Pulp People Newsletter 27

Pulp People Newsletter 27. Spring 1999. This issue came with a free Pulp coaster.


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Page 1:

Nice Letter of the Week

27th July 1999

Dear Alex @ Pulp People,

Cheers for the poster – it’s just what I wanted. I’m very grateful/humbled etc for you to take the time over my request and your reply was generous and speedy Aren’t pulp people fab


Carl Sigmonds


Summer is here, so, to accompany all those G & T’s you lot will be knocking back in the garden whilst I slave away on the website, please accept this lovely Pulpy coaster with our compliments. Hope you like it!

Due to this fantastic free gift and the mini mailout detailed opposite, we have had to temporarily revert to A5 format – well you can’t have everything. We’ll make up for it next time.

It has been even more frenzied than usual getting this issue to you – the original plan was to get it out at the start of August, but that was before we found out about the Edinburgh concert; then, for a brief period, we thought we’d still manage to get it out complete with the ticket offer and free gift, until it became clear that was impossible due to the day the tickets went on sale and the fact that the coaster wouldn’t be ready...Plan C was, wait until after the concert and send it out then...that mades sense...until was told about Ireland!!! So in desperation I have now come up with a plan D, which is, get it out RIGHT NOW, with the coaster (now ready), and leave the reviews of the concerts until the following issue. I am certain that this is the best plan (!) and am typing away at 1000 wds / minute in order to achieve it. Please excuse any mistakes that may slip throught the net as a result, as well as the less imaginative than usual layout.

We can still offer you the following excitements:

  • Latest news
  • Interview with Guitar Tech Scotty
  • Dr Pulp including Jarvis’ answers – worth the joining fee alone!!!
  • Radio 2 transcript
  • Merchandise
  • Want ads, messages, etc
  • Competition
  • Top 10s – not as many as usual but do keep them coming, my hi-tech chart (five bar gate) of the most popular songs ever is coming along a treat

Still miles better than the Suede fanzine which plopped through my letter box recently. I’m sure they are copying our Top 10 boxes!! And have you seen the size of the font they use?? Could fit all that onto an A4 sheet of paper – I dunno, they try to fool you making it all full colour and glossy to cover up for the fact that there’e bugger all in it! Well they can’t fool us!

See you in Edinburgh then,

Love, Alex x

Nasty Letter of the Week


I have been searching the net and realized that there are no “great” pulp sites besides SPACE. Too bad it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. What really bugs me is that your site is the official site. I do no think that your site is even as good as some fan sites I have seen. Your site offers nothing that can’t be found anywhere else and the news is well, not new. You claim you get the info before NME, but i have found that to be quite untrue.

The point of this letter is not to put down your site. It is a good “fan” site. Too bad it is a horrible “official” site.

If you could come up with some video clips, that would improve your site quite a bit, but I doubt you would do it. Your site doesn’t seem like the type that outs in much work.


Page 2:

The Queen’s Hall

News Desk


The biggest news, and I am praying that this reaches you on time, is that Pulp are to play the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh on Tuesday August 31st.

Now – don’t get mad with me, but our UK members and some of those living in Europe already know about this, since we sent out a flyer on the 9th with the news of a special ticket line enabling Pulp People to book their tickets a day early. We thought long and hard about whether or not to send the fliers to you all, and our decisions not to was based on the fact that not many of you living in Japan / USA / Australia would have been able to jump on a plane at such short notice – that and it would have cost a lot. Part of the reason for rushing this issue out though, is a no doubt vain attempt to appease my guilt at not having treated you all equally. So here’s the info:


There will be a fifty minute concert on the closing night of the Flux Festival at the 900 capacity Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh. Pulp will be on stage at 10pm. Tickets are on sale now (obviously), and cost £12.50 + £1 booking fee. Two per person; Credit cards & Switch accepted. To order, phone the Virgin Records Box Office in Edinburgh on [...]. I’ve been very pleased with the response, it seems lots of you have booked your tickets /hotels / trains / flights and are up for a great night out.

