3rd June 1984 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield (live)


  • Date: Sunday, 3rd June 1984
  • Venue: Hallamshire Hotel
  • Location: Sheffield


Unknown publication:

Pulp pulled a pretty large crowd considering it was a Sunday: the upstairs room of the Hallamshire was packed out. They weren't particularly slick tonight but then greatness doesn't come from slick off-pat tunes. There has been a change in their line-up and their music. The wimpy smooth sound is gone but the acidic 'Tales of the Unexpected' love songs are still there but now they've got a thrashing, foot stomping angry energy.

Pulp are branching out from politics of love to politics of the soul - not concentrating on love songs totally. Each song they played at the Hallamshire had a different feel and emotion to it. Some made you want to cry. Their Slavic-ish song got people stomping their feet and slapping their thighs but there wasn't much dancing - perhaps this is because it was a Sunday - day of rest and all that. Sunday or not there was a good atmosphere in that cramped room.

Their set ended with Silence - a brilliant, powerful song which cuts you up inside and echoes through you for hours or even days after the last wail has faded. This song was received with the now reflex-like enthusiastic clapping. Then their encore - another chilling song. And that was that.

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A recording exists. It was made by Nick Canute, who now plays guitar with Sheffield band Dog Canute. This is the earliest live Pulp recording in circulation.

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