Pulp Concert Backdrops 2000-2001

From Reading 2000 onwards, various custom-made films were used to illustrate specific songs in the Pulp live set. “It’s just stuff to be projected while we’re playing,” Jarvis told NME in August 2000. “I’m working on trying to edit all that stuff together at the moment. It’s a bit hectic. When I finish rehearsing music I have to go home and start putting all that stuff together. Some of the stuff I filmed myself. You’ll probably be able to tell that from the very bad camera work. They’re taken on my trips out birdwatching really (laughs). I’ve been walking around with a camera for a year and a half. It’s one of them video things that can fit in your pocket. I’ve just been trawling through it trying to find something appropriate. It’s nothing to do with the band, it’s just when I’ve gone on day trips. It’ll be like when your grandad makes you watch a slide show when you’re about ten and bores you to death with it. Hopefully, it’ll be more interesting than that.”

The films included:

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