Pulp People Newsletter 19

Pulp People Newsletter 19 written by Alex Deck. Spring 1997.


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Page 2:

Hello everyone. I know I promised you that this was going to be a Russell special, and in a way it is - but sadly the piece I was hoping to coax out of Russell hasn't been forthcoming, which is a shame, but you've gotta understand that he's got other things to occupy his time now - no longer is the Pulp newsletter a top priority. (And what a huge relief that must be!) Did manage to get Webber to write something though. Which was nice. (Shame it doesn't make any sense).

I knew this was going to be a difficult piece to write, and in a way I wish I'd written it straight away, as soon as Russell told me about his decision. But I couldn't. And now, things are different, Pulp have moved on, and it doesn't seem like such a tragedy. But at the time, it was the worst news I'd heard in a long time and I know most of you felt the same. Thanks so much for all your kind letters of support, you know we even received a couple of petitions to try to persuade him to change his mind?! Not to mention the letters from budding guitarists offering to replace him! It was very touching, reading everything, and of course they've all been sent on to Russell. But now, although I think about Russell a great deal and miss him very much, I've realised that it might not be such a bad thing, at least musically. It's probably Russell's personality/good looks/intelligence/style/sense of humour we'll miss more than anything, certainly the first post Russell live perform­ances will miss his on stage flair and choice of jackets and will, for some people, be very sad occasions. There are no plans to replace him (if such a thing were possible) - Mark can do everything he could do, and if it changes the Pulp sound a little, well is that such a bad thing? This is why I wanted Russell to write something for this, to explain to everyone that Pulp won't necessarily be worse for his departure, just different. And (although I feel bad for even thinking this) - they might even be better! Having heard the new songs I can honestly say, there's nothing to worry about - Pulp are still very much Pulp.

We have devoted the artwork in this newsletter to Russell because we probably won't be printing so many drawings of him in the future. I must apologise to the people whose photos I've reproduced here without asking, very few of them have names on the back and I've forgotten who took what - but thanks for sending them in, it's kind of comforting to be able to look at them all again. Also included are some older photos, thought you might like to see them too. See how life on the road has changed the once angelic Mr Senior! No wonder he left!

What can I say? Welcome to (another) new era: We won't half miss you, Russell.

Page 3:

Pulp in 1997: What's been going down...

14th Jan - As you no doubt know by now, Russell left the group; probably the worst start to the year possible for the fans, but you've got to look at it from Russell's point of

NME Brats awarded Jarvis, in an ironic twist of prizegiving, "Most Godlike Genius" for his onstage antics with Michael Jackson. We thought it was Jacko who was supposed to be
the godlike genius...?

4 Feb - Jarvis did a pilot for The Andy Man Show, a ficticious comedy stand up type show in the style of his favourite tv programme, "It's The Garry Shandling Show", but this time presented by Steve's girlfriend and the actress Sadie Frost (of Common People video fame). Sounds fantastic!

20 Feb - Pulp invited to the Irish Hot Press Awards; they were nominated for the "Best Live Performance in Ireland by an International Act Award". We now know that they didn't win...

March to May - Channel 1 TV has asked Jarvis to be on the panel of judges when it awards prizes to British film makers in it's "Prize Shorts" series; again, details are a bit vague but that's the general idea - there are about twenty films in all but Jarvis has yet to see them.

March to May - Pulp will be in the studio recording new material - Mark tells me they've got "a few good songs" and that they've "gone rock". Can't wait! See my Studio Report for more details.

"Update", the DJ magazine, voted Jarvis 2nd in the "Hero of the Year" catagory in their annual poll. Pete Tong came top whilst Andy Weatherall came 3rd.

17th March - Nick appeared briefly on "Here & Now" - the larger than life TV current affairs/consumer type show with Sue Lawley, discussing the disappearance of decent pubs and how he rescued The Washington from the "Irish Theme Pub" fate - we thought he looked really good, fatherhood clearly agrees with Nick.

March - Steve failed his first Driving Theory Test, after having come out of it saying "it was so easy a monkey could do it"

Easter - Cocker, incarcarated in wax, takes his place at Rock Circus, hopefully. The model will be wearing Jarvis' favourite black velvet suit.

April - Richard Priest, lovely Pulp tour manager, is getting married.

Mid April - the fantastic Pulp website has made it to the shortlist of four for the UK Website Award, to be announced at The Royal Lancaster Hotel; the other three nominations are Spice Girls, Everything But the Girl, and Cafe del Mar, whoever they are. Clearly Pulp should walk it, but you never can tell.

17th May - Nick has agreed to open the St Mary's Festival in Sheffield, work committments permitting.

18th May - Pulp have been invited to take part in this year's Music Industry Soccer Six at Fulham's Craven Cottage (tbc)

To save y'all writing in and asking me, Pulp ARE NOT playing any festivals this year.

