Separations LP Sessions

Recording details

FON Studio, Sheffield (August 1989)

Songs recorded:


  • Jarvis Cocker: vocals, guitars, keyboards, Casio FZ-10 sampler, feedback effects, Alesis drum machine
  • Russell Senior: Egmond Rosetti Airstream III electric guitar, violin, vocals
  • Candida Doyle: Farfisa Compact Professional II organ, Korg Delta synthesizer, Yamaha Portasound keyboard, Jen SX1000 synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Steve Mackey: Fender Precision Bass, Jen SX1000 (bass sounds), Alesis drum machine, Casio FZ-10 sampler
  • Nick Banks: Alesis drum machine, Casio FZ-10 sampler, live drums, timpani
  • Alan Smyth: Casio FZ-10 sampler, Akai X7000 keyboard, Yamaha Portasound keyboard, Alesis drum machine

(1) Indications are that this was abandoned at an early stage, possibly only a backing track was recorded.

FON Studio, Sheffield (September 1989-Janaury 1990)

Minor overdubs and final mixes done on the tracks above.

Parrot & Winston made two remixes of This House is Condemned

Status of the songs recorded

All the tracks appeared on the Separations LP, except Going Back to Find Her, which is unreleased.
Parrot & Winston's remixes of This House is Condemned appeared on the My Legendary Girlfriend single.

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