7th May 1994 - The Pulse (TV)


  • Programme: The Pulse
  • Broadcast: Saturday, 7th May 1994
  • Channel: MTV

Jarvis presents 16 objects he would take to the moon.


Jarvis Cocker & 16 objects for the moon

  1. If I was going to the moon I would take some reading matter. I would take this French slightly, shall we say, erotic comic.
  1. I would take a Tom Wolfe book to tell me all about life on earth.
  1. This magazine I would take as well, because it would give me tips on fashion and things, you know? How you're supposed to look.
  1. I would take this. Alright, you may think that's a little bit sentimental but that's something my mother made me when I was two years old. I've kept it ever since. That would kind of remind me of home.
  1. This stylish mug to drink out of.
  1. I would take a plate and this plate's good because getting to the end of your meal you've got a message.
  1. I would take this ring because, err... well, just because I would.
  1. A pack of cards which also double as slightly erotic scenes with ladies.
  1. I would take a book of games, so that I could keep myself occupied playing them... hopscotch I just saw there.
  1. And I would take these, but please don't ask me why.
  1. Of course, being a musician, I would take a high quality musical instrument with me to play. I would also take some batteries, I think.
  1. I would take a radio, because I like to listen to the radio. You never know what's going to come on, so you can sometimes be surprised by that kind of synchronicity when you just want to hear a certain tune and then, in this case... [turns on radio] ...yeah. And the great thing about this radio is you can also take pictures with it. Smile.
  1. I would of course want to live in complete style.
  1. I would obviously take a bed with me. This is just a pictorial representation of a bed.
  1. I would take a picture of my mother because I like her.
  1. I would take these postcards just to write and tell my friends what I great time I was having.

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