Then, a mere 24 hours after announcing to the world that this would be the last opportunity to see Pulp this millennium, Jarvis decides he wants to play a small festival in Ireland! The furthest south-western corner of Ireland, to be precise, the LISSARD FESTIVAL in Skibbereen, Co. Cork. It’s true – Pulp are playing yet another short set at the Lissard Festival, near Skibbereen, Co. Cork, in the south west tip of Ireland. The festival lasts for ten days, with Pulp playing on the final night, Sept 2nd at 10pm.

Details are still rather sketchy, but I can tell you that other attractions include 28 August: John Cale; Nick Cave; 20 August: Nick Cave; 30 August: John Cale (film); 1 September: Smog; 2 September: Pulp of course! 3 Spetember: Acoustic session by Jarvis at the Celtic Meeting Place (apparently); 4 September: Carl Craig; Andy Weatherall; Andy Weatherall; Plaid; plus “the very best electronic music available”; 5 September: Carl Craig.

There is a website at: www.lissard.com if you need more info. For (very expensive) tickets phone: [...] or [...] or tax [...]. Booking essential


Six years after it was recorded, the track Pulp covered for this LP has finally made it into the shops. Old-timer Pulp People will remember we reported on this in 1993, after Pulp had recorded “Le Roi des Fourmis” by top mad French singer-song writer Michel Polnareff. Needless to say it’s completely fantastic, and not only do you get the Pulp track, but you also get 18 other cover versions by groups including St Etienne, Nick Cave, um, and loads of European groups I have never heard of. Bound to be great though, so check it out now!! The CD is called “Un Hommage A Polnareff”, and it’s distributed by EMI France, cat. No. 5209952. And as if my sales pitch weren’t enough, can I just add that this is one of the earliest examples of Mark playing guitar with Pulp, back in the days when he was Tour Manager / extra guitar / extra keyboards / dogsbody / Fan Club person rolled into one.

Page 3:

More News


Jarvis and Steve have remixed “Up A Tree”, by Looper, a group on Jeepster Records. It isn’t necessarily going to be released but if it is you’ll be the first to know.


Your favourite DJ’s were in New York City 11 – 15 July, flashing their stuff at a posh media party. Top style mag Dazed & Confused held a bash – a ‘Lava Party’ – at ultra fashionable advertising moguls Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s offices at 7 W. 22nd St. – I am told that MC Marky Mark was also present, as he happened to be in the city for a couple of weeks; he said it was “full of tossers”, except for Bobby Gillespie, who was ‘nice’.


Cartoon Cocker

Legendarily bad tv pop show THE WORD has been enjoying a ‘best of’ (contradiction in terms?) run recently on UK screens, and it was almost worth sitting through all the rubbish to see Pulp making their first live tv appearance, performing ‘Lipgloss’ back in ’93. The only difference between then and now (apart from the lack of Russell) would seem to be Mark’s amazing performing hair! Brilliant.

We’ve had lots of letters and emails about the recent NAT WEST UK advertising campaign, which features a cartoon Cocker doing his pop star thing in and around the London streets (right). Nothing to do with Jarvis or Pulp, all he had to do was say “Yes” and accept a vast amount of cash for his trouble. Easy.

Came across a truly hideous thing recently: Pulped 1983-1992; it claims to be “The first four Pulp albums” then goes on to list It / Freaks / Separations and Masters of the Universe.......! So I don’t know what all that’s about but it’s to be avoided at all costs. It’s reviewed in the August issue of Q magazine illustrated by a fantastic old photo by Alastair Indge.

Jarvis got into the spirit of things at GLASTONBURY by performing Whigfield’s “Saturday Night”, one of his favourite summer tunes, at Kieth Allen’s backstage Karaoke. Sadly I don’t have a tape of this but if anyone has we’d very much like to hear it! Almost as good (and possibly better), here are a couple of photos taken by Pulp Person Paul Burgess...

