Jarvis: Miscellaneous Live Performances

This page is for Jarvis' live appearances that do not fit elsewhere - i.e. not concerts with Pulp, Relaxed Muscle or performances of his own material as a solo artist.

Milk for Jason (1980)

Mick Hercun remembers that Jarvis provided guest vocals at a benefit gig which took place in a pub car park in Eckington sometime around 1980. Eckington is a small town in Derbyshire, a few miles to the south of Sheffield. Songs played included Suffragette City and Psycho Killer.

Mick Hercun:

[Jarvis' sister] Saskia and [her friend and It backing vocalist] Joanne advertised in the local paper for like-minded people to form some sort of band. This would be around 1979/1980 and me and a friend of mine answered the ad and we met up. Saskia mentioned that her cousin had a rehearsal room and we went along, neither of us having a clue what and how to do it. I'd only done a handful of gigs before, playing covers in my school band.

Saskia told me about her brother Jarvis and the cousin whose room we were in turned out to be Chris Hendricks - a very underrated and immensely talented individual, very reclusive but I can't speak highly enough of him - who had just disbanded The Scarborough Antelopes and was looking for other victims - sorry, band members - to try out his new material. Unfortunately Saskia and Joanne didn't figure in this set up and we formed a 3 piece under the guise of Milk for Jason. That was the springboard for me to write songs.

Saskia was and I would think is a wonderful girl. It was really down to her that I started with Sheffield music and I could never thank her enough for that.

While we rehearsed Jarvis used to come and watch, cutting quite a dash bedecked in a long overcoat, National Health specs and fuzzy ginger hair. We used to talk quite a bit about music and he told me about his school band Pulp.

Months later a few musicians, including myself and Chris Shaw from Mrs Beech, got together with two of the original Scarborough Antelopes; Mark Sole and Chris Zelly. Chris organised a benefit gig somewhere in a pub car park in Eckington. Not having a natural singer amongst us I asked Jarvis if he'd like to give it a go and he did. After singing Suffragette City and Psycho Killer, he just stole the show . At the end he was mobbed by loads of kids (and they didn't steal anything either!) and I knew then he would be a star. Not long after that I met the Negatives and formed Tsi Tsa and went from there.

Mick would later play in the Negatives and Tsi Tsa, who supported Pulp at at least one show in 1982.

Heroes of the Beach (1982)

Dates and venues:

  • 21 August 1982 (Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield)
  • 29 August 1982 (Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield - supporting Tsi Tsa)
  • 24 September 1982 (The Leadmill, Sheffield - 'local festival against unemployment' with Agent Orange / Crocodile Parlour / New Model Soldier / Mirror Crack'd / Heroes of the Beach / compere Mark Miwurdz)
  • 31 December 1982 (The Leadmill, Sheffield). This event was advertised in Sounds as follows: "Cinderella And The Seven Dwarves / Heroes Of The Beach / Pulp / Mrs Beech / Mirror Cracked (lunchtime)" (view image). Pulp members took part in this, but despite the mention in the listing, they most probably did not play as Pulp.

Line-up: Mick Shaw (guitar), David Bocking (saxophone), Nick Taylor (drums), Greg Thompson (vocals), Jarvis Cocker (guitar, vocals), Peter Dalton (keyboards, cornet), Steve Genn (bass), Michael Paramore (percussion), Tim Allcard (percussion)

Jam night (August 1982)

  • Venue: Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield

Jarvis, Simon Hinkler and Peter Boam, and possibly others, performed an impromptu set at a jam night at the Hallamshire in August 1982. This was the first time Peter Boam (who drummed that night) played with Jarvis and Simon.

In A Belljar (1982-1983)

Line-up: Michael Paramore, Tim Allcard, Mark Tillbrook, Julie Paramore, Squidman, Helen Worthington, Jarvis Cocker - all various percussion and found instruments, vocals

In A Belljar was formed by Michael Paramore and Tim Allcard in Autumn 1982, and had a rotating cast of other members that would play at some or all of their gigs. The group first performed at the Hallamshire on October 31 that year, and were joined soon afterwards by Jarvis, who hit tin cans at most of their concerts until the band split in mid-1983. According to Michael Paramore, In A Belljar played over 40 gigs, mostly as support act at the Hallamshire, but only the following are known about:

