Rattlesnake (song)

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I just went back on my promise
One I kept through countless ages
All I did was hold her hand
And the world split into two tonight

And it's so big I can't believe it
Hovers over every action
In the distance getting nearer
It will be here by tonight

Thought that I could live without it
Tried but it just came back stronger
Just one touch and it's all over
I must have it all tonight

And this time it could be forever
It might only last an hour
Turn my head to see her face
And I must give my life tonight

''Oh, give it now
Give me your love tonight
Oh, give it now
Give me your life tonight
Give it''

And the hardest part
The hardest part is when you stop!


Rattlesnake was recorded along with Don't You Want Me Anymore? at the then new FON Studios in Sheffield in May 1987. It was the first opportunity the band had got to record in a modern state-of-the-art studio without the severe time and budget restrictions they had almost always faced previously. They even had access to a small string section that was used to good effect. Jarvis later commented that he felt the resulting tracks were considerably better than anything they had done before.

The studio time was paid for by FON Records, who it was planned would release the resulting material as a single with Rattlesnake as the B-side. Unfortunately it became clear after a few months that the single was never going to materialise. Thereafter the band were either not inclined or unable to release it elsewhere. Today the song remains obscure.

Although it has never been properly released, a lengthy excerpt of the song is used during the closing credits of The Beat Is the Law documentary film, which became available on DVD in 2010.


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