Pulp People Newsletter May 95


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The time is right... Pulp are set to return to the world of popular music with the release of a new single on Monday 22nd May. "Common People", an anthem of epic proportions, was recorded by legendary producer Chris Thomas, and will be coupled with "Underwear", a second track from the forthcoming Pulp album. The single will initially be available on cassette and CD. A 2nd CD featuring dance remixes of "Common People" will follow two weeks later and that will include mixes by Pulp, Tony 'Oncer' Genn (a former Pulp bass player) and others. Due to new chart restrictions, a limited 12" vinyl release is not possible until June. There will be no live concerts to promote the single, but an exclusive appearance on Top Of The Pops is currently scheduled for May 18th. An in-store signing session at a major record store on London's Oxford Street is also planned.


Pulp have now finished about half of the new LP recordings and more sessions are planned for June. Six tracks are almost complete, including "Common People", "Underwear" and new songs like "Monday Morning" and "Bar Italia". If everything goes well then the album should be in the shops by late September. An extensive UK tour is planned for the autumn, with up to 20 dates that we expect to be able to announce next month. From there we intend to tour Europe before hopefully travelling further afield. Look out for further details in the music press and the next Pulp People newsletter.


The only official Pulp show this summer is at the Heineken Free Festival in Leeds on 22nd July. Pulp will headline this free concert, which will also feature sets by Sleeper, Menswear and The Bluetones. Tickets must be reserved in advance, telephone 0891 223459 for full details on how you can get yours. However, I can exclusively reveal to you that Pulp will play a special warm-up show the night before. Details are not yet settled, but send us an SAE and we'll make sure you're one of the first to know.


Pulp will not be supporting Blur in London's Mile End. (Jarvis is too scared to go back there.)


Pulp's appearance at Bristol Sound City on April 21st was their first live concert since the Christmas show at Drury Lane. The show, which was broadcast live by BBC Radio One, was a little shaky in parts but the Bristol audience didn't let that bother them and they got crazy. Plenty new songs made their concert debut, as did Candida(Doyle's new technologically advanced Ensoniq keyboard. Earlier in the day the band made an in-store appearance at HMV to sign autographs. The response was overwhelming and so many kids were turned up that we got stranded there for nearly 2½ hours. (Lots of girls brought knickers to be signed!) Later the same afternoon, Jarvis, Nick and Mark represented Pulp at The Guardian newspaper's first Pop Quiz event in front of a small audience at the Watershed Cinema. Also competing were teams from Radio One and The Guardian, and the questions were asked by John Peel. After a slow start, the Pulp team pulled ahead and our victory was rewarded by the presentation of a tacky certificate and cheap trophy that will sit in pride of place at the band's luxury practise room.


During the Sound City soundcheck we were asked if it was possible for us to play the following evening with Oasis at their massive Sheffield Arena concert, as The Verve's guitarist had had his knuckles broken in a brawl in Paris the night before. Throwing caution to the wind we agreed to play, so the next morning we were off back to our hometown to play Pulp's biggest ever indoor show in front of 12000 people, none of whom really wanted us to be there ! After going to great lengths to keep our appearance a secret Jarvis played the intro to "Babies" from offstage before the other members of the band appeared. It was funny to see the audience reaction as they realised what was happening. They made us very welcome and the band played really well after shaking off the cobwebs at the Bristol concert. Our set closed with a stadium rousing "Common People" and we left to recover a while before enjoying Oasis. Quite an exciting day.

One Sunday 2nd April, Jarvis stepped in to present The Gary Crowley Show on GLR in London. The 3 hour programme included Jarvis' choice of music together with appearances by pop star friends The Tindersticks and Stereolab.


On April 7th Pulp made their first TV appearance of the year on Channel 4's The White Room, performing "Underwear" and "Monday Morning". "Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)" was also played in the studio, but not broadcast. (The previous night, the group had four guitars stolen from the dressing room, so Russell, Mark and Steve have had to go out and buy new ones.)

Jarvis presented an edition of MTVs" 120 Minutes" on Sunday April 23rd. He was able to choose the videos he showed, including the premiere of "Babies (A Short Film)" a re-edit of the second "Babies" video which is coupled with a spoken recital of the lyrics. The film was put together by the video's director Pedro Romhanyi for his show reel.

Expect to see Pulp often on your telly in May - watch out for a BBC2 "Late Show" special on Scott Walker, which is scheduled for May 9th. Jarvis did an interview for the programme, which may also feature a segment from one of his college films which had a Scott Walker soundtrack.Three appearances on the Big Breakfast (Channel 4) have been confirmed - Jarvis will be the house guest on May 12th, the new video will be shown on May 22nd, and Jarvis & Steve will be on The Crunch with Zig & Zag on May 24th. Jarvis has also been interviewed for a BBC2 "Moving Pictures" special on X-rated films which will be broadcast on May 27th.

Appearances are also planned for Top Of The Pops, The O-Zone, The Chart Show, Fully Booked, Later With Jools Holland and Watch This Space. It looks likely that Jarvis will again present Top Of The Pops in June, so keep tuned.


