Pulp People Newsletter 1

Pulp People fanclub newsletter one was written by Russell Senior in July 1992.


PULP PEOPLE 1. Wellcome to the first. Lots of love to you all. Letters from Bulgaria on orange spandex make it all worthwhile. Apology - some venues have advertized non-existant concerts, or cancelled at late notice, so if anyone has turned up to these we're truly madly deeply sorry.

SHEFFIELD CITY HALL BALLROOM Mon 13th July - promoter (0742) 760962
LONDON BRIXTON FRIDGE (071) 326 5100 Friday 31st July. Onstage midnight.
HALIFAX PIECE HALL Saturday 5th September - promoter Spike (0422) 346361 (evening only)

You've asked for discographies, you've asked for the history of Pulp & believe me you're going to get them.

8.7.92. Russell

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