Death Goes to the Disco (song)

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Note: This song is a remix of Death Comes to Town




Tonight's the night
Open your door and I'll come inside
Don't be afraid, it will be alright
I will change your whole life tonight
And you're so beautiful
Too beautiful for this dead-end world
I'm taking you to a better place
Oh, far away from this stupid race

Oh, come with me forever
And ever, oh please
Come with me forever
No don't let me down
Oh, don't make me cry
Lie in my arms and be mine tonight
Do it!

Oh did I tell you
there was no need to be afraid?
Oh, you've got such a beautiful body
Oh, you'll make such a beautiful body

I stalk these yellow-lit cul-de-sacs at night
You'll hear my footstep on your bedroom stair
And I will take the first boy in every house in town
I'll take your sisters and I'll lay them down
I'll lay them down tonight, now!

Take them all now!

Bom, bom bom

Make you mine...

I want your body...

The wind...
The trees...
Those girls...

I come into town!


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