Pages 4 & 5:

Pulp News

Found this rather hideous pretend-Pulp item in Dillons Bookshop the other day - "Play Guitar With Pulp". It's nothing to do with the group at all, it appears to have been published by Wise Publications, and it's our considered opinion that you would be very unwise to buy it - stick with the proper Island "Different Class" one that came out last year, it's much nicer - I mean do you really want a free cd of "two specially recorded 'soundalike' backing tracks", especially as they're arranged by someone called Arthur Dick who, if he was [a] Pulp person, would probably have been awarded a prize in our competion... no, our advice is, leave well alone. Luckily this publication isn't available in Canada and the USA, for once, that's good news!

Another thing you won't have seen if you live in the States is top UK tv show "Stars in Their Eyes"; you might remember we first told you about Gareth Dickinson, our Jarvis impersonator back in newsletter number 17 - well the news is, he won his heat and is through to the final! All credit to him because it must take some guts to get up and sing Common People in front of an audience - but we still reckon Peters & Lee were miles better. Still, let's hope he wins.

Good news for Russell fans and even better news for Baby Birkin - Mr Senior has agreed to produce their first album!
Great news. He's even offered to play violin on it, which, if they've got any sense, they will decline - after all, it never did much for Pulp, did it?! No no no - I don't mean that at all, sorry. It is great news, and we' II keep you up to date on procedings.

There's a new Pulp biography on the cards, this time though it will be approved by the group, which means it'll be approximately 5 million times better than the other four flimsily thrown together efforts. Because nothing is confirmed right now the information we can give you is limited, but you are welcome to write for more details in the coming months; so far, we know it'll be done in conjunction with Paul Burgess, the guy who did the '97 calendar, and an as yet un-named writer. Mysterious, eh? Such is the nature of Show Business. If it all goes to plan it' II be great, I promise.

We Can Dance Again
Those of you who went to the legendary Theater Royal concert back in December 1994 might remember a song called "We Can Dance Again". We got alot of letters asking what happened to it, but you know, the truth is, not everything Pulp write is great - these are the hard cold facts, people. So what happens when these sub standard tunes are dumped? Nothing, usually... that's where top Liverpool pop group Chevette come in. They knew they could save the song, and have recently given it a new lease of life on "Mintel Rock Steady Vol.1", a four track ep featuring themselves together with three other up and coming groups. Nice, isn't it? Why don't groups put covers like that on their sleeves any more, I just don't understand it. You know, I've got a Bert Kaempfert album, it's just got THE GREATEST COVER ever, I'm not joking. And what about Mondo Morricone?? Eh? Have you seen that? Anyway. I've not actually heard the Chevette song yet, but it's bound to be ace if our Danny had anything to do with it, so buy your copy now! From: Invicta Hi Fi, Unit 208 Liverpool Palace, Slater Street, Liverpool, L1 4BT. At £3 including p+p you can't afford to say no, can you?

Pulp at The ICA
No, not playing live, calm down. It's the spoken word Babies video (on Sorted for Films & Vids). It is to be part of an exhibition entitled "Assuming Positions", which runs from 12th July to 28th September at the ICA in London, and I have to say, it looks pretty interesting. Other exhibitors include Sarah Lucas, the Blackcurrent Tango ad (honest), some guy called Piotr Ucklanski, "a young Polish artist who has created an amazing, interactive, illuminated disco floor that responds to both music and movement", which sounds to me like
the greatest invention of the 20th century, I'm planning to have one installed in my house; the exhibition also has, as if an interactive disco floor weren't enough, an "acoustiguide" by the Sound Gallery. How cool??

Pulp To Do Next Bond Theme (Possibly)
Yep, it doesn't come much better than this. John Barry, Nancy Sinatra, Matt Monro, Louis Armstrong, Lulu, Shirley Bassey... Sheena Easton (ok, ok). Could it be true that Pulp might join the ranks of such luminaries? Well - maybe. I'm hoping so, because from what Mark tells me, the track sounds amazing: entitled "Tomorrow Never Dies" it incorporates "the best drum roll of the 90's", "ridiculous guitar solos not dissimilar to Phil Collins", and loads of totally over the top musicianship. Ace! Written and recorded in one day too (last Thursday). Wow! Everything is so exciting at the moment! Now we just have to wait and see if the big shots at Warner or wherever it is like it...

Brass Eye Absolutely Spot On (Again)
Chris Morris's take on Pulp - "Blouse" - was the best bit of telly since the episode of Eastenders when David left the Square. And the best impersonation of Jarvis ever - forget Gareth Dickinson. Fantastic. And did anyone notice the pretend Webber in the background, don't know who that was but he should have his own show. Actually, I think it was Webber. Pulp thought it was great, and watched it over & over again - quite a compliment really, I mean Chris Morris doesn't take the piss out of just anyone, you know. Actually, he does, doesn't he.

Pages 6 & 7:

It's... Doctor Pulp!!!

Yes, but don't be scared, he's here to help YOU. Doctor Pulp always provides us with entertaining answers, let's hope this time is no exception.

