Jarvis: I Found Myself Looking For God (song)

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Rough transcription only.

I was hanging around an aquarium and I stared at the fish, but the fish, the fish just swum. I was sifting through stuff on a market stall, I had no idea at all what I was looking for: on a market stall. A vague parade before my eyes: material goods materialised. I'm not a believer so imagine my surprise, when I found myself looking for God.

So I looked for God in an opium den, but the [...] were good, and I throw up, and then somebody [...] at 7 AM. And I looked for God in a discotheque, I put my head into the [...] and I emerged a total wreck.

On a [...] or in a loaf of bread, between your thighs on an unmade bed. I touched the infinite, I put my finger in it, and much to my surprise: I found myself looking for God.

Well, I looked for God scientifically, but worshipping a dolphin doesn't do a thing for me. You claim the Bible is a work of fiction then how do you explain this morning's crucifixion? And suddenly before my eyes, I swear he did materialise. I'm a non-believer, so imagine my surprise. I did give praise; I did prostrate myself; I found it when I was not really looking. I guess it's true that every step you take is holy ground. Now every time that I look into your eyes, oh, I find myself looking for God.

Looking for God
Looking for God
Looking for God ...



I Found Myself Looking For God lists unlikely places one can look for spiritual enlightenment


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