Pulp People Newsletter 22

Pulp People Newsletter 22. Spring 1998. This issue came with Volume 3 of the Pulp Scrapbook.


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Welcome to the first issue of 1998. The big news is that This Is Hardcore, the single, is released in the UK on March 16th (March 9th everywhere else), whilst the album hits the charts and the unsuspecting public on March 30th (March 18th in Japan). So far the reviews are looking great.

You will have noticed two fantastic free gifts (unless we have had a major disaster) accompanying this issue. You said you wanted more, and as your wish is my command – here they are:

Pulp Scrapbook, Volume 3: 1993 – 94

It’s taken a long time, I know, but I hope you will agree that it is worth the wait. 60 pages of unadulterated media attention. It picks up where Volume 2 left off, (Pulp signing to Island, releasing Intro) and covers Lipgloss, Do You Remember The First Time, His ‘n’ Hers, The Sisters EP, the summer festivals, Mercury Music Prize, Alexandra Palace, right up to the historic Theatre Royal concert of December 1994. The vast majority of the cuttings are English – I hope this does not disappoint the international Pulp People contingent, but had we included all the non UK stuff it would just have been too long. If anyone is desperate for that 1994 article from Norwegian magazine SA, then I can always copy it, or anything else, provided you send and sae. I have a feeling that this will be the last in the series – to attempt a 1995 edition would be madness, and not only that, I’m sure most of you have all the cuttings you want from that period up to the present day.

As well as the scrapbook, there is a brand new sexy Pulp Postcard, the fourth in the series – though there aren’t many Pulp People who will have all four.

Due to the extra costs of this mailout, this issue is shorter than usual, not quite as extravagant as #21. As space is at a premium, news is taking top priority; everything else will be fitted in only is there is room. Unfortunately this means it’s a bit cramped, and we had to send Dr Pulp into (temporary) retirement, but don’t worry, he’ll be back to answer your questions in the next issue.

We still have: Summer Festival dates; fantastic never-seen-before photos of the video shoot by Paul Burgess; the track listing for This Is Hardcore; Part 1 of The Richard Banks Tour Diary (crazy); Pulp People Top 10’s; Steve & Jarvis in Japan, and loads of other stuff too exciting to mention here. Sorry that there’s no merchandise page, Underworld are still working on the new items, which are being designed by Peter Saville – should be ready by the end of the month so send and sae if you want a list. I still have some bits and pieces left from #21 if you’re interested.

Check out Pulp on TV on March 20'th (TFI Friday) and the 26th (ToTP); Later With Jools Holland is also on the cards but we have no date yet. MTV are apparently considering a “Pulp Day”; they also premiered the video, on March 3rd.

Special welcome to all our new members who have joined this year – it’s going to be a hell of a summer! See you all in the beer tent,

Love, Alex x


Oh dear! Everything was going so well – the scrapbook, postcard, and newsletter were all on schedule...the mailout was actually going to be on time for once. But then Fantastic Doug, Pulp People technical support and my other half, decided to have a bit of a holiday in Intensive Care, followed by two weeks in hospital...trust him to go and get peritonitis and secpticemia just when the mailout is due!

All I can say is, sorry it’s late, and sorry if some of my replies have been a bit brief recently, but for once, in fact for the first time ever, Pulp People just wasn’t important. I’m very pleased to say that Doug is making a good recovery (minus a few feet of intestine), and will soon be back tinkering with the Pulp People database.

Page 2:


CD 1: THIS IS HARDCORE original version / Ladies Man / The Professional / This Is Hardcore end of the line remix

CD 2: THIS IS HARDCORE original version / 4 Hero remix / Swedish Erotica remix / Stick, Hausen & Walkman’s remix

We here at Pulp Towers had been under the impression that the single was going to be released universally on March 16th. We were wrong!! We only found out on the day that it had actually been released on the 9th, which is why nobody was informed. Thanks Island! Oh well – it will have been a nice surprise for you all. So all my flowery descriptions will be ancient history to you now, so I’ll keep this brief....

''I know the two CD format isn’t everybody’s favourite, but there are technical difficulties associated with fitting long songs on to a 7”. The production tends to suffer. I’m not sure if that is the only reason for Pulp’s return to CD, but anyway, that’s

the deal. Forget about all that anyway, because THIS IS A FANTASTIC SINGLE. This is the greatest Pulp single since Common People – since The Sisters EP. Since Razzmatazz! It’s as if they are saying fuck you to all the non believers, saying, we know we are the greatest, and we don’t care if people don’t recognize that; it really doesn’t matter any more. (They probably aren’t saying anything of the sort).''