Page 4:

ICONS OF POP 1958-1999

The National Portrait Gallery is currently holding an exhibition of photographs celebrating British musical icons from the 1950’s to the present day. Over 50 images of stars who made musical history are on display, including the Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, not forgetting our hero, Mr Jarvis Cocker! Not only that but he makes it on to the front of the current NPG Programme! (left). The exhibition is on until Spetember 19th, after which it tours to Canterbury Royal Museum & Art Gallery (9.10.99 – 20.11.99) Brighton Museum & Art Gallery (18.2.00 – 9.4.00), and Exeter Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (15.4.00 – 10.6.00).

PULP recorded a song for the sequel to Four Weddings And A Funeral, “Notting Hill”. The song, “Born To Cry” features on the soundtrack (UK only) with artists such as Al Green and Elvis Costello. For some mysterious reason though, the song isn’t in the actual film – only on the CD. At least we don’t have to sit through.Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts to hear it!

CANDIDA was interviewed for the Sunday Telegraph about what it’s like working in an all male environment, which appeared on April 17, with a nice photo.

'''As reported in #26, “A LITTLE SOUL” was up for an Ivor Novello Award in the ‘Best Song Musically and Lyrically’ category back in May. Almost unbelievably, the award was won by Cher. Yes – Cher. Cher!


The remaining songs Jarvis wrote for ASI will appear on the new All Seeing I lp, out September 6th. In the meantime, check out Phil Oakey singing Jarvis’ lyrics on the new ASI single, “First Man In Space”, released on August 9th – sounds great, too.

Jarvis has also done a cover of a JIMMY WEBB song with Alpha, but I don’t know which one it is at the time of going to press.


Yes it’s true – but then this is the chart that has George Michael at 30, Kate Bush (Kate Bush!!!!) at 33, Thom Yorke at 16, and Michael Stipe at 10!!! I can’t even bring myself to comment on 9 & 8. Let’s just say that the chart is poo apart from 14, 5, 6, 20, 43, 54, 70, 69, 88....

Whilst we’re on the subject of charts, SPIN magazine voted Different Class number 43 in their “90 Greatest Albums of the 90’s” chart. Thanks to Pulp Person Nick Graham for sending that in.

Russell Senior’s band VENINI released their first single, “Mon Camion” / “St Tropez” on June 21st on Russ’s Bikini label. They play Reading Festival on Sat 28 August and Leeds the following day, on stage at 1pm. Pulp Person Mark Sturdy has set up an unofficial website where you can find the latest information: www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Ampitheatre/6946/venini.html

Page 5:

Death in Venice

Pulp played at a private party for artist Gary Hulme at the Venice Biennale on 10th June, at the Palazzio Pisani Moretta in Venice. We knew about the concert a while before it happened, but because it was a private party we were unable to invite any guests. I realise it would have been great to offer our Italian friends the rare chance to see Pulp in their own country, but it just wasn’t possible – such is the poncy nature of high art.

I have, however, managed to get my greasy paws on a tape of the concert; the set comprised six untitled new songs, plus a lovely Sorted..., TV Movie, The Fear, This Is Hardcore and Dishes. Special guest Dido from Tiger played Jarvis’ omnichord.

The performance was captured by photographer Andrew Wilson and even mentioned in Art Monthly (#228):

“There was no prize for best party, but if there had been it would have gone to Gary Hume. Help in the splendor of the Palazzo Pisani-Morretta, underneath Tiepolo ceilings and burning candle chandeliers, the assembled merry makers danced the night away to popular beat combo Pulp, all of whom were wearing polo neck sweaters and played behind a venietian blind...”

It all looked beautifully intimate and last minute, not to mention sweaty, as you can see in Andrew’s photos; Pulp played on a small piece of astroturf (classy!) and for part of the set were concealed behind a Venetian blind...

Pulp top 10!

Patricia Dilligow A De Carvallio, Sao Paulo, Brazil

1. Babies
2. Do You Remember The First Time?
3. Underwear
4. The Fear
5. Seconds
6. Ansaphone
7. A Little Soul [live]
8. Disco 2000
9. Live Bed Show [extended version]
10. Common People

Page 6:

Little Stabs At Happiness

Mark’s regular club night at London’s ICA has been taking off in a big way recently. As anyone who’s been there will know, it’s THE place to hang out and watch the (increasingly dodgy) films hand picked by Mark. Pulp Person Teresa Jones tells it like it is....

