Where It Started…  Hugomrtnzz

Photo submitted by Hugomrtnzz

Back in 2019, I discovered pulp thanks to my father, who was watching the MTV channel with music from the 90s and suddenly the great Common People video appeared. I was quite amazed by the song and later I started looking for information about the band. But it wasn't until September 2021 that my obsession with this group exploded, and I started listening to all the albums, one by one. Something curious is that there was not a single song that I disliked. Without any doubt, the album that fascinated me the most was the majestic "it" from 1983, which to this day is my most listened album of all time (I want to be buried with my vinyl copy). My first pulp item was the single by They Suffocate At Night (12") and from there I got the albums. My love for the group was so great that I even ended up dedicating a YouTube channel to them (bit.ly/Pulp4K), which I am now very happy with! Nowadays i am waiting for tour dates here, in Spain, see you next year (i guess...?)!!! <3

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