As for the remixes, well, I agree with Mark – I’ve never thought Pulp songs required remixing, to be honest, so make of them what you will.

Other single news – it looks as if Like A Friend night not be released as a single in the USA after all – you might have to make do with the soundtrack to the film, Great Expectations – available now!

We Are The Boyz has finally been confirmed for the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, out later this year.

Page 3:


Side A: The Fear; Dishes; Party Hard; Help The Aged; This Is Hardcore; TV Movie; A Little Soul; I’m A Man

Side B: Seductive Barry; Sylvia; Glory Days; The Day After The Revolution

As soon as The Fear kicks in you get the feel for This Is Hardcore. Well, that and “Scary Monsters” – there’s no denying the Bowie influence creeping in on certain songs, but hey – who’s complaining? The photo on the from cover of this issue is just one of the photos from the CD artwork – we didn’t want to give the whole game away, although our Japanese friends will already be familiar with it as it’s been printed in more than one magazine over there, and Arena over here (album of the month!). The front cover is... no, I’m not going to tell you, but the pre-teen members of Pulp People might find themselves having to hide it from their parents.

What I can tell you, is that Seductive Barry features Nenah Cherry on backing vocals...The Day After The Revolution is fifteen minutes long...the sleeve is going to be made out of special wipe-clean paper...(just in case)...the US import includes Like A Friend, and the Japanese import includes Like A Friend AND Tomorrow Never Lies...oh yes.

On The Decks

Here’s what’s been on the Pulp Towers turntable over the last few weeks:

Air – Premiers Symptomes / Sexy Boy
Pulp – Concert tapes 1992-95 / This Is Hardcore (CD single)
Barry Manilow – Manilow Magic
Return Of The D.J. Volume II
Add N To X – On The Wires Of Our Nerves

Page 4:

Pulp live!!

Just in! The news you have all been waiting for. It isn’t quite what we were expecting (UK tour??), but these dates, which are all festivals, should put a smile on the faces of our European friends who have been wanting Pulp to come to their country for years! Who knows, maybe they have something else up their sleeve...there’s rumblings about returning to the USA in August and Europe in the Autumn, but all that is to be confirmed. Oh, and there’s the small matter of returning to The Barbican in October...


15, 16, 17 – USA & Canada – cities still tbc
20 – Germany – Rockpalast
21 – Germany – Hurricane
26 – Switzerland – St Gallen
27 – Denmark – Roskilde
28 – England – Glastonbury, Main Stage''


1 – Portugal – Imperial
2 – Denmark – Midtfyns
3/4 - Belgium – Torhout/Wechter
5 – France – Bellefort
10 – Spain – Dr. Music
11/12 (tbc) – Scotland – T In The Park
14 – Greece – Rockwave
24 – Sweden – Lollipop
25 – England – Finsbury Park: Special Pulp concert with five support acts, as yet unconfirmed, although rumours are circulating about The Electric Sound of Joy...Anyway, gates open at midday, tickets cost £23 (gulp!) and go on sale on March 9th, available from the usual ticket agencies and record stores or on 0171 344 0044. Children under 10 admitted free when accompanied by an adult!


As many of you will know, the intrepid twosome jetted off to Tokyo earlier this year to do a bit of Pulp promotional work. This consisted of interviews for Pia, Mens Nonno, What’s In ES? Music Life, Elle Japan, Crossbeat, CD Deta, Inrock, Yomimuri Newspaper and Rockin’ On magazines; Wow Wow, Mezamashi, MTV Japan and Spaceshower TV shows; interviews for FM 795 The Blink, FM Yokohama, and FM Osaka, as well as a spot of DJing at Club Milk. Pretty busy then!

Not only that but they also fitted in a quick trip to America, where Jarvis recorded his second “120 Minutes” for MTV, and did interviews for CMJ Music Monthly, Raygun, Spin, and Request.

I’d like to say a BIG THANKYOU to my two Japanese friends, Kimiyo Endo and Momo Namai, for sending me copies of all the magazine articles, which are so brilliant that this issue is full of them! I’m sorry we can’t print them in colour.

