Down By the River (song)

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Take me down to the river
where I would not go before
Through the trees and the rushes
to a place we both know

And I'm feeling much younger
as I kneel on the ground
Dip my toe in the water
of the river where I watched you drown

Na na na, na na nana, nana na, na na na, na na nana, na na, na na na, na na nana, nana na, la nana nana na na

Oh, when the river ran dry that next year
I could not find your body
Now I'm standing here, ready at last
to dive down and reach you again

And I long to be with you
now these cold nights have come
Oh, I go down to the river
but the river will stop for no one
Though I ask it, it keeps flowing on
When I ask it, it tells me you're gone

Lala, la la la, la la la, la lala, la la la, la

Jarvis' Comments

This is about... you may reject something, and then perhaps about six months later you might think "I wish I hadn't done that," and then you go back to the place where you threw it away, and it's not there any more. Sickener.


This is most likely the oldest song on Separations, it was performed live in 1986, recorded in 1989-90 and finally released in 1992.


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