Razzmatazz Sessions

Recording details

Maison Rouge Studios, London (20-22 October 1992)

Song recorded:

Matrix Studio, London (26 October 1992)

Remixed by Ed Buller:

Protocol Studios, London (9 December 1992)

  • Producer: Pulp
  • Engineers: Andy and Giles

Songs recorded:

Mark Webber played stylophone on Stacks

Unknown studio, east London (December 1992)

Producer: Phil Vinall
Engineers: John Smith and Luke Gordon

Drums re-recorded:

Matrix Studio, east London (December 1992)

Engineers: John Smith and Luke Gordon

Final remix by Phil Vinall:

Unknown studio (December 1992 or January 1993)


Status of the songs recorded

All songs released on the Razzmatazz single

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