Page 5:



I’m sure everyone is aware that Nick’s brother Richard has been part of the Pulp crew since time began (he’s now “doing” Russell’s garden), so he needs no introduction. He’s been transcribing his tour diary directly from his head, and we are lucky (?) enough to have an exclusive on the publishing rights! (Apparently Harper Collins weren’t interested). I don’t think I would be doing Richard any favours by wielding my editorial ace, as much as I’d like to – no: this is what happened, how it happened, there’s nothing in it that’ll embarrass anyone (except Richard himself), so what the heck, let’s do it. The following has been photocopied directly from the original manuscript. Thinking of getting him in as guest editor actually, what do you think? Thanks to Richard for letting us print it – I am assured there is more to come. Can’t wait!!

friday 29SEPT / 1995

Production rehearsals Brixton Academy, started the tour bybeing picked up at catcliffe by steve, loaded up a bit of aquipment. Then set of for London, arrived Brixton late afternoon, met rodger John and Justin, nigel had a look at the lighting rig very impressive went down to catering where i was introduced to mouse, sandy.

A little later dinner time met rest of crew, we all have to fill in a questionnaire, on our favourite food and whether or not we are carnivourous or plant eaters. Band arrived nick moans about homework (questionnaire). Me and steve go off to nearest liqoure store buy lots of red wine (Jacobs creek) various tins of booze needed it i had been running up and down Brixton high street buying loads of things needed for the tour.
Rodger, john and me got in a taxi to the hotel everyone meets in the hotel bar for a drink and a chat.

saturday 30th/ Morecombe (the Dome)

Overnight from London up about 8 oclock walked into venue. Whent into catering where i met Martine for the first time Sandy and Martine call themselfes geezer birds. Outside some kids are playing around the bus and paul politely tell them to clear off. its a nice morning so i go off into town to post a package for richard buy some batteries. And three very tasteful postcards of morecombe for John. The band had been on live and kicking that morning but we had mist it everyone at the Dome said it was very good. Band arrive to drizly rain buttock inspection later according to sandy and martine. Dressingrooms not to bad ground floor just at the back of the stage. Met Keith the bands bus driver nice chap me and keith just before the band go on head into town to get some more redwine for the crew When we get back Mark wants something from there bus so i go and get it but the loading doors are locked so me and two local crew head for the main enterance we just get round a corner when some youths start throwing bottles at us we carry on to the main entrance. Met pia and Alex and tag for a brief chat. Good gig but Jarvis is concerned about the back drop looking rinkeled. This problem maybe ironed out.


Awoke about 12 oclock we are parked just around the corner from the gig and there’s a market on i go up a side alley through a door and up loads of stairs. everyones very buisey so i locate the dressing rooms one big room with lights and mirrors plus on suite bathroom and shower. Just out side the door is avery big lounge area where we decide to put minty the suport group they are friends of Jarvis, he saw them in London one night and thout thay where good. I then go of down to the markets to buy a few things that are still required. set up dressingrooms get the bands lugage off our bus.
Then i whent for dinner and listened to minty sound check (my mind) allmost puts me off my dinner. The band go off to do some interview Minty take over there bit of the loungea area nearly all of it. i amd scared to bend over. the girl singer in the group wants to go on naked bu this is not possible because of youngsters in the audience. so she wears a leotard which is white and graphically illustrated.
After thay have played the guitarist comes into our dressingroom and asks if he can have a drink to which Steve says he may. Thay pack and leave this is when Rodger discovers a Dictaphone has been left by a journalist in mintys dressingroom. Rodger later declaires this pulp tax and kindley gives it to me. Band goes on fair gig Daney + friend come backstage to see candida quite a lot of people backstage lots of drinking.

Page 6:


Whent into the hall where the gig is to be played its the cafeteria all the students are watching is while thay eat. I when off did a bit of shopping then Rodger sends me off to buy some drumsticks (hot rods) had to walk all the way down to the river third shop lucky buy all he has plus get a second hand pair free. set up dressingroom quite small have to put wardrobe case in the corridor. minty far too close for comfort just next door. lent catering our spare ghettoblaster band arrived and had nibbles. played gig still problems. After we have loaded up its off to the hotel first of the tour day off tomorrow.


