Roadkill (song)

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  • Five-string electric cello: Philip Sheppard


The feel of my arm
around your waist
The pale blue nightdress that you wore

Your hair in braids
Your sailor top
The things I don't see anymore
No, no

You lost your suitcase in my hotel room
A subway token from your ma

The sun reflecting off the water on your face
And the way you drove your car
All these things I can't forget
though I don't see you anymore

Drove to the airport through a traffic jam
A deer lay dying in the road
Maybe I should have seen it as some kind of sign
except I don't believe in them no more
No, no

But I believe these things
I can't forget
though I don't see you anymore

Yes, I believe these things
I can't forget
'cos I see them
though I don't see you anymore

Jarvis' comments

One of my favourite songs on the record. It's got a nice fragile feeling to it that suits the slightly morbid lyrics. It's a pretty sad song. I didn't want it to be 'Let's all fucking slash us wrists' so it's got a delicate feel which stops it getting too maudlin. Lyrically, it's about the death of a relationship... as they all usually are.

[It] was one of the most satisfying ones to do, because all of the song was recorded at the same time, except for the cello stuff. So I did the singing at the same time as playing the guitar as well, and so that really was just capturing one performance of it. And so it's got a certain kind of edginess to it, because I'm not a very good guitarist, and especially if I'm singing at the same time I become a pretty inept guitarist. So it always seems like it's on the verge of breaking down, so I think that gives if a certain kind of tension to it which is quite good.


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