Cousins (song)

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  • Status: Unreleased: a demo recording exists
  • Length: 4:52
  • First played live: 1984
  • Recorded: 8 May 1984 (Wicker Karate Rooms, Sheffield) (Sudan Gerri demo)
  • Availability: Demo and live recordings in circulation



Sick of the sight
Every object touched before
I shouldn't have to call you
I've got the key to your door
I'll take a look inside

I lie
You lie
You lie
You lie
You cry
You cry
You cry
You cry

Oh, I'll talk to your mother
I'll will smile at your father
who is sleeping on his feet
Waiting for an accident
I'll take you on the table
I will creep into your garden
But I'm standing on the pavement
walking round and round and round and round and...

You lie
You lie
You lie
You lie
You cry
You cry
You cry

Took you six years to achieve this state
Hopelessly staring at your fate
Well, it's all too clear
It's all too bare
Well, you fell in love with something that isn't there
And you see your father lying on the floor
in a hopeless state you can't ignore
And you mother's weighted down with the drinks she's tried
Got 16 years hanging on her side
You walk into the air and you shut the door
And there's no use in crying, you can do no more
And you put yourself in an airless flat
You think it might be a place to hide
You read somewhere it's been done before
By someone in 1964
And you can't escape the blood and shit
You can't escape, you're stuck with it

Then again it might just die away
Oh, then again it might just die away
Then again it might just die away
Die away


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