Did a lot of sleeping then me and Rodger whent and did a bit of shopping e got a b ox for medices for the band. and some computer stuff for the keyboards. then back to the hotel where i washed mr webers shirt under the direction of Rodger. Got a call from Phydeaux everone meeting in the bar at 7.00 oclock to go uot for something to eat i get dressed up in my best togs which are a shirt from Rodger trousers by Rodger and a jacket given to me gy Russell everyone says i look very smart but a little overdressed, but then i have az ery big house in the country. Unfortunately its raining so we get cabs to a Mexican resterrant down by the river. Very nice mean folowed by the cocktail cabinet. Then back to the hotel for a few more drinks with Steve mackey and collin. Rodger dident join us till later becaues he had been programming the key boards.


Set off for Leeds and proceeded to the nearest bar which was just rund the corner. Had something to eat then whent to a club at the back of the t and c. A bit rave ut i had to get up onto the dancefloor and boogie.Back to the hotel wharfdale for kips.


Whent out did a bit of shoping abbey national swolloed nigels card in the machine came back and did the dressingroom. Very nice quite plush, minty had two rooms not plush far too much crap with them. Band arrived with Antoney. We go up for dinner and watch top of the pops. After the show band run around like headless chickens with Antoney. Packed bangs away quickly band band off to hotel everyone gathers in the dressingroom que for showers. then off to Norwich.


Got up late walked into the venue most of the gear has been set up. Whent and had a look at the dressingroom to small can onley fit about 50 people in it. Whent down to catering had to wait for the runner to return to go and buy a fan for the keyboards plus some guitar spares. She came back and off we whent got guitar spares easy no zildijian softcase for cymbols unfortunately. Covered large section of Norwich looking for a fan eventually find one in a small electrical shop. Bought some batteries and a can of black paint for the fan. Set up dressingroom, band arrived took there luggage up to the dress. room. Then we had dinner set up t.v. that was there for candida to watch coronation street all the band join in and proceed to watch the bill. Richard runs around with the camera taking loads of snaps which he arranges on a desk. While the band are on stage i set up the ambient lighting, listen to the set then at half time give them a rub down with the towels. Came back up at full time got changed and whent down to a small after show gathering of young fans. Nick and Russell are picked up by mat their taxi driver from sheffield. To Sheffield had a bit of a problem getting them into the cab. Rest of band taken away by Keith. Loads of ticket touts and bootleg t shirts and posters outside.


Arrive Cambridge in the morning all those that have shade put them on check in and go to the bar, RichardRodger, Martine, sandy, gather round a small table. Martine and sandy start to scare the Cardiff footbacll team bu talking about buttocks. I am shareing a room with nigel we sleep till about six then get ready go to the bar meet Phydeaux, Bar: Martine, sandy, Mouse, Andy, Justin, John, Paul walked into village had a brilliant Chinese meal then whent into a pub just round the corner watched Justin and Paul play bare billiards. Found out that this is the pub where Dave Greenfield drinks. Came back to hotel today we say goodbye to Keith the band get a new driver and a singledecker bus tomorrow.


Up early whent into venue with Phydeayx, Barry and Rodger. catering not very happy Steve is late again having been told yesterday to be early/ Had a look at the stage from the same box that me and Mark had watched the fall. Pulp had supported them years ago. Washed Marks shirt, lovely and warm so i dried it out side. Set up the dressingroom had one room to start with moved minty to the side of the stage. Used one room for Pulp the other room for their bags. Whent for a walk and looked at some gorgeous architecture. Band arrives in dribs and drabs. Russel goes off with a film crew to film him on a punt. Latter he is approached by a young kidwho tries to pass him a suspect little package, next thing a paparazzi photographer tries to take his picture. The promoter comes to have a look at the ambience in the dressingroom is very impressed. Band goes on things still go wrong Antoney opens his big mouth at half time upsets Richard. He says sorry later, lots of people in the dressingroom fans and friends, band get singledecker


Walked into venue a lot smaller than i remember when i saw the stranglers there in the 80s. Helped steve put up the spot light go and have a look at the dressingroom. Its about 5 miles North by 32 degres east siturated in a student flat or thats how it seems with on suite bathroom. Set up new fan that Collin pulp taxed from cambridge. Theres a washing machine here Phydeaux and Paul spend most of the day doing there washing. Band arrived Nick wants me to go and buy him a new tooth brush and some deodorant jarvis requests some vocalzone very cramped in catering can barely get round the table. Band whent on i did a bit of tyding up and whent to have a look great lights good sound but the band not so good. there is an aftershow party where we met Dave and Terry. Nick is in the D.J.s box playing his records. Dance floor empty but Nick doesnt mind. packed bands bus then band go back to there hotel...

