Jarvis: Sliding Through Life On Charm (song)

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  • Artist: Marianne Faithfull
  • Length: 4:00
  • Released: Kissin' Time (album) (March 2002)


Pulp originally wrote this song in 1999, but the track was completed in 2001. It’s unclear whether the released version incorporates the 1999 recording, or was entirely re-recorded in 2001.


The family tree was chainsawed Wednesday week
So now I have to mingle with the meek
Hey mister! You have finally met your match
Now everybody wants to kiss my snatch
To go where god knows who has gone before
I am a muse, not a mistress, not a whore

Oh suburban shits who want some class
All queue up to kiss my ass
And I was only trying to please
I never got any royalties
Oh no, not me
I'm still sliding through life on charm
Sliding through life on charm

If Marianne was born a man she'd show you all
a way to piss your life against the wall
Go ahead why don't you leave me to these thugs?
And creeps who want to fuck a nun on drugs
Is it a sin I never ever tried too hard?
I had to know how far was going too far

In proper homes throughout the land
Fathers try to understand
why Eunice who is seventeen
aspires to live her life like me
Oh no - can't you see daddy?
She's just captivated by my charm
Sliding through life on charm
Sliding... sliding... never!

I wonder why the schools don't teach anything useful nowadays
Like how to fall from grace
And slide with elegance, from a pedestal
I never asked to be on in the first place...

Sliding on charm
Sliding on charm
Sliding on charm
Sliding on charm
Sliding on charm
Sliding on charm
Sliding on charm

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