Oozing Through the Ozone Layer (various artists compilation cassette)


  • Date: December 1987
  • Label: Globe of Bulbs
  • Format: Cassette
  • Catalogue number: LSD5

This very rare cassette was compiled by Mark Webber and released on his bedroom-based label. It features two Pulp tracks, which were recorded by Mark Webber live at The Barracuda, Nottingham (15th July 1987). Other bands featured include Television Personalities and Spacemen 3.



Side 1:

  1. My First Wife

Side 2:

  1. Don't You Want Me Anymore?


Cassette sleeve:

The sleeve features artwork by Natty Brooker of Spacemen 3 (who are featured on the cassette) and Spiritualized. The drawing is also titled Oozing Through the Ozone Layer. A larger version can be found on this blog.

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