Jarvis: Petey's song


  • Released: Fantastic Mr. Fox (original soundtrack) (12th October 2009, UK; 3rd November 2009, USA)
  • Label: Decca (UK); ABKCO (US)
  • Length: 1:20
  • Also known as: Fantastic Mr. Fox AKA Petey's Song



'Bout a handsome little fox let me sing you folks a yarn.
Hey, diddle-dee daddle-da doddle-do doodle-dum!
'Twas a splendid little feller full of wit 'n' grace 'n' charm.
Say, zippy-zee zappa-za yappy-yo doodle-dum!

Well, like any little critter needin' vittels for his littl'uns,
Well, he stole, and he cheated, and he lied just to survive.

With a doodle-dum diddle-die doddle-diddle doodle-dum!
(Doodle-dum diddle-die doddle-diddle doodle-dum!)
Zippy-zo zippy-zay zippy-zappy zoopy-zee!
(Zippy-zo zippy-zay zippy-zappy zoopy-zee!)
Doo-dah doo-day day

Let me take a little tick now to color in the scene:
'Cross the valley lived three yokels name of Boggis, Bunce, and Bean.

Now these three crazy jackies had our hero on the run.
Shot the tail off the cuss with a fox-shootin' gun.
But that stylish little fox was as clever as a whip
Dug as quick as a gopher that was hyper-ack-a-tive.

Now those three farmers sit
'Twhere there's a hole 'twas once a hill.
Singin' diddle-dee daddle-da doddle-do doodle-dum!

And as far as I can reckon
They're a-settin' up there still.
Singin' zippy-zee zappa-za yappy-yo

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