Page 7:


It is interesting to note that Doug Nichol, who directed the video for This Is Hardcore, did not ask for much of a fee – he did it purely because he wanted to work with Pulp, and this video represented the only chance he’d get to make what is essentially his homage to the German director Douglas Sirk (1900-1987). Pretty impressive eh? Even more impressive when you realise that he’s a big shot MTV director who’s worked for Aerosmith, amongst others, and is very highly regarded.

The video was filmed at Pinewood Studios over four days in January, and there was a documentary crew there the whole time, interviewing cast & crew for use in Jarvis’ film project. I really think this video is what they call ground breaking. Maybe one day all videos will be as mind blowing as this, but I doubt it. Jarvis was responsible for the final edit, so what you

see is essentially Cocker/Nichol/Sirk-o-vision. I know you lot all love your Placebos and your Kula Shakers, but can you honestly imagine Brian whatshisname coming up with a video that would come within a million miles of this film?? I don’t think so.

Just because it’s the most expensive video Pulp have ever done doesn’t automatically make it the best, but it is. It takes your breath away. It required a huge revolving turntable stage and thirty dancing girls, all wearing identical blonde wigs, and is so glamourous I burned my entire wardrobe after watching it. The story is a fictional account of one “Troy Truelaine” (Jarvis), and unsucessful B-movie actor in 1950’s Hollywood, who disappeared before completing any major films; the video is his fictional “great love film”, patched together from outtakes and unfinished films. I can see this is getting confusing, so look – just go get a Douglas Sirk film out, ok, and all of this will make a lot more sense. Both Steve and Jarvis are huge Sirk fans and did loads of research for the video. The photos on these pages were taken by our roving photographer Paul Burgess during the shoot, for which many thanks.

Page 8:

Not a lot happening on the Russell Senior – produced BABY BIRKIN front, I know a lot of you are waiting for the album, which has already been delayed until April, all I can say is, as soon as we know anything, we’ll let you know! Singer Raechel Leigh tells me that Dimitri From Paris is keen to remix Jane B., (the next single); we reckon they should get Air to do It! The first single, Melo Melo, sold out, so hopefully Jane B. will do just as well.


RADIO 1, MARCH 15th/22nd, 9pm – 10pm.

First heard about this when Radio 1 phoned us up at Pulp Towers in January – they were planning a two part documentary, to be broadcast over two weeks, and wanted to get in touch with both fans and ex-members of Pulp, plus any associated hangers on (like me). Only too happy to be on the radio help, we said, and nipped down to The Washington for a few pints and and interview. We weren’t the only ones in the queue – also on producer Pat Connor’s shopping list were Richard Banks, Nick, Russell, Steve Genn, Nick’s old mates who run the Washington...anyone with an exciting anecdote really. I am quite certain that Pulp People’s contribution will be very very short indeed, but it should be a very complete picture of Pulp; the researchers have been combing England for weeks, and have amassed a vast amount of information. We only just found out today (11/3) that Jane Horrorcks is narrating it! They didn’t tell us that...

Knowing that they wanted some real live Pulp fans for the programme, we mailed all London Pulp People, informing you of the potential star making occasion; This would involve reading out the Pulp manifesto (from way back when) and being interviewed about concerts and so on. A chance to be on the radio! Sorry we couldn’t mail everyone but it was quite short notice and the researcher suggested London only people for convenience. Thanks very much to those of you who responded – looking forward to hearing y’all on the radio! Perhaps it will encourage Anabel and Kirsty to renew their membership...

Page 9:

Wants & Sales

Amber Monnett, [...] Topanga, CA, USA, is looking for any rare or not so rare Pulp merchandise. Books, comics, videos, etc. Amber is willing to pay or exchange.

Luke Cramp, [...] Ramsgate, Kent, will swap videos and tapes, but if you have nothing to exchange then he charges £13 for a 180 minute video of Pulpy activity. So swap if you can – write for his comprehensive list of promos, concerts, and TV.

Chris Whitehead, [...] Rednal, Birmingham, is desperate for a copy of the ’96 Brit Awards, together with the interview they did the day before. He is also after a copy of the Letterman Show and the Reebok advert that featured Jarvis, and any press cuttings covering the Brits fiasco.

