Spice Demo

Recording details

Input Studio, Sheffield (22 August 1982)

  • Producer: Simon Hinkler
  • Engineer: Alan Walker or Peter Oldfield

Songs recorded:


  • Jarvis Cocker: vocals, Hopf semi-acoustic guitar
  • Simon Hinkler: Fender jazz bass (also Eko Ranger acoustic guitar on (2) and (4), mandolin on (4))
  • David Hinkler: Yamaha organ, Casiotone keyboard (also Yamaha and trombone on (1), Casio and trombone on (2))
  • Garry Wilson: Premier drums
  • Wayne Furniss: Kay electric guitar on (3), Fender jazz bass on (4)
  • Peter Dalton: cornet on (1)

Status of the songs recorded

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