Jarvis: Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping (song)

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  • Artist: Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Length: 3:45
  • Released: 5:55 (album: Japanese edition bonus track) (8 November 2006); 5:55 (album: US edition bonus track) (24 April 2007)


  • Lyrics: Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon
  • Music: Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel
  • Producer: Nigel Godrich
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg: vocals
  • Nicolas Godin: acoustic guitar
  • Jean-BenoĆ®t Dunckel: piano, synthesizer (synth bass)
  • Air also recorded a version of this song for their 2007 album "Pocket Symphony" with Neil Hannon on lead vocals


Without blindness
there is no sight
You'd see the further if you'd only close your eyes

In unconsciousness
I can find peace
Inside prison walls I can find release

There is a place that I've seen
somewhere between waking and sleeping

Down at the water's edge
somebody waits for me
Is it too late for me?
"It's never too late", he says

(Two voices)
A: Without blindness
B: Without success
A: there is no sight
B: there is failure
A: I'd see further
B: People gather
A: if I
B: by the river
A: close my eyes
B: they were talking
A: about the failure

There is a place that I have seen
somewhere between waking and sleeping

Leaning over the side
trailing my fingertips
feeling the water slip
into the quiet night

Viewed from the wrong end of a telescope
I see myself
so far below

Still and silent
rest in peace
A thread unravels
merciful release

There is a place that I have seen
somewhere between waking and sleeping

Now I can almost see
figures upon the shore
He's gathering in the oars
Where are you taking me?

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