23rd February 1982 - The Limit, Sheffield (live)


  • Date: Tuesday, 23rd February 1982
  • Venue: The Limit
  • Location: Sheffield
  • Supported by: The Quickies


  1. Thrash
  2. Please Don't Worry
  3. Why Live?
  4. Wishful Thinking
  5. Turkey Mambo Momma
  6. What Do You Say
  7. How Could You?
  8. Refuse to Be Blind
  9. Teen Angst


  1. Unknown


There are no known recordings.
The above setlist is labelled 'ambition' suggesting that, as Pulp gigs possibly didn't rigidly stick to plans, this may not have been what eventually occurred!
There is an encore listed, but not what is actually was. It would be most likely that, if they made it as far as the encore, it would have been (What’s Wrong With) My Girl? as this was the encore for a gig five days later, and is the one obvious (then) current song missing from this setlist.

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