Wessex Demos (1)

Recording details

Wessex Studios, London (23 & 24 October 1999)

Songs recorded:


  • Jarvis Cocker: vocals, guitars (including Gibson J-45 Acoustic, Ovation 12-String, Jerry Jones Baritone, Vox Marauder, Rosetti III), keyboards (including Roland SH-09, Hohner Clavioline, Omnichord), banjo
  • Candida Doyle: keyboards (including Esoniq ASR-10, Korg Delta II, Novatron, Roland SH-09, Minimoog, Roland Vocoder Plus VP-30)
  • Steve Mackey: Musicman and Fender basses; Akai samplers and drum machines
  • Mark Webber: guitars (inlcuding Gretsch Viking, Gibson ES345, Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson Firebird, Yamaha acoustic, Fender Stratocaster), keyboards (including Fender Rhodes 73 electric piano)

Status of the songs recorded

This demo is made up of songs that were early candidates to appear on the album that would become We Love Life. Four songs did eventually make it: The Birds in Your Garden, Bob Lind, Sunrise and Wickerman. Another, Yesterday, was later remixed and released as a B-side on the Bad Cover Version single. The rest remain unreleased.

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