Leona [...] of Deeside is first with a topical query. Do Pulp think the Spice Girls are a load of rubbish?
Mark thinks, not only are they a load of rubbish, but "sick rubbish", too! Candida agrees, although she thought they were ok to begin with; Steve really dislikes them, and considers them to "represent everything that is bad about eighties pop" - as if they're in a bit of a timewarp. Nick didn 't beat about the bush either: "they 're a load of old tosh, yes"; Jarvis gave his answer considerable thought before responding that he didn't mind them until they came out with all that Margaret Thatcher stuff; his main point though was that "everyone goes on about them being great role models for young girls, but that's rubbish, because they still get their tits out and I bet they're managed by a man too" - don't know about that but it wouldn 't surprise us...

Paul [...] of Banbury asks Jarvis if he was annoyed when he was told that Nick & Sarah had named their son Jackson - and asks Nick if the name had anything to do with the mysterious man?
Jarvis was a little surprised, it's true, but the young Banks wasn't actually named after The King of Pop - but to put your mind at rest Jarvis assured me that he "didn't invade it's cot or anything". I should hope not!

Ian [...] echoes Ceri Jones' question in issue 18 in asking the group, what is their favourite country they have ever toured, and why?
There was a general consensus that Iceland was the greatest, closely followed by America ("The land of your dreams", according to Mark), and Japan (Nick), because it's just "a crazy place". Jarvis' reason forgiving Iceland was because of all the outdoor pursuits Pulp were able to do whilst there - white water rafting and so on; Steve loved the open spaces... Candida didn't bother with the white water rafting, prefering a cup of cocoa back at the hotel (don't blame you CandidaDoyle)!), but she did enjoy a more sedate bus tour...

Mormand, from Denmark asks if Pulp have any enduring memories of "TV2". For the non Danes amongst us, TV2 are, I am reliably informed, a Danish band lead by Steffen Brandt, as if you didn't know that. Pulp?
Pulp assure me that they have absolutely no idea what or who TV2 are, and suggest that Mormand consult "a different Doctor".

Janna [...], of Boston, asks a scientific question: What do the group think of the theory that the world will end in the year 2000?
This question received very blunt answers indeed from Pulp: Mark says it's "impossible ", Candida reckons such a theory is "stupid", and nobody else thought it was even worth considering! Sorry Janna!

Lovely Cecile [...], from Orleans, would like to know, quels artistes francais aime le groupe?
Good question Cecile, with very predictable (but excellent nevertheless) answers: Mark's only a Serge Gainsbourg fan, nothing else really interests him; Candida likes Vanessa Paradis, whose singing she prefers to Brigitte Bardot's; Steve likes Serge, Jacques Brel, and Francoise Hardy. Nick prefers BB and The Singing Nun, and called Serge "an overrated big nosed get" (So I killed him). Couldn't get hold of Jarvis for this question but we're certain he'd go along with all of the above, as do we here at Pulp HQ - but what about lovely Michel Polnareff? Sacha Distel??

A sociological question from Jacyntha, who lives in the USA: Do the group think that success has changed them? Do they remember what it was like to be poor and unacknowl­edged? On a different note, Jacyntha would also like to know who out of the group has read "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery?
The truth might be a little hard to accept, but Jarvis admits that he does find it hard to remember what it was like, and that yes, success has certainly changed him. Candida's memories of what it used to be like are all too vivid - every time she revisits Sheffield! As for The Little Prince, nobody has read it, but Candida would like to - Steve responded by saying "Mark is a little ponce ", which I 'm taking as a no.

Paul [...] from Austria is a bit of a Beatles fan and wants to know which songs, if any, are the group's favourites?
As I'm sure you agree, it's very hard to pick a favourite Beatles song, but they did their best: Mark's faves are Girl, I Me Mine, and The Long and Winding Road, but conceded that "generally, all are good"; Nick likes Blackbird and Getting Better, Candida agrees with Long and Winding Road, but also likes Flying; Steve's top tune is Happiness is a Warm Gun, whilst Jarvis likes I'm so Tired and Hey Bulldog.

I have to admit I've wondered about this next one myself: Adam, Emma, and Juliet from Edinburgh want to know if Pulp get paid when their songs get played on Eastenders (which they do all the time, despite the fact that the "real" radio doesn't!). Well?
Truth is, they do get paid, but no one seems to know how much! I guess money loses it's significance when you have so much of it... I wonder if they get payed when Woolies play their songs - today, it was a very tinny "Sorted" that was wafting through the Star Wars merchendise...

Andy [...] from Carnforth has a question for Jarvis: In the Razzmatazz video, you hold on to something on the ceiling - what is it?
Very good question Andy, and one which Steve actually answered: That video was filmed in the Sunset Strip Club, in Soho, one of the few proper strip joints left (so I'm told); the "rope" in question is a - what's the word I'm looking for? - a "prop", for the dancing girls - as Steve explained, it's for them to "frolic with" on stage. Jarvis assures me they had it washed before they went near it! I bet you're all off to check out the video now aren 't you...