“I’d decided to go, then the London press announced that Jarvis was DJing; I was disappointed and half delighted – I have heard really good things about his DJing, but after all it’s Mark’s night and I was worried that the Jarvis entourage may be there. But I thought, sod it, and bought the tickets anyway. When we got there the ICA announced that Jarvis would not be there, and I was a bit relieved. I’d loved to have seen him but I wanted to experience a typical Little Stabs night. When we walked in I spotted Mark immediately, in the bar having his dinner. Everyone was very cool and calm, very relaxed atmosphere, very friendly staff, very stimulating surroundings. Lovely smells, thai good, beer, lots of different perfumes and aftershaves. The films started a bit late but nobody cared – Mark had to finish his food first. The first film was funny, although I’m not sure if it was supposed to be and I felt like a child watching some weird sex education film. The second one was an array of clips set to music. The film was brown, and it was like looking through the photo album of someone you didn’t know. The feature was Jaws, which we had seen, and the room began to fill up a bit, most people lying on the floor (I said it was relaxed). You can drink and smoke and eat while you watch the films so it’s a bit like being round someone’s house watching a huge TV. You can stop and chat and nobody minds.

“The dancing started and the place really began to fill up. As an accomplished clubber I must say that nothing has really filled up the senses as much as Litle Stabs did. The films took you through extremes, everyone reacting in different ways. The crowd were happy people doing their own thing. Not a pointing and laughing sort of place, more a whatever turns you own sort of place. The music was straight form a 70’s/80’s teenagers record collection and it was good to hear some of the more obscure tracks.

“We had to go early so I said hello to Mark, who was extremely approachable. He seemed to want to chat more but I was a bit worried about sounding like an idiot (he’s very intelligent you know). He was very relaxed and different from when he’s playing with Pulp. He seemed genuinely cheerful. What’s all this about mark being miserable?

“The press said that Little Stabs was like a school disco. I couldn’t have said it better myself – it was. But it was great and everyone left happy and perhaps feeling a bit younger, a bit more alert, a bit more in touch. The most vivid memories are the smell of the food & beer, and of the man in the first film with a load of cow or sheep guts on his head whilst shagging a woman who looked like my Mum in the 1970’s, and the man at the disco who hugged David Bowie’s projection with genuine affection.I’ll be going again, I hope it has an equally large impact on me next time. You don’t have to understand, just experience. Everyone should go.

Here is a brief guide to forthcoming programmes; for more detailed breakdown, contact the ICA direct on 0171 930 0493 or consult our website.

September 18

Fahrenheit 451, Francois Truffaut, France, 1996

Shorts: Speak, John Latham, UK, 1968-1969; The Autumn Feast, Piero Heliczer, UK/USA, 1967; Remedial Reading Comprehension, George Landow, USA, 1970

October 16 / November 20 – Both still tbc

December 18

Still tbc, but December night may well feature short films by Mark, Gregory Kurcewicz and BR Wallers, so book early to avoid disappointment!!!!

Page 7:


On Sun 20th June Jarvis took part in a spoken word extravaganza at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London as part of Nick Cave’s Meltdown Festival. Called “Sacred and Profane”, Jarvis read from writings by Outsider Artists, translated by Pulp Person Margot Mercier! Here is what she said about the night:

Jarvis at Meltdown (photo: Paul Burgess)

“It was really good really interesting. It had turned out that the bit he wanted me to translate was an extract out of a book about / by Chomo, you know, the crazy guy who lives in a forest outside Paris from “Outsider Art”. It was really interesting stuff though – why do men need sex education, the importance of sexuality in one’s life...Jarvis being Jarvis one wouldn’t expect anything less, but being Chomo’s opinions made it, I think, kind of fascinating ‘cos he’s got some special and interesting theories...Jarvis also read another thing from a book by Ed Liedskal, who was also featured in “Outsider Art” – the man who built the Coral Castle in the States. Both texts went down really well; everybody got to laugh a bit, especially during the Liedskal bit, with some hilarious theories, again.