  • 31 December 1982 - The Leadmill, Sheffield, supporting Heroes Of The Beach
  • 30 January 1983 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield, with The Ya-Yas & The Jarvis Cocker Explosion Experience
  • 31 January 1983 - Faces, Sheffield, supporting The Ya-Yas
  • 3 March 1983 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield
  • 3 April 1983 - Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield, supporting Pulp
  • 19 June 1983 - Marples, Sheffield, supporting Pulp

The Jarvis Cocker Explosion Experience (January 1983)

Line-up: Jarvis Cocker, Peter Boam, Tim Allcard and various unknown others

  • 30 January 1983 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield, with In A Belljar & The Ya-Yas

Songs performed included: The Jarvis Blues and There Was...

Breadcake (June 1983)

Line-up included: Jarvis Cocker (vocal and tapes), Michael Paramore (tapes, percussion and vocals), Nick Taylor & Magnus Doyle (drums and percussion)

  • June 1983 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield, supporting The Ya-Yas with Fish

Michael’s Foot (August 1983)

Line-up included: Jarvis Cocker, Michael Paramore and Tim Allcard

  • August 1983 - The Limit Band Of ’83 contest

Repressive Minority (April 1983)

The Fruits Of Passion (1983)

‘A Surrealish Thing’ written and directed by Russell Senior. Performed by The Wicker Players: Jarvis Cocker, Magnus Doyle, Tim Allcard, Ellie Ford and Steve Faben. Included musical interludes performed by Russell, Jarvis and Magnus.


  • Late November / early December 1983 - Yorkshire Artspace Society, Sheffield
  • Late November / early December 1983 - Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield
  • 8 December 1983 - Sheffield University Octagon Centre
  • 10 December 1983 - Crucible Studio Theatre, Sheffield

The Wicker Players (1983-1985)

Various open mic / ‘cabaret’ events organised by Russell Senior at the Hallamshire Hotel, mostly toward the end of 1983. Participants included Jarvis, Magnus Doyle, Saskia Cocker, Michael Paramore and Tim Allcard.

The only known dates are:
18 December 1983 - ‘Wicker Players Christmas Panto’, Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield
26 February 1985 - ‘Wicker Players Mystery Event’, Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield

Saskia has a vague recollection of performing in one of Russell’s plays at one of these events: "It was about a night out on the town. Jarvis was supposed to be chatting me up at a bar. He was supposed to ask me what I wanted to drink, and I say 'Oh, I'll have a Pina Colada please.' And he thought I'd said 'peanuts and lager', so he put some peanuts in a glass of lager, and I threw it over him."

Jarvis and Captain Sleep (1986)

Jarvis played a one-off concert at Sheffield Polytechnic at the end of 1986, accompanied by Captain Sleep playing his Granny’s Yamaha Portasound keyboard. The repertoire consisted of "daft disco songs" Jarvis had written; it is possible that these included early versions of Separations songs.

Before Jarvis and Captain Sleep's set, a play was performed featuring Jarvis and Russell. Paul Mills of Media Premonition recalls: "The play was performed in the audience part of the venue as opposed to being on stage and it was before the live set. Russell and Jarvis were in it, can't remember anything else other than it being booed. So it must have been one of Russell's!"

Performance art event (January or February 1987)

One-off performance art event at the Leadmill.

More details

Underground America (October 1998)

Mark Webber was involved with this season celebrating contemporary American composers at the Barbican, which included performances from La Monte Young, Terry Riley, John Cage, Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Jarvis, Steve Mackey and Mark Webber played with Terry Riley at the following performance:

  • 23 October 1998 - Barbican Hall, London: Terry Riley and The Smith Quartet, ‘In C’

Nick Cave’s Meltdown (June-July 1999)

Jarvis made two appearances:

  • 20 June 1999 - Sacred And Profane
    • A spoken-word event at the Royal Festival Hall, London: Jarvis reads excerpts from writings about the outsider artists Chomo and Ed Liedskal
  • 2 July 1999 - Hal Willner’s Harry Smith Project
    • Jarvis played two interpretations of traditional American folk/blues songs, backed by Mark Webber on guitar plus the house band: Cuckoo (a reworking of The Coo Coo Bird by Clarence Ashley) and Conversation with a Cockroach (after Mississippi Boweavil Blues by The Masked Marvel)