Page 8:

Whilst we're on the subject of the Razzmatazz video, Louise [...], from Bedford, asks just what is Jarvis reading in the video? Also, as a result of a dream Louise had in which Pulp were invited on to Blue Peter to play just two songs from their extensive repertoire - which two songs would they play? In Louise's dream, it was My Legendary Girlfriend and Countdown, which if you ask me, is just about as good as it can get!
Firstly, the book - we 're not sure about this, it was four years ago after all; the only book Jarvis remembers from the video shoot is "How To Live In Style", an interior design & all round lifestyle book, but he wasn 't sure if that was the one. As for Louise's Blue Peter query, Steve, Candida, Nick and Mark would all decline, agreeing that it's just not the programme it used to be; however Jarvis, who admitted to having a bit of a crush on several female Blue Peter presenters (including, I might add, Anthea Turner...) still rates it and thought that "Acrylic Afternoons" would be a suitable choice. Now that would be something...

This is a bit late, but it's worth a try. Amber [...] asks if the group had any New Year's Resolutions, and if they did, have they kept to them?
Good question, Amber. Nick's resolution was to take more exercise, which he's sort of keeping to; Candida's was to only have one sugar in her tea, as opposed to two; so far she has been successful in keeping to this, "unless I'm very tired"; Mark bravely resolved to visit the dentist, not having been for four years, and was seriously regretting it when Doctor Pulp questioned him - so well done for sticking to your resolution Mark, and honestly, they look so real, you can't tell the difference. Steve's resolution was to learn to drive - and by the time you read this we will know whether he passed or failed his test.* Jarvis decided that, rather than giving something up, as is usual in these situations, he would endeavour to do something he 'd never done before, so last week he tried horseriding. Next on his list is to ride a motorbike - we just hope he remembers that a motorbike is not the same as a horse, in fact, the prospect of Cocker in charge of such a machine is quite frightening.
* He Passed!

Lastly, here's Javier from Argentina lowering the tone again with this issue's porno paragraph: Firstly, do Pulp have a favourite porn star? Is Tom Byron the porn version of Tommy Lee Jones? (interesting thought) And lastly, if Pulp were asked to appear in a porn movie, would they accept, and if they did, who would they like to "act" with?
Let's take this one step at a time: When asked if they have a favourite porn star, Nick admitted that he had enjoyed the recent showing of The Mary Millington Story on C4, but only because "She's a nutter"; Jarvis thought for a while and came up with Sylvia Krystel; Mark announced that he's "never seen one". Responses to this ludicrous statement included "That is a 100% lie!" (Candida) and "What a liar!" (Steve), "Lying get" (Nick). Webber's feeble defence was that the films in question are "Art", not "Porn"; well sorry Mark but that is the biggest lie I have ever heard in my entire life, and you are not getting away with it! Everyone was so amazed at Mark's barefaced cheek that they (cunningly) avoided answering most of the remaining questions themselves.. I did manage to pin them down and ask them the last one though. Candida wouldn't want to appear in one at all; Mark would, but "only in a dream"; Steve couldn 't decide; Nick said yes but only if a) He was shot from the neck up only, b) Only if his dog Malcolm could appear and c) If body doubles were used. Not taking any chances there then, Nick. Jarvis was sure that, if he did, "it would be the end of our careers" (I'm not so sure myself), but, when pressed, confessed that he would like to "perform" with Sarah Stockridge - for anyone who doesn 't know, Sarah is Vivian Westwood's 6 foot tall blonde "muse" and favourite model. Is that alright for you Javier?

Page 9:

Pulp in the Studio

On March 24th I paid Pulp a visit in the studio, to try to get the low down on the new material they've been working on for the last few months. I didn't know what to expect, as Mark had been characteristically unforthcoming about what they were up to, so I wasn't sure what, if anything, they had actually accomplished. As it turned out, they've recorded stacks of fantastic new songs!!!

Well, twelve. Out of these, five are pretty much finished. These are: I'm A Man, The Fear, We Are The Boyz, Help The Aged and TV Movie. And I tell you, they're bloody brilliant. Candida's faves at the moment are I'm A Man, We Are The Boyz, and The Fear. We Are The Boyz is to be included in the soundtrack of the new Todd Haines film about 1970's London, Velvet Goldmine (crap title, even if it is a Dave B side) and it's a right Bowie/Ronson style stomping racket - soon as you hear it you'll have it on the brain all day. Incidentally, filming hasn't even started yet so don't ask me for more details, I've not got any.

I have to say, I'm pretty excited about these new songs; Chris Thomas is in charge again, but on first listen the songs sounded quite different from those on Different Class - I dunno, sort of "darker". Am I talking crap? Probably, it's the excitement. I suspect I'm alot more excited than Pulp themselves are, because recording involves a lot of sitting around doing nothing (Candida is getting very good at crosswords), which can get pretty tedious. Good job they've got all your letters to keep them entertained! Not only that, they're not immune to a bit of Star-Spotting themselves - George Michael has been seen (with his dog), but better than that they met super sexy Chrissie Hynde too (very nice, apparently).

