Sudan Gerri (demo)

Recording details

The Wicker Karate Rooms, Sheffield (8 May 1984)

  • Recorded by: John Nicholls

Songs recorded:


  • Jarvis Cocker: vocals, Hopf Semi-acoustic guitar (also drums on (1), dulcimer on (3))
  • Russell Senior: Rosetti III guitar, Wolfgang Hutter violin (also vocals on (1), (2) and (5), bowed guitar on (4), hunting horn on (7))
  • Candida Doyle: Casiotone keyboard, Farfisa Compact Professional II organ (also dulcimer on (6))
  • Peter Mansell: bass guitar
  • Magnus Doyle: drums (also Hopf guitar on (1), Farfisa organ on (7))
  • Ogy McGrath: backing vocals on (2)

Status of the songs recorded


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