10th June 1999 - Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice (live)


  • Date: Thursday, 10th June 1999
  • Venue: Palazzo Pisani Moretta (private party)
  • Location: Venice, Italy

Additional musician: Dido from Tiger (Omnichord)

This was a private party to open an exhibition for artist Gary Hume at the Venice Biennale art festival. Gary Hume is a friend of Jarvis'.

From the Pulp Online site:
The performance was captured by photographer Andrew Wilson and even mentioned in Art Monthly (#228): "There was no prize for best party, but it there had been it would have gone to Gary Hume. Held in the splendour of the Palazzo Pisani-Morretta, underneath Tiepolo ceilings and burning candle chandeliers, the assembled merry makers danced the night away to popular beat combo Pulp, all of whom were wearing polo neck sweaters and played behind a Venetian blind..."


  1. Roald Dahl (live debut)
  2. The Birds in Your Garden (live debut with unfinished lyrics)
  3. Duck Diving (then known as Perry Reggae) (live debut)
  4. The Quiet Revolution (then known as Donovon) (live debut)
  5. Cuckoo (then known as Burgers & Coolers) (live debut)
  6. Sunrise (then known as Rave Sense) (live debut)
  7. Sorted For E's & Wizz
  8. TV Movie
  9. The Fear
  10. This is Hardcore


The band made a recording but this is not in circulation.

Recordings labelled as being from this performance in circulation are invariably actually from the Edinburgh Queen's Hall (31 August 1999) concert.

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