Anyway, I'll make sure the update sheets we print off include any other info that comes my way - as you know these are usually included with any replies that I send out.

Page 10:

Pulp Boutique

You know it makes sense buying direct from us - free postage if you live in the UK, speedy service, and if you're not 100% happy with your order, we'll exchange it. Unfortunately due to the cost of overseas postage we have to charge p+p on bags & T shirts if you live outside the UK: $5, 22FF, or £3, depending on which currency you're paying with - that's per order, not per item. Once again I've been having a bit of a clear out here at Pulp Towers and here for your delectation are the remaining Pulpy items of clothing & accessories currently lying around the office.... remember to list a first and second choice in case we've run out.

A: Sunrise T Shirt, white with Pulp logo on front. 36" £15/$22/112FF, XL £12/$18/90FF

B: Enamel Pulp Badge, black & silver. £4/$6/30FF

C: Pulp in Circles T Shirt, black with purple trim. 36" or 42" £15/$22/112FF.

D: Pulp Hand Fan for the summer months. Comes with battery. £5/$8/38FF.

E: Sky Blue T Shirt with silver Pulp logo. 36" £15/$22/112FF, L & XL £12/$18/90FF.

F: Pulp Mug, always very popular - makes a nice cup of tea. White with monochrome figures. £6/$9/45FF.

G: Brown towelling T Shirt with Pulp logo on breast. One size (baggy). £16/$24/120FF.

H: No, not a Pulp rectangle, a Pulp wallet, black with silverish logo. Waterproof. £6/$9/45FF.

I: Different Class T Shirt. Black, XL only. £13/$20/97FF.

J: Pulp Pants. No more sets of three left, only single pairs, one size fits all, unless you are very large... Blue ("Sorted") or pink (" Spy"). £5/$8/38FF.

Page 11:

K: Navy T Shirt with Pulp logo on breast. Red and white trim on sleeves & neck. 36" skinny only. £15/$23/112FF.

L: Set of two Pulp stickers, one white, one black. £1/$1.5/8FF.

M: V Neck blue T Shirt with Disco logo in shiny pink. L & XL £14/$21/104FF.

N: Not a pulp handcuff, a Pulp enamel keyring. Black and silver. £4/$6/30FF.

O: Multi coloured stripey Polo Shirt with Pulp logo on breast. L only. £18/$27/134 FF.

P: The famous Pulp Bag, luckily this is not actual size. Available in black, lilac, orange or lime green. £16/$24/119FF.

Q: Managed to get hold of some Pulp sun hats, fantastically illustrated don't you think? One size only (not big - sort of Candida sized), green & white. £8/$12/60FF.

R: Steve in Bedroom T Shirts, navy, XL only. £13/$20/97FF.

S: Set of three Pulp badges. £2/$3/15FF.

Page 12:


Only with Pulp People can you win prizes without even sending in an answer! As you will no doubt remember, the poor response to our fantastic competions inspired (?) me to dispense with the usual question/answer scenario, deciding instead to simply award prizes to those of you with the coolest names in the fan club. I bet you've all been on tenterhooks waiting for me to reveal who the lucky few are, but first I must point out that we are in no way taking the piss here, this is completely serious, we don't want anyone to take offence.

Ok, here goes - don't you wish YOU were called:

Dympna Mooney     Mathilda Ming     Olaf Kock    Felix Neighbour     Kiki Klinkhamer     Ionica Smeets     Gunter Staggenborg

Fantastic, eh? They all win a signed copy of the His 'n' Hers paperback, you know the one...the sad thing is that there are loads more great names, but, because they are all up for renewal or even dormant, they don't win a prize. I'd love to give you all prizes - maybe it'll encourage you to renew your memberships!

Incredibly, these people are real and not made up: Phoebe Mattocks! Rachael Dodoo! Adrian Haddock! Emily Scoggins! Lydia Smears! Laura Thick! Esther Geerkens! Pong! Brass Eye's got nothing on us.

To give the remaining ordinarily named Pulp People a chance to win, here's a slightly fairer competition. Haven't decided what the prize is going to be yet, it may involve clearing out
my secret stash of Pulp goodies in the box under the desk, so who knows what I'll find in there. Don't let that put you off entering though, you have to admit our prizes are usually worth winning...the question is:

"Name the composer responsible for the original James Bond theme, the film it was from, and the year it came out"

Good, eh? First ten out of the bag may well even win a signed photo of Pulp, so if that's not worth the price of a stamp, I don't know what is.

Page 13:

Oh no, not more Lost Pulp People...
Yes it's true, it's amazing how many people send us the money to join, then promptly move house and disappear without trace. If you want what's yours, get in touch! [List of 40 names...] This is your last chance, if we don't hear from you before the next newsletter, you're coming off the database.

