59 Lyndhurst Grove (song)

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There's a picture by his first wife on the wall
Stripped floorboards in the kitchen and the hall
A stain from last week's party on the stairs
But no one knows who made it, or how it ever got there
They were dancing with children round their necks
Talking business, books and records, art and sex
All things being considered, you'd call it a success
You wore your black dress

Oh oh - oh oh - oh oh - oh oh ...

He's an architect and such a lovely guy
And he'll stay with you until the day you die
And he'll give you everything you could desire
Oh well, almost everything, everything that he can buy
So you sometimes go out in the afternoon
Spend an hour with your lover in his bedroom
Hearing old women rolling trolleys down the road
Back to Lyndhurst Grove
Lyndhurst Grove



This is the final part of Inside Susan: A story in three songs. Although Jarvis later continued the story of Susan with The Babysitter.

Jarvis had this to say in a 1994 Record Collector interview:

[It] was inspired by a party I'd been to the weekend before. We were thrown out by an architect but I got my own back by writing a song about the event. It was a really crap 'right on' party - there were children there. You don't take your children to a party in my book. I sent a copy of the CD to 59 Lyndhurst Grove, the lady of the house, because she was in a bad situation married to this prick, but she never wrote back. A Japanese fan went there and stood outside and asked if she was Susan!

The real 59 Lyndhurst Grove is located in Camberwell, south London.

Sleeve notes

Inside Susan "A story in three songs..."
...following Susan from her Rotherham puberty through wild teen years in Sheffield to her eventual marriage and settling down somewhere on the outskirts of London.
I played these songs to Susan the other day - she just laughed and said I was being spiteful because she wouldn't sleep with me when we first met. She also said to tell you that she's perfectly happy where she is at the moment, thank you very much.

Alternative versions

59 Lyndhurst Grove (Black Session for France Inter, Paris, 30 October 1995)


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