, he don't even see you
But you're turning me on
Beauty such as yours should not be left out in the cold
Come on in babe it's warm"

Attend well to your garden
Cultivate it with love and care
Because a rose knows nothing of her beauty
Unless you reflect it back to her
You've got to reflect it back to her
I gave her beauty back to her
'Cos you were never there

Or maybe you just didn't dare
plant your seed inside her flowerbed
So she turned to me instead
And as she lays across my big brass bed
Your name is mud my friend

So lovers
Don't you get lazy
Or you will lose your love
And it will drive you crazy
Yeah, it will drive you crazy
Oh, it will drive you crazy

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