The All Seeing I (1999)

Jarvis guested onstage with The All Seeing I to sing Drive Safely Darlin at the following concerts:

  • 15 August 1999 - Brick Lane Music Hall, London
  • 28 August 1999 - Reading Festival
  • 29 August 1999 - Leeds Festival
  • 26 October 1999 - L2, Liverpool

A Touch Of Glass (1999/2000)


  • 31 November 1999 - 333 Club, London
  • 25 June 2000 - Scott Walker’s Meltdown, Royal Festival Hall, London

Jarvis Cocker (acoustic guitar, omnichord), Steve Mackey (bass, keyboards), Alasdair Molloy (glass harmonica). Plus only at Scott Walker’s Meltdown, Mark Webber (guitar), 'Scott' (drums) and The Swingle Singers.


  1. Roald Dahl (Venice) (1)
  2. My Chopper (2)
  3. Otley (3)
  4. Forever in My Dreams (4)
  5. Fire Island (2)
  6. My Body May Die (5)
  7. On Your Own Again (6)

(1) This instrumental was used to open Pulp's low-key live shows in 1999.
(2) Instrumentals.
(3) Instrumental that later became The Trees.
(4) Instrumental that later became Forever in My Dreams.
(5) The only time this collaboration between Pulp and the Swingle Sisters was played live. (Only played at Scott Walker’s Meltdown.)
(6) Scott Walker cover. (Only played at Scott Walker’s Meltdown.)

All five of the instrumentals played were probably being considered for use as part of Pulp songs. Two of them, Otley (The Trees) and Forever in My Dreams, were eventually used.

The Siren Suite On Sunday (September 2001)

  • 8 September 2001 - Southwark Cathedral, London

A one-off outdoor concert at Southwark Cathedral featuring Jarvis (vocals and acoustic guitar) backed by Candida Doyle (keyboard), Mark Webber (electric guitar), Antony Genn (tambourine), Phillip Sheppard (electric cello) and Leo Chadburn (recorder)

Marianne Faithfull plus Special Guests (March 2002)

  • 10 March 2002 - The Barbican, London

Jarvis played keyboards and fiddled with samplers on: Guilt / Why D'ya Do It? / Sliding Through Life on Charm

The songs also featured Steve Mackey on bass and Mark Webber on guitar

Lee Hazlewood tribute concert (September 2002)

  • 22 September 2002 - Royal Festival Hall, London


  1. The Heavy (1)
  2. Rod of Iron (1)
  3. Branded! (1)
  4. Oh My Child pt 1 (2)
  5. Pour Man (3)
  6. A Cheat (3)

(1) These were to become Relaxed Muscle songs.
(2) Written and sung by Richard Hawley
(3) Lee Hazlewood covers. Jarvis and Richard had recently contributed a cover of A Cheat to the Total Lee tribute album.

This performance is significant for being the first time Relaxed Muscle songs were played. It's not clear whether the project was already planned at this stage - the songs may have been regarded as just a one-off bit of fun.

The Polyphonic Spree (October 2002)

  • 27 October 2002 - Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

Jarvis joined the band as a backing vocalist for the songs Hanging Around and Soldier Girl.

The Stunt Kites with Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, Saskia and The Lovers (October 2003)

  • Setlist included: Rock On (David Essex cover with vocals by Jarvis)

Came So Far For Beauty - An Evening of Leonard Cohen Songs (2004-2006)

  • 22 & 23 May 2004 - Dome Theatre, Brighton
    • Jarvis performed: Death of a Ladies Man (with Beth Orton), Don't Go Home With Your Hard On (with full cast)
  • Janaury 2005 - Opera House, Sydney, Australia
    • Jarvis performed: Diamonds in the Mine (backing vocals), Death of a Ladies Man (with Beth Orton), I Can't Forget, Don't Go Home With Your Hard On (with cast), Memories (with cast)
  • 4 & 5 October 2006 - Point Theatre, Dublin
    • Jarvis performed: Death of a Ladies Man (with Beth Orton), I Can't Forget, Chelsea Hotel, Memories (with cast)

Histoire de Melody Nelson & L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches (October 2006)

  • 21 October 2006 - Barbican Hall, London. A concert performing Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson and Jean-Claude Vannier's L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches.
  • Jarvis performed: Melody (with orchestra conducted by Jean-Claude Vannier)

CSS (December 2006)

  • 8 December 2006 - The Forum, London

Guest appearance as a vocalist on the song Alcohol.

Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown Festival (June 2007)

In addition to a concert playing his own solo material (details here), Jarvis' appearances included:

  • 17 June 2007 - Forest of No Return - Hal Willner presents the Vintage Disney Songbook featuring Jarvis Cocker and very special guests (Royal Festival Hall)
    • Vocals on: I Wanna Be Like You, When You Wish Upon a Star, Home Sweet Home (with Nick Cave, Shane McGowan and Pete Doherty)
  • 21 June 2007 - The Music of John Barry (Royal Festival Hall)
    • Vocals on: We Have All the Time in the World

Remembering the Beatles (September 2007)

  • 21 September 2007 - Fieramilano, Milan, Italy (part of the MEET Milano festival)

The London Sinfonietta along a number of guest vocalists playing songs from the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Vocals on: With a Little Help From My Friends

Rough Trade Christmas party (December 2007)

  • 18 December 2007 - Luminaire, London

Unannounced short set of cover versions:

  • Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
  • The Boys Are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy)
  • Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)
  • Sidewalking (Jesus and Mary Chain)
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Richard Hawley (May 2008)

  • 21 May 2008 - Royal Albert Hall, London

Guest appearance with vocals on:

This unreleased song was apparently written by Jarvis and Richard Hawley probably around 2000. The music was later used on the song Naked In Pitsmoor, which appeared on Hawley's debut mini-album.

Saying The Unsayable: Jarvis Cocker on Song Lyrics (May 2008, October 2008 & March 2009)

  • 24 May 2008 - Brighton Dome, Brighton
    As part of the Brighton festival.
  • 7 October 2008 - Midland Hotel, Manchester
    As part of the In the City music conference.
  • 18 March 2009 - Austin Convention Centre, Austin, Texas, USA
    As part of the South by Southwest Festival

Promotional information:

'Should songs rhyme?'
'Are songs poetry?'
'Is there anything you can't write songs about?'
'Which phrases should be avoided at all costs?'
'What makes a good first line?'

In this exclusive Brighton Festival lecture, Jarvis Cocker explores the function of the lyric in popular song. Armed with audio and video excerpts and some finely tuned PowerPoint skills, Jarvis starts from the contrary position that 'song lyrics don't really matter'! From here he embarks on a celebration of his craft, putting his own lyrics under the microscope alongside firm favourites from Leonard Cohen and Pete Doherty to Hot Chocolate and Amy Winehouse. Including an in-depth analysis of Richard Berry's notorious rock 'n' roll anthem Louie Louie.

In Brighton, the lecture included acoustic performances of:

  • Shakespeare Rock (Jarvis' first attempt at songwriting from 1978)
  • Babies
  • Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen cover)

Drifting and Tilting - The Songs of Scott Walker (November 2008)

  • 13 to 15 November 2008 - Barbican Theatre, London

Promotional information:

Featuring Damon Albarn, Dot Allison, Jarvis Cocker, Gavin Friday, Michael Henry , Owen Gilhooly & Nigel Richards.

A stunning cast of vocalists, musicians and dancers bring music from Scott Walker’s seminal albums The Drift and Tilt to life in an extraordinary world-premiere production; Drifting and Tilting - The Songs of Scott Walker.

This thrilling song-cycle will be set and designed for the Barbican Theatre stage, with music performed by a 42 piece string orchestra playing alongside Walker’s band.

Provided vocals on:

  • Cossacks Are

Twisted Christmas (December 2008)

  • 11 December 2008 - Barbican Theatre, London

Promotional information:

A deliciously dark evening of twisted Christmas songs from an exciting line-up of singers, musicians and stage actors performing their own versions of Christmas songs past, present and future.

Vocals on:

  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  • Slush

Shlomo - A Concert Against Knife Crime (December 2008)

  • 13 December 2008 - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Promotional information:

Beatbox artist Shlomo hosts a very special show to promote music as an aid to fight knife crime in the UK. A diverse cast of guest artists collaborate with Shlomo for one night of spontaneous music.

