26th April 1994 - Leeds Metropolitan University (live)


  • Date: Wednesday, 26th April 1994
  • Venue: Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Location: Leeds
  • Tickets: £6.50 (advance)
  • Supported by: Pram

His 'n' Hers UK Tour.


No known recordings


Simon Warner in The Guardian:

In a more just world it would now be time to set aside the macho posturings of the rock burn-out and the dead-ends of the dance marathon and settle down to the perfect pop adventures of the scandalously undersung Pulp, those Sheffield born music makers with an uncanny ability to turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

But Jarvis Cocker and his band have been plugging away for so long that it makes you wonder whether the release of their first album for a major label will be enough to enable them to escape the cult ghetto.

His 'n' Hers is an engaging celebration of the domestic - from tea on the table to acrylic pullovers, Meadowhall shopping centre to teenage sex. Live, the tunes are, if anything, better, and a modest but welcoming crowd at Leeds Metropolitan University thrilled to vocalist Cocker's stage escapades.

The bedrock of pieces like Do You Remember The First Time? and instant classics like Lipgloss and Babies is Candida Doyle's wondrous keyboard playing but Russell Senior's occasional loops of violin were also quite brilliant, simultaneously luxuriant and louche.

Pulp deliver a version of post-modern pop that leaves you, bizarrely, longing for the Seventies. Hints of Roxy Music, flashes of Gloria Gaynor on She's A Lady, haunt their work. But this is more than pastiche. At their best they leave Suede standing, they could still join Blur at this year's medal ceremony.

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