30th May 2024 - Primavera Sound (live)


  • Date: Thursday 30th May 2024 (or more accurately, shortly after midnight local time on Friday)
  • Event: Primavera Sound
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain

Line-up: Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar), Nick Banks (drums), Candida Doyle (keyboards), Mark Webber (guitar, keyboards), plus Andrew McKinney (bass), Emma Smith (violin, guitar, backing vocals), Adam Betts (percussion, "space piano", acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Richard Jones (strings arranger, keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals) and The Elysian Collective (strings, backing vocals).


The 544th concert played by Pulp and the first festival date of 2024. Adam Betts returned to the line up after his absence in Amsterdam. Mark Webber and Jarvis once again teased The Fear prior to Common People.

"Maybe things will change. Donald Trump got found guilty on all charges. That could be good... see the fucker in prison, great." -- Jarvis


The entire set was streamed online by Amazon Music via Twitch at 9.55pm BST on Friday 31st May 2024.

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