Zinnea Bermeo, [...] Los Angeles, CS, USA,' wants Pulp videos – TV, promos, live, anything!

Urgent message from Sheena here: “Could any Pulp People out there help me by sending me their poems thoughts & feelings about “Obsession” and what they are obsessed with. It’s for my art exam. Please send immediately – all will be gratefully received and used. Thanks!” [...] Nr Goole, East Yorkshire.

Sonia Boundy, [...] Bodmin, Cornwall, has a copy of Intro for sale, as her Mum and Dad bought her a copy unaware she had it already! Sonia will sell, or swap for Freaks.

Mark Sturdy, [...] Univeristy of Warwick, Coventry, is trying to get hold of ex Pulp members David ‘Fungus’ Lockwood, Captain Sleep, and Steven Havenhand. I somehow doubt they will be reading this, but you never know!

Goodness knows why, but Ricky wants to sell some Pulp records! I can’t believe it, especially as the ones he’s selling are: My Lighthouse 7”, Babies 12”, O.U. 12”, Razzmatazz 12”, Little Girls 12”, and Separations. Completely mad. But if you’re interested, write to him at [...] TX, USA, and make him an offer.

Back Issues

If you missed out on any issued of Pulp People and would like to take advantage of our back copies service to complete your collection, here’s how to do it: Send an A5 sae or IRC to the usual address, stating which ones you would like – right now I have copies of issues 14-21, but only a few #15’s are available. Because I need the space they are available at the bargain cost of 50p each! Cheques & PO’s payable to Pulp – please don’t send cash unless absolutely necessary. Great Easter gifts!! (Ahem).

Page 10:


First up Tournico...Pulp No. 8, with Mark on the cover; prices are confusing but I think it’s 15FF/5 IRC’s (UK)/5 x 3FF stamps (France). I feel bound to say that the authorship of TP has changed, so that it’s now edited solely by Zebulon, but you still get an English translation, which is great. Includes reviews of Help The Aged, Pulp books, news, penpals, and a quiz. Available from [...] Boussay, France, as is Tournicoti, written by the same team but covering other groups; it costs 20FF or 5 IRC’s. Zeb is also after more contributions and penpals, and has a large bootleg collection, so get in touch! Thirdly, we have Bri Nylon Underwear #2 (I do actually), featuring more Misshapen attire, (unofficial) lyrics for We Can Dance Again, poems, and a Crossword thingy. From Jody Foster, [...] Westhoughton, Bolton. Can’t find a price on it though, it’s probably £1 +A4 sae...

Pen - Pals

Thought we might not have room for the pen pal ads this time, but since there are only a few I think we can just about squeeze them in:

Laura Mohr, [....] Berlin, Germany, would be “happy to write to anyone 17+, male or female, preferably from the UK or Ireland but anywhere else if fine too, who’s tending to be depressed (or willing to cheer me up), and into Radiohead, Suede, Manics, Strangelove, Mansun etc, and the colour black”. (No wonder you’re depressed; throw that lot out of the window and I guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better!! Just kidding – Ed.) She always seemed like such a nice girl, too...no, seriously, Laura is ace, and I’m not just saying that because I forgot to put her ad in last time.

Laura Villis, [...] Alcester, Warwickshire, needs some indie kids to talk to, as all her mates are trendies. She is “sad and lonely and listens to The Manics too much. (I rest my case – Ed.). If you have a sense of humour and like slagging off All Saints, write to me (go on, you know you want to!). M/F, any age, any place. Reply guaranteed ‘cos I’m nice like that”.

“17 year old girl, would like to write to other Pulp fanatics or Jarvis lovers. Aged 17+. Also likes Blur, Space Suprgrass, Radiohead. Will respond as soon as possible. If possible, please send picture – I’ll send you one back. Boys or girls. Write to Zinnea Bermeo, [...] Los Angeles, California, USA.”

“My name is Raul. I’m 14 years old and I’m a Spanish boy who hates Spanish topics: Bullfights, flamenco...If you speak Spanish or are learning it and you want an exotic friend, write to me in Spanish or English (I don’t mind if you only speak English). I like Manics, Placebo, Bis, Portishead, Jimi Tenor, Radiohead, Prodigy, Supergrass”. Raul Gonzales Laynez, [...] Madrid, Spain.

