Where It Started…  J

Photo submitted by J

We saw Mis Shapes TOTP 1995. My brother bought DC on tape then. I still have it. If the house was on fire I'd save that. I vividly remember jumping 'round the bedroom with my brother and cousin miming to DC with the sweeping brush as a mic stand, tin whistles as drum sticks for air drums, and a snooker cue as a guitar. We got mad into Pulp. Bunking off school to sit in the pub playing Disco 2000 on the jukebox while the lads played pool. Great days. Walking back from the gig this June in Dublin we were reminiscing about the people we met on the way to our first gig in 1996 in Dublin. Those girls in the minibus holding the poster of Jarvis up at the window and us pointing to our Pulp t-shirts and waving, were you there this year too? I don't know what life is or what music is but I know it's been a better life and world for having Pulp in it. Live On. Thank you. And loved Russell's (was so happy to see him again in 2011) and Jarvis' books, looking forward to Nick's.

Gonna try upload a bad photo from that 1996 gig. It was 13 July 1996. The blue dot with the arm out is Jarvis.

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