7th May 1981 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield (live)


  • Date: Thursday, 7th May 1981
  • Venue: Hallamshire Hotel
  • Location: Sheffield
  • Supporting: Vena Cava


Wayne Furniss's first gig with Pulp. There are no known recordings.

Listed as Pulp concert #15 in one of Jarvis' teenage exercise books, shown at Good Pop, Bad Pop - The Exhibition at The Gallery of Everything in Marylebone, London (13 - 29.05.2022):

With Vena Cava. Wayne's first. Played very well (him and us) but hardly anyone there [because] of bus strike.

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The setlist above is taken from one written in Jarvis' hand-writing. Tantalisingly, there is a crossed out sound as the original track one, reading something like 'Blind Jam' - a suggestion is that this was the time when Message to the Martians finally evolved into Refuse to Be Blind.
Also of note is how busy Pulp have been. Since Jimmy Sellars' departure and Wayne's arrival, they have added What's Wrong With My Girl, Don't Want to Know, Please Don't Worry, Refuse to be Blind and the 'New One' to the setlist in a matter of just a few weeks. Impressive work.

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