The idea for the concert is based on Shlomo’s two-hour show at Glastonbury festival this year, where he brought out a whole host of guest artists to collaborate and jam in front of 15,000 people.

In this performance, each artist performs one or two songs, either solo or duetting with Shlomo or other guests, with Shlomo’s beatbox choir, The Vocal Orchestra, always on-hand as the backing band.

Jarvis performed:

  • Fat Children (with a beatbox choir mimicking the guitar, bass and drums)

Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People (December 2008)

  • 21 December 2008 - Hammersmith Apollo, London

Promotional information:

Taking the Christ out of Christmas:

The faithful are always accusing we godless of trying to take the god out of Christmas - so that’s what we’ve decided to do. Together with the comedy genius Robin Ince we are doing a series of shows in London in December called Nine Lessons and Nine Carols for Godless People.

We’ve got an incredible line-up of comedians, boffins and musicians: Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Mark Thomas, Phill Jupitus, Richard Herring, Natalie Haynes, Nick Doody, Christina Martin, Chris Addison, Jo Neary, Darren Heyman, Justin Edwards, Robyn Hitchcock, Gavin Osbourne, Martin White Orchestra, Simon Singh, Ben Goldacre and Richard Dawkins. It’ll be a thrilling and hilarious celebration.

Jarvis performed acoustic versions of:

John Lennon 'Imagine' Appeal Night (April 2009)

  • 16 April 2009 - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

More details

Latitude Festival - Cape Farewell Project (July 2009)

  • 19 July 2009 - Film & Music Stage, Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Suffolk


Latitude is not only committed to minimising its own impact on the environment, but to increasing awareness about the impacts of our collective lifestyle on the world at large. Sharing this commitment and outlook, Cape Farewell brings to the festival an exciting group of artists and their climate-focused work.

David Buckland, artist, founder & director of Cape Farewell is joined by comedian Marcus Brigstocke, beat-boxer Shlomo and very special guest. Cape Farewell pioneers a cultural response to climate change and since 2003 has led 7 expeditions to the High Arctic, taking artists with climate scientists to one of the world’s most significant climate tipping points.

Jarvis (vocals), Tim McCall (guitar) and beatboxer Shlomo performed:

  • Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)

Bob Lind - End of the Road Festival (September 2009)

  • 13 September 2009 - End of the Road Festival, Dorset

Jarvis and Richard Hawley played guitar on:

  • Drifters Sunrise

Rome Film Festival - Cape Farewell Music (October 2009)

  • 18 October 2009 - Rome Film Festival, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sala Sinopoli, Rome


A Special Event at the Sala Sinopoli Auditorium to meet David Buckland, Director of Cape Farewell, and the rock star Jarvis Cocker. David Buckland will show extracts from his forthcoming film "Disko Bay" and Jarvis Cocker will give a musical performance. They will be joined by the Film Director Nick Stringer (Director of "The Incredible Journey of the Turtle").

Jarvis performed acoustic renditions of:

The Adelphi, Hull - 25th Anniversary (October 2009)

  • 20 October 2009 - The Adelphi, Hull

More details

Gonzales - Piano Talk (November 2009)

  • 4 November 2009 - Pigalle Club, London

Jarvis made a guest appearance.

Jarvis (vocals) and Gonzales (piano):

Youth Music present Destroy / Rankin (November 2009)

  • 14 November 2009 - Phillips De Pury (auction house and gallery), London

This was an event organised by photographer Rankin to raise money for the charity Youth Music. 70 artists were given portraits of themselves taken by Rankin to customise. These were displayed at an exhibition entitled 'Destroy' before being auctioned off. Jarvis played a short acoustic set on the auction night.

Further details:

To celebrate Youth Music’s 10th Birthday, 70 of the world’s greatest musicians and visual artists have created a groundbreaking body of collaborative artwork based on Rankin’s iconic portraits of musicians.

As part of National Youth Music Week 2009, Youth Music will take over Phillips De Pury London for a festival of art and live music featuring performances from Destroy artists.

Original works by Damien Hirst, Douglas Gordon, Debbie Harry, Michael Stipe, U2, Mat Collishaw, Marianne Faithfull and many others will be auctioned to support the UK’s biggest music charity for young people.