Girls - Can You Help?
Josie Robson from Sheffield Hallam University is doing a research study looking at the relationship between Sheffield bands and female fans, and wants to hear from any Sheffield Pulpettes about you experiences as a Pop/Pulp fan. If you'd like to take part in this study, please contact her at: Sheffield Hallam University, School of Cultural Studies, [...].

Pulp Favours
The lovely and generous Tournico Girls are offering to give away 15, yes 15 copies of the Jamie Hewlett Common People comic book. Seriously! All you have to do is send an A4 sae or two IRC's to [...] Boussay, France. That's such a kind gesture I think you should send them something nice in exchange, though they don't want money..

Pages 14 & 15:


OK, stacks of penpals this time, kicking off with Gemma [...], Birmingham, [...]; Gemma is 17 going on 18, and will write to anyone, anywhere, any age, so long as they are into Pulp, Blur, Ash, Menswear, Longpigs, Dodgy, Space, Elastica "and the like".

  • Sheena [...], Nr Goole, [...], needs a friend, so she tells us: "I want kooky people with a wild spirit for fun and lifelong friendship! I love Pulp, Shampoo, Suede, Geri (bloody Spice Girls get everywhere; Hype Ed), oh, and all things pink and fluffy". She's asking for a photo, too.
  • Off to Holland for our next victim, Mirjam [...], who lives at [...] Noordwyk (I think I've got that right). Mirjam is 15 and if you, like her, think that music and friendships are the best, then get writing, especially if you happen to look like Simon Fowler from Ocean Colour Scene...enough said.
  • Kerry [...] lives at [...], Isle of Wight, [...], and is looking for penpals aged 13 + to write to about Pulp, Manics, Suede, Radiohead, Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene and Menswear. Punk, Mod and alternative fans especially welcome. Punk, eh? All you Angelic Upstarts fans better put pen to paper then.
  • Daniel [...], Barwell, Leicestershire, [...] would like to get in contact with Pulp People from Britain, America, Canada and Australia who enjoy listening to Garbage, Pulp, Placebo, Elastica, Kenickie, the Beatles, and Abba, as well as watching sitcoms and soaps, reading and having a laugh...though really it doesn't matter what you're into, he'll still write back...age 15+ please.
  • Anne [...] lives at [...] Strasbourg, France, and is feeling a bit lonely. She's 17 and wants to hear from you, especially if you live in France; if you live in Strasbourg, all the better!
  • Still in foreign parts, Laura [...], Orange, CA [...], USA, is 16, still in high school, and needs someone to take her mind off exams. Besides school she loves Pulp and Britpop, going to the cinema, playing footy and going snow boarding, and will write to anyone who takes the time to write to her.
  • Maureen [...], Cene (Bergamo) [...], Italy, would like to write to other Italian Pulp People, especially if you're into Suede, Pulp, My Life Story, The Charlatans...and stylish people.
  • Joanne [...], Shipley, W Yorks, [...], would love a penpal - "ideally a drop dead gorgeous, very rich lad, but anyone else will do!" Fair enough.
  • Adele, from [...], London SE13 [...], would like penpals who are into Blur, Suede, My Life Story, Pulp, sci-fi, and Richard E Grant; "also pyromaniacs, gig goers, mental morons (you've come to the right place), boys/girls/aliens". Ok?
  • Rachael [...], Edenbridge, Kent, [...], would like to write to boys who wear eyeliner and girls with whom she can discuss silver lipstick (some gripping conversation on the cards there) - if you like Geneva, Symposium, and Suede, all the better.
  • Solle [...] Reinbek, Germany, is looking for some British penpals to get to know before she comes to England in September. She's into Black Grape, Stone Roses, Shed Seven, The Bluetones, and would make a very good au-pair!