Page 11:


Mark’s Club is going from strength to strength, with all manner of stars turning up to check out his DJ skills and films. So far the films and shorts shown (or partly shown, depending on the reliability of the equipment!) have included: “Winter”, by David Brooks, “a timeless film poem”; “T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G” by Paul Sharits, “a spectacular mandala by the master of the flicker film”, “Science Friction” by Stan Vanderbeerk, “animated satire aimed at the rockets, scientists and competitive mania of its time”; “Putney Swope” (1969) by Robert Downey, “Peaches and Cream” by Charles Levine, “The Beast” (1974) by Walerian Borowczyk, “Deep End” (1970) by Jerry Skolimowsky, and “Vampyres” (1974) by Joseph Larraz. I think it’s pretty cool that Mark is getting to do this, because he was really nervous about it you know, and it’s great that it’s taken off in such a big way. Go Mark!!

All this is accompanied by and interspersed with gems from Mark’s own record collection, and we all know what that’s like. I mean, Imagination are great, obviously, but THE PROCLAIMERS????? Sort yourself out Webber!

The next ones take place on March 21st and April 18th, with short films starting at 20.00, feature film at 21.00, dancing at 23.00. For £5/£4, you can’t afford to say no!

Where Are You Now?


Only four were returned out of the last mailout: if anyone knows of these people, or if you are one of these people, please get in touch!

[4 names]

We’d also like to put an SOS out for Pulp Person Becki Saavedra, last known address, Los Angeles, USA. If anyone can shed any light at all on Becki’s whereabouts, please send info to me here. Thanks very much.

Page 12:

Star Letters

Dear Pulp person:
Hello! I’m Fanny, from Hong Kong! At this time I have one’s worry, and I wasn’t to share with you I’m very unhappy, sudden, and upset when I knew a news about Diana died in Paris. It’s a sorrowful thing! It’s a pity!! When it is happen I want to go to UK to give my wish, I hope she live in heaven, still happy god will bless she forever. People bless her forever! We’ll miss Diana forever!!
*P.S: Sorry that my English isn’t good, If I write wrong, I hope you don’t mind!

Dear my favourite team,
I sent this letter for the all of team to thanked him about the beautiful songs and I hope for the all of the team a good luk and I think that they will be the best team in the world and I wish to have some photoes for the all of the team and know the pics of the team and the new songs and with the letter my adress and I wish to have a photoes in a short time
With best wishes.
Mohammed Hassan

Dear Pulp-Fan-Club
No, I’m not a Pulp-Fan and I don’t want to tell you how great they are and how sexy Jarvis is.
In me area everyone is a Pulp-Fan and I recognized, that they all become stupid after a while.
Take me chum: She loves Jarvis so much that she says, she can never love any other guy.
She stays at home all day and stares at her stupid Jarvis-Poster all the time.
The only theme to talk about with her is Jarvis, Jarvis, Jarvis... !
But I hate him, and because of that, my friend hates me. So our friendship broke down.
I know that this letter won’t change a thing, but now I’m a happier person

We had loads of fantastic letters to go in this issue, but due to space limitations I’ve had to hold half of them over until next time. Shame, as they had me in fits – you’ll have to wait!

Page 13:

Your Top 10’s!

Last issue we asked you to send in you all time or current top 10 albums. Thanks to those who did, there are some interesting common features and oddities. We do realise it’s practically impossible to pick just 10 albums though! My mate Rebus suggested ask Pulp People to send in their Top 10 PULP tunes – studio versions, sessions, whatever. So yes – do it! Here’s Rebus’ for starters....

Rachel Hedley, Sheffield
Super Furry Animals – Radioator
David Bowie – Hunky Dory
The Beatles – With The Beatles
Barry Adamson – Oedipus Schmoedipus
Pizzacato Five – Made in USA
Bjork – Debut
Cornershop – When I Was Born for The 7th Time
Terry Hall – Laugh
Blondie – Parallel Lines
Suede – Suede

Matthew Ibbs, Tyne & Weer
Pulp – His ‘n’ Hers
Kraftwerk – Autobahn
Gary Numan – Living Ornaments 79-80
Pulp – Intro
Tubeway Army – Blue LP
AMP – Studio
Giorgio Moroder – Metopolis o.s.t
21 Years Of Alternative Radio One
Various – Bedroom Ambience
East River Pipe – Mel.

