David Kurley

David Kurley bears some credit for the lyrics in two of Pulp's songs, both from the album Freaks. He wrote the lyrics for Anorexic Beauty, for which he is credited, and in addition, Fairground apparently draws heavily on another of his songs.

The following information appeared in the Pulp People newsletter (February 1995):

Mr Kurley is the ex-lead singer of a drummerless Sheffield 3-piece from the 80s. The group was called New Model Soldier and had a song called Anorexic Beauty, whose lyrics Russell bought from their author for one pound. David Kurley went to school with Candida before forming NMS with Paul Fern and Migsy. The band's only release before splitting up onstage was Dance The Death Of A Thousand Cuts on Bunny Rabbit Catch The Man Records. Russ remembers that David appeared onstage in a black capped sleeve t-shirt that had a set in diagonal chiffon stripe through which you could see his pock marked body. He worked in a pub with Nick before becoming a Butlins redcoat.

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