My Legendary Girlfriend (Caff single)

My Legendary Girlfriend sleeve (front)
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Mail order, only 500 copies


  • Compiled by: Bob Stanley


This was a semi-official limited edition single on the Caff Corporation label. It is not to be confused with the earlier and more well-known My Legendary Girlfriend single released by Fire Records.

The Caff label was run by Bob Stanley, a friend of Jarvis', who is most well-known as a member of the band St Etienne. He established Caff in 1989, releasing only one-off 7" singles. Pulp's single was the label's final release in September 1992.

Copies of this single are now rare and sought-after. None of the recordings included here are readily available elsewhere. Back in L.A. did appear on an obscure compilation cassette in 1987.


This is a bit misleading: Back in L.A. was recorded in November 1984, while Freaks was not recorded until 1986.

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