  • 14 year old Carina [...] is from Bristol but lives in Canada, and is "dying of homesick­ness!". If you're aged between 13 and 16 and like Pulp, Bush, Oasis, X-Files, skiing, rollerblading, and volleyball, then write to [...], Alberta, Canada.
  • 19 year old Christine [...] Chartres, France, is a new Pulp Person who wants to take advantage of our services: she's "looking for penpals aged 7 to 70, from Albania to Zimbabwe - I don't care so long as you're into Pulp". Christine has embarassingly flawless English, and is also offering to swap/sell translations of interviews and biographies for anyone who is crazy enough to want such a thing. On top of all that, she is after live recordings of Pulp, so please send her your lists. Christine sent us a passport photo which bears a mysterious resemblance to Webber - no bad thing, of course.
  • Shortest ever advert comes from Paivi [...], Espoo, Finland - he / she (?!) simply says, "Pulp People in Finland! Get in touch!"
  • Judith [...], Bristol [...], is 19 and likes most indie / mod groups, nail varnish, plastic jewellery and 60's clothes...ideally she would like penpals from Bristol/Bath and Cardiff/Swansea, but would be very grateful for letters from anyone, anywhere.
  • Sharon [...], who lives at [...], Suffolk, [...] has been featured before but wanted to let her public know her new address; as before, she will write to anyone, anywhere, Pulp fanatics especially.
  • Mary [...] will also write to anyone, anywhere; she likes everything from Deacon Blue (that's a first) to Offspring. Mary is 15 and is obsessed with hats and Russell (?). Anyone with similarly diverse tastes write to [...], Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland [...].
  • Jennie is a sex crazed Jarvis lover who would love to hear from anyone, anywhere, who's completely different and a social outcast, so, anyone who's a member of the Different Class please put pen to paper, especially boys!" (Her words, not mine) Write to Jennie at [...], Nottingham [...]
  • "Wanted, anyone who doesn't like Kula Shaker, Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis and Cast, but who does like The Velvet Underground, Blur, The Beatles, Kenickie, Orange Juice, Syd Barrett and They Might Be Giants, write to Simon [...], Cardiff, [...]". At last, someone with good taste!
  • Donna [...], Middlesbrough [...], wants to write to overseas Pulp fans who are willing to swop foreign Pulp cd's for UK ones - but don't worry, Donna will happily write to you if you live locally, too!
  • And to prove our pen pal service does actually work, here's a messsage from Steph to her best penpal Ian, who's really lovely, apparently; She'd just like to say, "Hi Ian, you're ace!"

Pages 16 & 17:

Wanted Ads

  • Adele, [...], London SE13 [...], is offering to tape anything you want (that's what she says) - interviews too. So send Adele a tape and a list of the tracks you're after (doesn't have to be Pulp) and hopefully she'II sort you out. Perhaps in exchange you can help Adele with her proposed fanzine, which appears to be concentrating on Bis, so the less said about that the better; however, she needs volunteers, and volunteers who own pc's would be ideal! Whilst we're at it, Adele has one last request, and since I don't think we have a spot for things like this, it can go here: she is looking for anyone who went to the My Life Story concert in London on Feb 14th (Azalee / Margote?). She is trying to get in touch with Nick, a 29 yr old journalist, apparently - anyway, she sounds pretty desperate so if anyone can help her in locating this Nick character, I think that would be good.
  • Laura [...], who lives at [...] London SW1 [...], is trying to get a band together and needs a guitarist and drummer. Influences include Pulp, Suede, Marion, so if you're aged 19-25, get in touch.
  • If you're after Pulp tv appearances, write to Luke [...], Ramsgate, Kent [...]. He's got loads so send an sae for a list.
  • Michel [...], Switzerland, is offering to sell (sell???!!!) the following Pulp cd's: Common People, Sorted.., Something Changed, Disco 2000; I'm not sure if these are just ordinary copies or if they're something special - best to write & see. They'II cost you £4/DM10 each, anyway. Michel is desperate to get hold of (I'm not sure exactly what he means here) the limited editions of Common People parts 1 & 2, and Something Changed, Boy &. Girl cd.
  • Lynsay [...] knows what she wants, and that's a video of the legendary Pop Quiz episode featuring Cocker, Chesney Hawkes, and Des'ree - she'll swop this for the recent Shooting Stars, the highlight of which was Jarvis throwing mini babybells about "like a girl" (or was it??). Lynsay lives at [...], Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway, [...], Scotland.
  • Lorraine [...], Merseyside [...], is after the Christmas episode of Shooting Stars, which I'm assuming is the one offered by Lynsay in the previous ad...
  • Jane [...] is still after audio & video swops, so write to her at her new address: [...], London SE11 [...].
  • Nick [...], Eastleigh, Hants [...], is after a copy of the V96 Chelmsford video - willing to cover costs. I've warned him the quality is pretty poor.
  • Lastly, Mark Sturdy, who hates me because I forgot to put this ad in a previous newsletter, for which I am truly sorry - Mark is researching a book and would be very grateful for any information whatsoever on the earlier incarnations of Pulp: "78 to '82. I realise this is before most of you lot were born, but those of you who harbour massive Pulp archives might be able to help him out. In particular photos, tapes, film/video material, press cuttings, copies of Your Secret's Safe with Us... anything. Mark's pretty skint so cannot offer large sums of money in return for these favours, though he would be happy to tape stuff from his "sizeable bootleg collection". Sounds like a good deal to me, so if anyone can help, write to Mark at [...], Wetherby, W Yorks, [...].

Lonely Hearts

Just the one this time - desperate Catherine [...], begged us to print the following: "Blonde haired, blue eyed pulpette, seeks blonde haired, blue eyed bloke. For gigging, shagging and for general fun (if shagging doesn't come under that). The Kent area would help."

Obviously we here at Pulp Towers cannot condone this ki[n]d of loose and wanton behaviour, so Catherine, don't blame us if you end up with some nutter who stalks you for the rest of your days - it's your fault. Good luck!

