2nd December 1998 - NEC, Birmingham (live)


  • Date: Wednesday, 2nd December 1998
  • Venue: NEC Arena
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Support: Tiger

Additional musicians: Richard Hawley (guitar, backing vocals), Joel White (piano, backing vocals), Gareth Dickinson (Jarvis 2)


There are no known recordings.


Alison Handley in the Birmingham Evening Mail:

Jarvis a delight

The audience may have been sparse in places, but Jarvis Cocker milked the more intimate venue of the NEC Arena for all it was worth.

The showman still strutted his stuff, belting out tracks like Help the Aged and A Little Soul from his most recent album This Is Hardcore, complete with laser effects, video images and the latest technical gadgetry for added effect.

But it was only the die-hard few who responded with any real enthusiasm to what are somewhat inaccessible tracks, and it was left to timeless pop classics like Common People and Disco 2000 to bring the crowds to their feet.

In response, Jarvis played to the gallery, handing over beer and water to thirsty fans and keeping up a running commentary between numbers.

A final crowd-pleasing attempt to free a net of bal­loons which had failed to operate earlier, was a fitting finale and sent everyone home happy.

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