Jarvis (vocals and guitar) and Tim McCall (guitar) played:

  • Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen)
  • Babies
  • Something Changed
    ...and possibly others

Florence and the Machine (November 2009)

  • 27 November 2009 - The Tabernacle, London

This night was billed under the name 'Florence and Friends'. Florence Welch was joined by a number of guests including Jarvis and Steve Mackey. Others included Patrick Wolf, Kid Harpoon and Jack Penate.

Florence Welch and Jarvis Cocker (vocals) plus Steve Mackey (bass):

Air with Jarvis Cocker (June 2010)

  • 4 June 2010 - Cité de la Musique, Paris

Setlist (vocals by Jarvis)

  1. The Operation
  2. Disney Time
  3. AF607105
  4. Jamais
  5. Everything I Cannot See
  6. Big Julie
  7. The Old Man's Back Again
  8. Ladies Man
  9. This Is Hardcore
  10. One Hell of a Party
  11. Little Monsters
  12. The Vagabond
  13. Don't Be Light
  14. The Duelist
  15. Playground Love
  16. Sexy Boy

An interesting set including Jarvis' solo material (Big Julie, Disney Time), Pulp (This Is Hardcore, Ladies Man), songs written by Air and Jarvis for Charlotte Gainsbourg (The Operation, AF607105, Jamais, Everything I Cannot See), as well as Air's own work (Playground Love, The Vagabond, Sexy Boy).

The Jack Daniel’s Birthday Gig (October 2010)

  • Thursday, 7th October 2010 - The Clapham Grand, London

Jarvis with Duane Eddy and Richard Hawley (and various other musicians).

Promotional info:

Jarvis Cocker will play alongside Richard Hawley and Tennessee guitar legend Duane Eddy for this year's Jack Daniel’s birthday celebrations in London with Ellie Goulding supporting.

In addition to their original material all four will bring the spirit of Tennessee to life when they perform a Jack Daniel's birthday exclusive of very special collaborations themed around great Americana classics.

Jarvis performed vocals on the following:

  • I Wonder If I Care As Much (Everly Brothers)
  • Memphis, Tennessee (Chuck Berry)
  • Something Changed
  • I'm A Stranger Here (Lambchop)
  • Pour Man (Lee Hazlewood)
  • One Night With You (Elvis Presley)

Discodeine Release Party (February 2011)

  • Friday, 11th February 2011 - Le Point FMR, Paris

Discodeine perform live their new album and Jarvis Cocker is guest to sing on Synchronize.

Electronica III (June 2011)

  • Thursday, 9th June 2011 - Queen Elizabeth Hall (South Bank Centre), London

Jarvis performed This Is Hardcore in a new arrangement with the BBC Concert Orchestra.

The programme is also included:

  • Graham Fitkin, K1
  • Javier Álvarez, Overture & Pyramid
  • Nico Muhly, Seeing is Believing
  • Patrick Nunn, Fata Morgana for electric cello, orchestra & live electronics
  • Aphex Twin arr. Patrick Nunn, Nannou
  • Eduardo Miranda, Sacra Conversazione
  • Andrew Poppy, Revolution No. 8: Airport for Joseph Beuys
  • Edward Williams, Suite from Life on Earth

An edited version of the concert was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 3rd July 2011. It did not include This Is Hardcore.

Promotional info:

Hearing is believing – Jarvis is your host, and plays Pulp’s This Is Hard Core with the BBC Concert Orchestra…

Hearing is an illusion – Andrew Poppy’s Revolution No. 8: Airport for Joseph Beuys wires the orchestra inside a box of electric delights designed to scatter sound to the outer limits. Patrick Nunn connects an electric cello into shape shifting electronics that manipulate instrumental sounds into shimmering reflections in his Fata Morgana and gives Aphex Twin's Nannou an acoustic-twist. From South America, Eduardo Miranda and Javier Álvarez demonstrate the alchemy of transmuting acoustic tones into electric gold…

Hearing is not believing what you see – Graham Fitkin’s Kaplan reminds us of the menacing antihero of Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller North By Northwest, a man who definitely doesn’t want you to know who he is. Also hiding in the acoustic undergrowth, Edward Williams’ Suite from Life on Earth, music conceived for David Attenborough’s Life on Earth…

And Seeing is Believing: the title of young New York superstar composer Nico Muhly’s concerto for electric six-string violin and orchestra – electronica evoking celestial clouds and telescopic, foraging insects….

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