“He didn’t change a lot of things from what I’d translated, which, you know, thinking about it now,makes me kind of proud – silly but true!

“So that was all very exciting. As exciting as my sad little life’;s ever gonna get! Buy, y’know, it makes for a very good anecdote!”

Sure does – and how good is Margot’s English???? Thankyou very much for that.

On Fri 2nd July he took part in Hal Willner’s Harry Smith Project, along with Nick Cave, Van Dyke Parks, Bryan Ferry, Beth Orton and others, again at The Royal Festival Hall. This was a contemporary celebration by a wide array of artists of songs from a famous 1952 compilation of American Folk Music, which, according to the programme, “is a national treasure and it’s CD release was greeted by huge acclaim” (presumably only by those that could afford the £80 price tag).

Who is the mystery sitting down guitarist (photo: Paul Burgess)

The tracks on the compilation are original 78rpm recordings from the 1920’s and 30’s and the ones that inspired Jarvis were, I think, Clarence Ashley’s The Coo Coo Bird and The Masked Marvel’s Mississippi Boweavil Bues.

There’s a chance that Jarvis will be working with Nick Cave soon on another project – I don’t have any more details but it should be an interesting combination.

Page 8:

What’s Your Job?

I am pleased to present the second in our “What’s Your Job?” series, where we find out more about what goes on behind the scenes on a Pulp tour. The technician who responded fastest to my massive bribe this time was Mark Scott, Guitar Technician to the stars (and Pulp).

Coming up in issues 28 &29 will be interviews with Roger Middlecoate and Justin Grealy (if I can track them down).


Name: Mark Scott

Job title: Guitar Tech

Nickname: Scotty

Date started working for Pulp: 1995

Employment History: Tricky, Therapy, Longpigs

  • Describe your job

Get up, load in, dinner, sound check, dinner, gig, load out – dinner, bed.

  • Do you work for Pulp all year round?

I work for Pulp when they’re in the studio, at rehearsals, and touring.

  • Do you enjoy it?

Most of the time.

  • What do you do the rest of the time?


  • What’s it like being on tour with Pulp?

Great, fantastic, brill, super, hard work.

  • Artist’s impression of self (left)
  • Do you get any free time, and when you do, what do you like to get up to?

Drinking, fishing, playing golf – waiting for the next time!

  • What do you miss most when on tour?

Fishing, golf, my wife

Illustration by Rich Bradley, Matlock

Page 9:

  • What are the best and worst place you’ve been with Pulp?

Best: Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan

Worst: Germany

  • What’s the worst nightmare situation scenario you’ve got into whilst on the road with Pulp?

Mark with a hangover, somewhere he doesn’t want to be. Or, being taken through Customs in Iceland (a door) without realizing it and then Roger and Richard Banks having to unload the plane on their own because the lovely Customs Man (avec gun) would not let the rest of the crew back through the door to help...

  • Who has the worst habits on tour?


  • What qualifications do you have?

Fat, hairy, tattoos, large capacity for drink, drugs, food, etc.

  • Have there been any advantages of working in the music business – would you prefer to be doing something else?

Loads of advantages – never pay to see a gig.

  • How long do you see yourself doing this job for?

For ever; once you’ve been there, there’s nothing else to do but carry on.

  • What are your favourite Pulp records?

Bar Italia, Sylvia, Common Peeps, Do You Remember The First TIme?

  • How does the atmosphere on the tour bus differ from that of the group?

No difference – there is a loud bus, and a quiet bus.

  • What kind of music is played on the crew bus?

The Happy Song, by Frenti

  • You will have encountered fans – do any stick in your mind?

The girls who would turn up at the airport in London knowing more about what was going on than we did.

  • Who was the last group you went to see, for pleasure?

Three Colours Red.

  • Has working for Pulp brought you fame / money / free records / a bad back?


  • Are (were) you looking forward to the new Star Wars films?

You bet, can’t wait, I’ve seen the other millions of time on the back of tour buses...

Mark – thanks a million for that little insight into the world of Pulp...

