January or February 1987 - The Leadmill, Sheffield (live)


  • Date: January or February 1987
  • Venue: The Leadmill
  • Location: Sheffield

A one-off performance art event. It is unclear whether this was strictly a Pulp concert.

Steven Havenhand: "Jarvis had composed a story about the Devil coming to Sheffield & he narrated the story to a backing track of Pulp 'noise', the story culminated in a version of Death Comes To Town, which we did without a bass guitar 'cause I was playing Russell's electric. The 'set' lasted around 20 to 30 minutes & was a proper Pulp oddity."

The line-up included Jarvis Cocker, Steven Havenhand, Russell Senior and Nick Banks, plus two performance artists, only remembered (by Nick) as Penny and Karen. Steven Havenhand recalls: "The two girls were carrying round balloons which were full of water & putting them in various places on the stage.Every now & then they would drop one. I think it was Russell's idea for them to do that. I'm not sure what the meaning was behind the performance art thing, Russell seemed to have it all worked out in his head but I don't think he passed on the meaning to the rest of us."


There are no known recordings.

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