Jarvis: Looking For The Girl (song)

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  • Status: EP track
  • Length: 4:40
  • Released: 20th May 2016
  • First played live: Never
  • Recorded: Unknown


Let's get some frames exposed
Shed your staples and your clothes
Now give me all youve got to give
Positive and negative

F-stops and G strings
Two of my favorite things
I don't want to join in
My dear, you must be joking
I just want to photograph you

Where've you been all my life?
I don't want you for my wife
I like to look and you look great
In five by four, or ten by eight

On the page, you are my muse
In my arms you have no use
You better stay under the bed
Or in the dark of my darkroom instead
Cos I just want to photograph you

Photographs don't argue
Photographs don't get old
Photographs, photographs
Do as they are told

All those things I said I'd do
I never could have done
Cos I've already shot my load
So let me load another one

You don't like my attitude?
Well I, I only like you when you're nude
No, I don't want you to be real
Too much hard work does not appeal
No I just want to photograph you

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