Jo Eve, Kirkby Stephen
Radiohead – The Bends
Pulp – His ‘n’ Hers
Portishead – Dummy
Nirvana – Nevrmind
Beck – Odelay
Tindersticks – El Diable On El Ojo
Longpigs – The Sun Is Often Out
Garbage – Garbage
Seahorses – Do It Yourself
Oasis – What’s The Story

Kerrie Brewster, from Boston
Pulp – His ‘n’ Hers
Pulp – Different Class
Bjork – Debut
Blur – Parklife
The Verve – Urban Hymns
Pulp – Intro
Oasis – Definitely Maybe
James – Gold Mother
Jamiroquai – Travelling Without Moving
Michael Jackson – Dangerous

And here’s Rebus from Ipswich’s’ top Pulp tunes to get you going:
Pink Glove (Peel Session)
You’re A Nightmare (Peel Session)
Common People
Sorted For E’s & Wizz
She’s A Lady (Sheffield Sound City)
Your Sisters Clothes
Live On
Acrylic Afternoons (Peel Session)
Have You Seen Her Lately (Radcliffe Session)

Mark Sturdy, Coventry
The Divine Comedy – Promenade
The Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground
The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
Anything by Luna, maybe Penthouse
The Human League – Dare
Anything by Roxy Music, let’s say Stranded
Queen – A Night at The Opera
Belle & Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister
Magazine – Real Life
Buzzcocks – Another Music In a Different Kitchen

“I’d like to say here that I actively despise Radiohead. And I really don’t understand why so many people like them. But then it’s nothing new. Pink Floyd...indulgent and boring and turgid and middle-class...white...shit. Isn’t music supposed to be about inspiration? There’s enough misery in life without getting it from your music.” (Tjinder Singh, The Face, March ’98).

Page 14:

Competition Time!!

Last issue we offered you the opportunity to win two items of clothing stolen, err, I mean, given, to us straight from the wardrobe of Mark Webber. Fantastic or what?! I am loather to give them away at all, and am tempted to sat, “Sorry we had no entries, I’ll have to keep them” but I think some of you would suspect foul play. All we asked was for you to name the make of Jarvis’ old car, and the name of Nick’s dog. What could be easier? ? Quite a lot, obviously, as we only had 29 entries in all, maybe that’s because only 29 of you could fit into the Webber size garments....? Incidentally Mark has written out genuine certificates of authenticity to prove they aren’t just any old rubbish I picked up on the flea market.

Anyway! I’m about to pick out the winners this very minute – 2.30pm 17th February – so, let’s see, who’s it gonna be......the winner of Mark’s Yoko Ono-T Shirt is....DEBBIE CHEESEMAN! Jarvis’ car is indeed a Hillman Imp (pictured below). And the winner of Mark’s fantastic I-wish-I-could-keep-them-trousers is.....NICOLA HUDSON! Nick’s lovely dog is called Malcom (pictured left). Big congratulations to you both. Hmm – that was quite exciting, like doing the National Lottery or something. I’ll get them off to you both straight away – Hope they fit! Send us a photo of yourselves wearing them and I promise to print them in the next issue.

Now for this issue’s competition. I have managed to wangle some signed photos and things out of Pulp, I know how much you lot like them, and, even more excitingly, Mark has donated 10 of the blanks fired in the video for This Is Hardcore – I can’t decide whether to award them all separately, or give six each to two winners. Probably split them up, it gives more of you a chance to win. This time, to make it bit more exciting (and fairer, considering

the question), there are two separate competitions: one for UK Pulp People and one for those who live abroad. You’ll soon see why....See the photo left? I want you to tell me The name of this attractive beauty spot, and the Pulp song in which is it mentioned.

The question for non-UK Pulp People only, set by Mark is: Which director, other than Sirk, informed the style of the video for “This Is Hardcore”? You mean, who influenced it, Mark – don’t show off. Clue: It’s the dancing girls we’re talking about here.

Page 15:

Who Are You?!

We had a moderate success with the mystery Pulp People illustrated in #21 – “Website Horrors”. However, the above remain unidentified. So if you recognise either your own face or that of someone you know, please tell me and I can then forward your mug on to the folks at the Pulp website. Thanks. Oh, and the Pulp website has once again been nominated for the Creative & Design Awards, in which it came second in 1997.

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