28th March 1985 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield (live)


  • Date: Thursday, 28th March 1985
  • Venue: Hallamshire Hotel
  • Location: Sheffield


  1. Hydroelectric Dam
  2. Tilly’s Story (part 1)
  3. Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
  4. The Will to Power
  5. Fairground
  6. There's No Emotion
  7. The Mark of the Devil
  8. Simultaneous
  9. Back in LA
  10. Breaking Down at My Door
  11. Srpski Jeb
  12. Life Must Be So Wonderful
  13. Being Followed Home
  14. Tilly’s Story (part 2)
    ... and possibly others

NB: Tilly’s Story is a spoken-word piece by Mark Tillbrook


A recording that includes most of the set is in circulation. A complete recording probably also exists, but it is not in circulation.

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