31st October 2001 - Birmingham Academy (live)


  • Date: Wednesday, 31st October 2001
  • Event: Sound City
  • Venue: Birmingham Academy
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Support bands: Appliance, Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia

Recordings and media


BBC Radio 1 - One Live In Birmingham

The whole concert was streamed on a webcast.

A recording of the whole set circulates on the I Am the Devil's Child bootleg CD. All the tracks seem to be from the webcast and are consequently poor quality.


Diane Parkes, Birmingham Evening Mail:

Pulp leave best work to the last

Jarvis Cocker told us he was nervous as he was about to play lots of new material - and he was right to be.

While Pulp's new album We Love Life may be brilliant and does, undoubtedly, have numerous potential hits on it, over an hour of new material is asking a lot of any crowd.

And the packed Academy gave it a lukewarm reception. While we may have enjoyed Weeds, The Trees and The Birds in Your Garden there is little doubt that what we really wanted was Disco 2000 and Do You Remember the First Time?

Jarvis, right, was his typical eccentric self - drifting in a verbal stream of con­sciousness which covered his parents' birthdays, lists of British rivers and bad jokes about Osama bin Laden and Michael Hutchence. He was more than ready to take the audience's heckling and told us he was grateful for our listening to the new songs.

But the moment we had all been waiting for came right at the end of the 100-minute set when we were offered Common People - and even then it was a subdued version. Finally the crowd around me stopped discussing the fact the bar had closed so early and began dancing.

Pulp are always an interesting band to watch, if only because Jarvis is enter­tainment in himself, but a few more of the well-known numbers would not have gone amiss. Perhaps we have to wait for the Greatest Hits tour.

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