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Throughout the years, particularly the 1990s when they were at the peak of their popularity, lots of Pulp merchandise (both official and unofficial) was sold online, in shops, at concerts and given away as competition prizes.

Badges (official)

These badges were sold online by the Pulp People fanclub in 1998 and 2001.

Beer Mats (official)

These beer mats, depicting the This Is Hardcore Pulp logo, were given away by the Pulp People fanclub in 1998.

Disco 2000 Sunglasses (official)


Life-sized Cardboard Cut-outs (official)

These can be seen throughout the Disco 2000 video, they appeared on stage during Pulp's 1995 live sets and a Jarvis Cocker one appeared on the set of TFI Friday (often adorned in various hats by Chris Evans) until Jarvis appeared on the show and threw it out of the window. There is no evidence to suggest that these were ever sold to the public.

OU Balloons (official)


Party Hard Signs (official)

Party Hard promo video
These signs were used by the dancers in the Party Hard video and were given away as competition prizes by the fanclub.

Postcards (official)

1 of a set of 6 Pulp postcards were sent to Pulp People fanclub members in 2001 then later sold online.
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1996 Tour T-Shirts (official)

T-shirts sold at 1996 tour dates featuring 1 of the 12 Different Class covers on the front and a list of cities on the back.

T-Shirts (official)

T-shirts sold online by the Pulp People fanclub in 2001 to promote Sunrise and We Love Life

"I'm Common" T-Shirts (official)

T-shirts of various colours sold in high street stores during 1995.

"This is Hardcore" T-Shirts (official)

Sold during 1998.

"This is Hardcore" Stamp (official)


"This is Hardcore" Duvet and Pillowcase (official)


Other T-Shirts (official)

Sold by the Pulp People fanclub in 1996.

Other Merchandise from 1996 (official)

L-R: Pulp wallet, Pulp panties (one size only), Pulp mug, Pulp stickers, Pulp shoulder bag

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