Laughing Boy (song)

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If you stay out all night
that's alright by me
But if you must kiss those guys
well, you could at least clean your teeth
I don't mean to put you down
but you've taken everything that I own
Don't tell me you want some more
'cos I'm closed
Yeah, I'm closed
Yeah, I'm closed

Who is this laughing boy
who ladders your tights?
Please tell him to cut the noise
'cos it's spoiling my nights
I just want to get some rest
and he's talking to his ma on the phone
Well, if he's so homesick
he could go home
could go home
he could go home

I don't need this anymore
and it's written in the stars I must go
And will I come back for more?
Oh, I don't know
I don't know
No, I don't know

I don't know

Oh, I don't know


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