20th November 1993 - The Leadmill, Sheffield (live)


  • Date: Saturday, 20th November 1993
  • Venue: The Leadmill
  • Location: Sheffield
  • Admission: £5 (on door)
  • Supported by: Elastica and Echobelly


No recordings in circulation.


"Albert's Camel" in Overall There is a Smell of Fried Onions (Nottingham), January 1994:

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker is the skinniest sex god in the world bar none. Like all the best sex symbols, Jarvis’ appeal transcends gender, leaving the boys in the audience just as hot as the girls. The band are offering a new kind of glamour which doesn't rely on escapism or ignoring the city's grim demeanour as did former Sheffield glam-poppers ABC. Instead Pulp inspire by showing you what your own life could sound like if you had the necessary talent and humour to tell it the Pulp way. And all these tales of juvenile vandals, former girlfriends and sex on the backseat of a car are played out to an energetic pop backing which toys with your senses but never holds back its climax for too long. Expect to see them gracing Top Of The Pops in the near future.

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