We don't understand any of this, but Pulp Person Dave Twisleton from Coventry has written to tell us that there is an Internet site for Pulp lyrics and guitar chords. He says "FTP : (file transfer protocol) : ftp.dileu.dk. User is anonymous, password is your e-mail address. Once you're in, the directory is /pub/music/guitar/p/pulp. If that site is unavailable you can get a list of sites from the main one : ftp.nevada.edu. Also, there's a Pulp debates file on a bulletin board called Monochrome : telnet mono.city.ac.uk. From the main menu, the Pulp file is M M I H A. Membership is free, guests can read the file but can't add to the debate". I'm sure all that is perfectly clear to you youngsters. Cheers Dave !

Did you see... the trailer for BBC2 daytime programmes & Esther Rantzen that used "Babies" for its soundtrack ?


Look out for Jarvis on the cover of May's "Vox". Inside there's a very disturbing photo of him with an altered waistline, and a portrait taken in his living room (complete with new haircut!).
Far more exciting is the cover of "Top Of The Pops" magazine - Jarvis & Kylie together ! This is one photo shoot he'll never forget, as he got to kiss and cuddle the sexy pop siren !


Since playing bass for Pulp in 1987/88, Anthony Genn has moved into the dance music field and is now recording and mixing as General Tony 'Oncer' Genn. His first appearance on record will be the hard dance mix of "Common People", but Oncer has also been working with ace boxer Prince Naseem on a jungle rap track to accompany Naseem's approach to the ring at forthcoming fights !

Jarvis will be doing his DJ thing at thing at the special Bernard Butler / David MacAlmont show at the Hanover Grand in London on 8th May. The concert will also feature special guest Edwyn Collins. Tickets are still available from the box office.


Hot off the presses is a new English Pulp fanzine called "Pulp Friction". The mag is put together by Donna Nicoll & Lillian Ashman and you can write to them at [...], if you'd like a copy. They'd also like to hear from any of you wishing to contribute to future issues.

Also just out is issue 3 of "Pulpitations", the US Pulp fanzine. I haven't seen it yet but this edition promises to be something of a Mark special ! Send an SAE or IRC to Sarah Stuart, [...], USA. Finally, the Suede fanzine "Quietly Kill For You" promises a Pulp article in each edition and the current one features great photos of Pulp's trip to Hollywood last September. The whole thing is excellently put together with some great illustrations of Brett and the boys ! Write to Vicky Wagar, [...], USA.


Thanks to all who sent in questions to the kind doctor. Write in with your queries in time for the next newsletter, he knows everything. Jerome Peyrel of Limoges wins the prize this time for his obscure request which sent the doctor on a long and rambling monologue.

After reading Disco-Very and the Pulp Scrapbook, Wendy Gabriel of London would like to know if there are any more unreleased Pulp songs she doesn't know about. What do you say doctor ?
There are hundreds, and most of them never made it out of the rehearsal room for various reasons. Some of the better ones were Didn't Feel A Thing, I've Got A Dream For You, Snow, A Day In The Life Of... and Breaking Down The Front Door, which all date from 1984-86. Many of these songs were not recorded in any form so it's impossible for anyone to hear them.

Sam from Lowestoft would like to know if any members of Pulp do the National Lottery.. ?
Well, Russell and Steve only compete occasionally, Steve copies the numbers from whoever's standing next to him, whilst Russell uses "a very long and involved system that is not very interesting". Nick's a betting man and he takes part every week - he recommends clusters of up to three consecutive numbers and always uses 23. (Nick's the only member of the group to have won anything and that was only ten pounds.) Jarvis and Candida try to enter every week. Candida chooses numbers at random but likes those in their 40's. Jarvis now uses a special lottery keyring to choose his numbers to take the responsibility off himself. He thinks it's best to use it to select the numbers just before buying a ticket on Saturday so that the keyring is subject to similar atmospheric conditions as the real lottery machine.

Jerome Peyrel's obscure star question asks Dr Pulp "Who is David Kurley"?
Oh yes, Mr Kurley is the ex-lead singer of a drummerless Sheffield 3-piece band from the 80's. The group was called New Model Soldier and had a song called "Anorexic Beauty", whose lyrics Russell bought from their author for one pound. David Kurley went to school with Candida before forming NMS with Paul Fern and Migsy. The band's only release before splitting up onstage was "Dance The Death Of A Thousand Cuts" on Bunny Rabbit Catch The Man Records. Russ remembers that David appeared onstage in a black capped sleeve t-shirt that had a set in diagonal chiffon stripe through which you could see his pock marked body. He worked in a pub with Nick before becoming a Butlins redcoat.


presents it's new menu for your enjoyment

Chitzu in Chuchit Sauce
Savoury Pork Fluid
Shi Ni Boots Of Leather
Big Foot
Cho King Vic Tim
Grinning Bishop's Ear With Pong
Sweet Tsutsi Shitzanshines (From 7pm)
Shee Shitzanshines (All Day)
Shee Shinesan Tsits and Shitsan Shines (All Day)


