Pulp People Newsletter 2

Pulp People fanclub newsletter two was written in July 1992, probably by Mark Webber.


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July 1992

PULP, 102 Walkley Street, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 2WT, England

Dearest Pulp People,

Hi! How's things ? We're doing fine.

Thanks to all of you who've bought the records and came to the concerts on the tour and everything - that was pretty good fun & we'll hopefully be doing lots more regional concerts in the Autumn. (We'll let you know as soon as they're sorted out...) We're all really sorry about the mix-ups over some of the concerts, particularly those in Newcastle and Bath, it was all unavoidable and we are sorry. I guess now is the time to tell you that the BRIXTON FRIDGE show (31st July) has been CANCELLED, but HALIFAX on September 5th is still going ahead – that's with New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Wonky Alice, The Lost Peach and The Big Wheel. Contact Spike on 0422 346861 (evenings only) for full details. We played this festival last year, and it's a good thing.

Here's some other things you ought to know...

Soon to be released - a limited edition of 500 7" singles featuring exclusive tracks that won't be available anywhere else. The songs are...

  • MY LEGENDARY GIRLFRIEND (this is the 'Jack Douglas Version' from the soundcheck for our 'Hit The North'/Radio 5 session in September 1991, not broadcast)
  • BACK IN LA (An unreleased track recorded in November 1984...it's a rocker!)
  • SICKLY GRIN (Unreleased from way back in August 1982. Jarvis doesn't like this song at all, and he's embarrased.)
    This, record won't be available in shops, so to reserve your copy send a cheque/PO for £2.50 (payable to Caff Records) to Jo, Top Flat, 171 Fortress Road, London NW5 2HR. Copies are strictly limited to one per person.

As I write, the group are downstairs recording some new tracks for a single that they hope to release sometime around September of this year...the songs are "Babies", "She's A Lady", "StyloRock" and "Sheffield, Sex City" (dig that for a title! It's kind of a sequel to "My Legendary Girlfriend"). Anyways, it's gonna be great and we'll tell you all about it later.

The worldwide winner of the Pulp/Gift Records balloon launch thing was Andreas Podlesnik from Kozje in Slovenia. How's that for long distance communication? (Who needs spaceships when we have helium balloons?) The UK winner was Pat from Southville in Bristol.
And the winner of the tour competition was Jason Antcliffe of Sheffield, who not only sent in the most passwords, but he also travelled the most distance! His prize was a series of postcards written by the group in all the exotic locations we visited (ahem!), a load of posters and stuff from the concerts and even some tape from the BBC Maida Vale studios where we did the Mark Goodier session.

If any of you don't get enough mail, and so would like to write to other Pulp People - then let us know and we'll print your address in a future newsletter, and you can all talk about us behind our backs. Here's a few for starters...

J.-P. M. would like to have "writing relations with English Pulp fans". Write to him at [...] Livry-Gargan, France.
D. B. writes a fanzine that will include a Pulp interview. His address is [...] Gent, Belgium, and he'd like to know "Why is Pulp sounding so tragical?
L. L. has done a dinky, vibeful fanzine called "A Love Supreme" which includes the first part of an ongoing 'Pulp In Outer Space' story (so you won't want to miss out on that). Send 10p and an SAE to [...] Grimsby [...].

Thanks to all of you who've written to us, please don't stop now, we need you.

DISCO-VERY, the Pulp People's fanzine
We're pressing on and getting this together as quickly as we can. It'll contain all the things you keep asking about (our history, a discography,...) plus lots of fun stuff, it's gonna be so good....

That's all for now — We'll write soon with more information, and by then we should have some of those long awaited badges for you all.

Thanks for everything, we love you, Be Legendary, love,



  • Hometown - Sheffield.
  • Formed - yes.
  • No. of members - 5.

1/ Nicholas David Banks

  • Instruments played - drums, timpani.
  • Famous relatives - Gordon Banks (uncle former England goalkeeper).
  • Shoe size - 9.
  • Hobbies - origami, avoiding effort, cat maintenance.
  • Favourite food - pies.
  • Favourite jeans - "Hardcore" by Visage.
  • Best personality trait - affability.
  • Worst personality trait - lack of memory (could be clinical)
  • Catchphrases - "In your own good time", "Sorry, I forgot", "Innitt?".
  • Marital status - single.
  • Favourite game - Subbuteo.

2/ Candida Mary Doyle

  • Instruments played - Farfisa Professional organ, Yamaha Portasound, Korg Delta synthesiser, Stylophone 3 50s.
  • Former profession - toy sales woman.
  • Most notable physical trait - petite-ness.
  • Favourite animal - cats.
  • Favourite item of clothing - rings.
  • Favourite food - fruit.
  • Favourite drink - molasses and hot water.
  • Hobbies - knitting, counting on her fingers, swimming.
  • Catchphrases - "Chanks" (combination of "cheers" & "thanks"), "Chippy" (combination of "chilly" & "nippy"), "Criminally beautiful eyes".
  • Favourite game - Patience.
  • Marital status - single.

3/ Russell Senior

  • Instruments played - Rossetti "3" electric guitar, electric violin.
  • Hair colour - black.
  • Eye colour - blue (piercing).
  • Hobbies - picture framing, staring people out, smoking other people's dog ends.
  • Areas of specialist knowledge - fungi, 20th century art, glass, Italian cooking.
  • Catchprases - "Churlish", "Whore-monger", "I do not look like David Byrne", "Can you get me a sound, Jarv ?".
  • Favourite game - Centrepoint.
  • Most dangerous misconeption - thinking that an electric guitar should be plugged directly into the mains supply.
  • Marital status - single.

4/ Stephen Patrick Mackey

  • Instruments played - Fender Precision bass guitar.
  • Height - 6' 2½".
  • Favourite hair care product - Black and White.
  • Areas of specialist knowledge - film production, telesales.
  • Favourite colour - orange.
  • Favourite vegetable - broccoli.
  • Embarrassing past life - had long hair and was a member of a group called "Trolley Dog Shag".
  • Hobbies - judo (yellow belt 3), bathing frequently, trampolining, falling asleep on the settee, being organised.
  • Favourite game - Risk.
  • Catchprases - "You are the one", "Doing it", "That's savage", "You merchant".
  • Marital status - single.

5/ Jarvis Branson Cocker

  • Instruments played - Hopf electric guitar, Stylophone, vocalist.
  • Waist measurement - 29".
  • Favourite medicines - buttercup syrup, Gavison, Natracalm.
  • Hobbies - cycling, wallowing in self-pity, going to jumble sales, trying to give up smoking, collecting car stickers.
  • Saddest moment - falling from a girl's window whilst attempting an "impressive" stunt and spending 2 months in hospital as a result.
  • Favourite fabric - velour.
  • Favourite colour - brown.
  • Catchphrases - "That's Hugo Boss", "Timelessly bad yet crap bobah", "Tragic", "Chronic", "Full blubber jacket", "Let's have a baby look", "Live on".
  • Favourite game - pinball.
  • Marital status - single.

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