Page 18:


Right, let's have a look at what's in the fanzine pile this month............... Issue 2 of SORTED for starters: I've lost the letter that came with this, but I'm assuming it's £1 + A5 sae from Louise [...], Bedford MK40. It features a V96 Warrington review. Pulp's World, which I have to admit I don't understand, album reviews, lots of cartoons and drawings - lots of familiar names here, it seems to be put together solely by Pulp People! Next up is issue number one of BARBECUED JELLY, 80p + A5 sae from Katy, [...], Swindon, Wilts [...]: Katy is not doing herself any favours by describing it as "for fans of surrealism and written crap"; I didn't laugh a lot when I read it. Got issue 2 of JUICY here, £2/$3 from Alexandrea, [...] Portland, OR [...], USA. You get a free prize with every issue, and there's certainly lots to read - UK & US Pulp reviews, interviews (well, questionnaires) by Nick, Russell, and Candida, which are great, loads of pictures of Russell, fanzine reviews, yep, that's about it. THM: THE HELPDESK MAGAZINE isn't so much a fanzine as, err, a magazine for the staff of IBM Basingstoke. Put together by IBM employee Louise [...], issue 1 features bits and pieces on Pulp People, Oasis, Total Quality Management, the Internet, IBM, and Gene. Issue 2 is less Pulpy. If you fancy a change I'm sure she' II send you one - A5 sae to Louise [...], Basingstoke, [...]. DAFFOLDILESQUE 3 is here, 50p + A5 sae from Vicky [...], Walsall, [...]. I only hope Vicky is taking the piss when she refers to Crispian Mills as "looking like a deity". "Looking like a complete prat", more like. Stuff on The Divine Comedy, who we also hate, oh, and an interview with me! I'd forgotten about that. Oh yes, buy this one, it's very good. Got a message from Jennifer [...] here, she's needs help with a new fanzine, it's all a bit vague at the moment so perhaps you'd be better off writing to Jennifer at [...] Elkton VA [...], USA. Never even a tiny bit vague are those Tournico Girls, and TOURNICO... PULP 6 has been out for a while, but I forgot to include it last time. Fab picture of lovely Nick on the cover leads to what you have come to expect from these girls - well written and illustrated, with ace photos of your favourite group, reviews, even a game "Monodoyly", which is complicated enough in French, never mind English, plus an interview with Nick - all great stuff. Back issues are also available: Numbers 1-3 are 15FF each, numbers 4-6 are 20FF each. This includes a translation of course, so do yourself a favour and send an A4 sae/IRC to Tournico...Pulp, [...] Boussay, France

Page 19:

And Finally... A Message From Mark...

"Hello dear people. I'm here in the North sorting through my old and neglected belongings up at my parents, for I have bought myself a house (at long last). My house is in London, and I really think it will be alright once I get all sorted. So I came up here to reclaim my possessions, and I called round at Alex's in a friendly capacity, and then her guinea pigs really irritated my sensive nose (Poof! Pig Ed) and she wouldn't let me have any toilet roll on which to blow until I'd sat here and written something. It's Easter weekend and we have a few days off work. Recording is going well, everyone's generally very buoyant and in good spirits these days, We've attacked five songs so far, and there's plenty more to go at. I had the afternoon off one day this week to go and get some shelves out of a skip, but I got caught and the people made me pay for them. They said they were "transfering them to our other branch" (even though they were buried under a pile of rubbish). Anyways, here we are in a new year and everything's rosy. I know you are probably all very upset about Russell leaving the group, it must have come as quite a shock, but nothing lasts forever and we're moving ever onwards and upwards. Not sure yet when you're going to see us all out in public again, I'II play safe and say by the end of the year. Everyone sends their love."


Hmm, well, I suppose that's what you get for leaving him in a room with a computer and a glass of wine. Some late news, just in - the Pulp Towers in house band, ELECTRIC SOUND OF JOY, have just landed themselves a record deal (sort of) - Enraptured, the label who, much to their credit, put out the last Silver Apples single, have agreed to release Total Turn, which the boys are pretty pleased about. When it's eventually out we'll let you know and you can all buy a copy! Watch out for dates in Preston and London soon.

What else? This being the last page and all, it's inevitable that all the bits I couldn't fit in anywhere else end up here - we still want you to keep sending in those passport photos, we've got quite a few but we're a long way from a complete set. Same goes for the "Twenty Questions" type thing mentioned in the last newsletter - anything you want to know about us but never dared ask, now's your chance - we'll print, publish and answer all the best questions.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this. I can't believe we've done 19 - Mark brought round a bunch of old newsletters last week, from '92-'94. There's not many of you who have stuck it out from the very beginning; the newsletters were pretty flimsy back then, you were lucky if Mark managed more than an A4 sheet every 6 months, mind you, I am aware that this is the first one of 1997, but I'm sure you agree it's better to wait until there's enough news to make it worthwhile than to send out any old rubbish. That's it, I'm signing off, keep those letters coming,



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