  1. The films "Heaven Can Wait" and "Four Weddings And A Funeral" both featured quilt covers made from the same material as two of Candida's quilt covers. "Heaven Can Wait" had an entire bedroom furnished in this way.
  2. Candida refuses to get out of bed in the morning until the teasmade alarm goes off.
  3. Candida once had 13 cats living in the small house she shared with her cousin. One Sunday her cousin's cat Skat gave birth to 7 kittens, and the following night Candida's cat Talullah gave birth to another 4. The cats were named The O'Neill Brothers, The Shoreditch Twins, Mark Blackson, Minnie the Minx, Jimmy, Frank and Tortoise, amongst others. (She can't remember the names of them all!)


All day I'm doing fine 'cos there are things to pass the time. Smoke a cig & drink some tea, watch a programme on tv. I just don't care where you are now 'cos I'm sorted out & how I've got it all set up you see, but when I close my eyes it happens to me. You're a nightmare & you've made it all wrong, you're a nightmare to me. Oh, you're a nightmare & I just can't see why you should keep on happening to me. Oh yeah. Well it stopped sometime in May whilst you were still away. Was I in bed or on a bus ? Doing something pathetically ridiculous. I never noticed it at first, but when you came back it got worse. It's the idea of you, you see. When I close my eyes it happens to me. You're a nightmare ... (x2). There were hotel bedroom birthdays, sleeping factory hallways, I remember always. There were hotel bedroom birthdays, sleeping factory hallways, I remember always. Why do you keep on hanging around ? Can't you see it gets me down ? 'Cos when I look at you I see somebody I just don't want to be. You're a nightmare ... (x2). You're always hanging around.


Susan's babysitter is 17 years old. She looks like Susan when she still lived at home. She's a lovely girl. She's got long black hair. If you go home now she might still be there. Susan's babysitter is 21 years old. She still looks like Susan, but Susan's not at home. She's a lonely girl. She's got permed black hair. If you go home now she will not be there. 'Cos she left last June. She came home too soon. You were both upstairs in your daughter's room. She's a lonely girl.



No doubt in my mind, this month's winner is Jess from Bristol - let me make up for letting you down with what's becoming predictable regularity. You will receive a prize parcel soon Jess, as will Mark's nominee for artistic triumph - Christine from East Ham.


Inspired by the number of pictures we receive of your favourite band, we are acting upon suggestions from Loan Tuan and Paul Kelly, and are now actively encouraging you: stop messing about and put some effort into it! Harsh words perhaps, but I do think it's fair to say there is a high degree of artistic licence in some of the more, er, unusual works. But that's okay by us. We'd like to put together a collection in the style of Tony Hart's Gallery and promise to print some of the best illustrations in future newsletters. Continuing with the artistic flavour - we are always very pleased to receive photos of Pulp taken by you and will print any particularly impressive or unusual ones. (It makes a nice change from the standard promo shots.) And how about some photos of you dressed as your favourite Pulp member ? Remember to write your name on the back of any contributions to ensure we give you the credit you deserve, and enclose an SAE if you would like any of your submissions returning.


Thanks once again to the ever changing wardrobe of Jarvis, we have yet another unique and exciting prize for you. Remember the pyjama top modelled by Jarv on the 'In Bed With Jo Brand' NME photo shoot ? It could be yours... All you have to do is tell us how many hours, on average, does the sleepy Jarvis need each night ? Is it :-
a) 8    b) 10    c) 14

Answers on a postcard please, to be received by 14th June. We'll announce the lucky winner next time.


Our two random winners of Pulp treats are Patti Rocha of Grand Rapids, MI, USA and Caroline Linford of Bournemouth. They will both receive copious quantities of assorted spectacular artefacts very soon.


A free service for you people to advertise to meet new friends and expand your Pulp collections. Write in with your name, address and requests if you would like to be included in the next newsletter.


  • Paul [...]. Wants old Pulp singles, live recordings and t-shirts. Also would like pen pals.
  • Simon [...]. Wales. Needs a drummer & lead guitarist for a cheeky punk fop pop band. Ages 16-18. Likes the Jam, Kinks, Elastica, Blur, Buzzcocks, Ramones.
  • Jerome P[...]. Wants 1st Pulp Peel Session, Peter Heam GLR and WRAS Atlanta sessions.
  • Jerome O[...]. Wants records by John Otway. (!)
  • Mark Webber, PO Box 87, Sheffield, S10 1YQ. Wants a tape of Pulp supporting Oasis at Sheffield Arena on April 22nd


  • Rachel [...]. Wants to write to any insane people, particularly if they have tapes of Pop Quiz.
  • Becky [...]. Pulp People anywhere.

We have received returned mail from the following Pulp People who seem to have moved without telling us. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people then please let us know ...
[nine names]
Also, Lisa Hanley of Hull was one of our lucky random winners last time, but she seems to have gone missing too !

The Jarvis London Embassy Hotel, where all the stars stay

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