So It Started There - From Punk to Pulp (book)


Author: Nick Banks
Publication date: 28th September 2023
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781915841100 (paperback); 9781915841179 (hardback)
Formats: Paperback and limited edition hardback (both 432 Pages)

Publisher's synopsis

So It Started There chronicles the life and career of drummer Nick Banks, and how he came to be in one of the UK’s most iconic and beloved bands: Pulp.

Beginning with his childhood in Rotherham, Nick recounts his personal and musical journey through the genres, first as a punk, then as a goth; how it all started when he was first inspired to pick up the sticks by Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook.

Flash forward to the eighties, Nick has been playing in a handful of Sheffield groups and spies an ad from his favourite band, Pulp, in a local club. He pays Jarvis and the gang a visit and the rest is history.

From there, Nick describes his growth as a professional drummer and musician, the trials and tribulations of chasing success in the music industry, touring triumphs and horrors, the band’s journey from relative obscurity to becoming a global sensation, and the process of writing and recording their most famous albums.

Written with warmth, humour and inimitable northern charm, Nick tells all. And with it, tells the story of a band that defined a generation.


Features an introduction by Richard Hawley.

The hardback edition is limited to 1,000 copies and has an alternative cover. Copies pre-ordered from the publisher's website offer the chance to win an original prop from the Common People music video.

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