Page 10:


The competition question in the last issue was, which Queen song did Pulp cover on the final date of the last UK tour? The answer was of course the smash hit

C.R.A.Z.Y.L.I.T.T.L.E.F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E., featuring Gareth Dickinson – coincidentally Freddie was the star Gareth had wanted to do on Stars In Their Eyes in the first place, so he was possibly more prepared for it than Jarvis was. Thank you to everyone who entered, almost everyone gave the right answer, a shame there can only be seven winners. These were picked out of the hat by Mark on a recent visit to Pulp HQ: The winners are:

Jarvis, by Marina Lindsay

Common People Doggy Disco remix 12” – Toni Sutton

Common People Motiv 8 remix 12”’s – Alam O’Brien, Judi Borland, and Lynn Langdown

The gold signed This Is hardcore promo 12” – Laurence Warder

The pink signed This Is Hardcore promo 12” – Heike Seidler

Party Hard remix 12” – Jennifer Hawker


A quick dig around on the top shelf reveals the prizes for this issue’s competition: I have two signed copies of the V96 programme – remember, that nice big fat A4 thing? Plus a coupled of spare Common People remix CD’s, full track listing: Common People Motiv 8 Radio Edit / Motiv 8 Club mix / The Vocoda mix.

To win these goodies, all you have to do is tell me:

What is Nick’s uncle Gordon famous for?

How easy is that???? You can tell I’m in a rush. Answers on a postcard (email is ok) to the usual address, specifying preferences please...

Pulp Top 10!

Alan O’Brien, Co. Calway

1. Common People
2. Mis-shapes
3. We Are The Boyz
4. Do You Remember The First Time?
5. Help The Aged
6. Razzmatazz
7. Cocaine Socialism
8. Like A Friend
9. O.U. (Gone, Gone)
10. Love Is Blind

Just enough room for a quick Venini review; I have to keep reminding myself that Russell has gone his own way and we are not here to promote Venini – but I get a lot of queries as to his whereabouts, and we do still love you Russell, so here it is – Roz Leach travelled to the Sheffield concert on June 10th, and had this to say about it:

“They made interesting viewing, Russell being Russell but to be fair, Debbie Lime, the Amazonian singer, probably provided the glamour and focal point. The music was an unusual mixture, perhaps the Gallic influences from Russell with a combination of glam and pop. Some of the songs were quite catchy, and the single, “Mon Camion” is definitely worth buying, if only for the card inside that you can return stating your favourite fruit and why!

“We spent the rest of the evening chatting and indulging in more alcohol...it appeared that Russell had not had enough to drink and it was highly amusing watching him scanning the table for the dregs that people had left at the bottom of their glasses them polishing them off!

“Venini were different, and their future will be uncertain, and e=vn though we enjoyed the music you can’t help feeling it might be too “different” for aome people. It was a great night and it made all the travelling worthwhile, but my overriding memory will be Russell – the human vacuum cleaner!”

Page 11:

Jarvis on Radio 2

We only found out about this at the last minute so there wasn’t time to let you know. To make up for it, here’s a (slightly) edited down version of Jarvis on the Steve Wright Saturday Show, first broadcast on June 19th.....(to get the full effect, remember when reading this to adopt crazy DJ-speak for Steve and a dry Sheffield monotone for Jarvis).

[Disco 2000 playing]

SW: Well now he’s a film student and an art critic and is the very epitomy of “Charity Shop Chic”

JC: Is that right?

SW: He’s – yeah – he’s waved his backside at Michael Jackson, and recorded songs like Common People, Disco 2000 and This Is Hardcore, he’s just written a song for the Notting Hill soundtrack, which we’ll play in a minute – and will soon be appearing as part of Nick Cave’s Meltdown Festival in London. From Pulp, he’s the renaissance man for the late 90’s, he’s sleek, he’s chic, he’s from Sheffield –

JC: Shick, did you day there –

SW: I said chic – now stop! It’s Jarvis, how are ya?

JC: I’m not bad, actually.

SW: Now listen, we were just having a little private conversation about you giving up smoking, ‘cos I’ve given up smoking – and how have you done it?

JC: Well, am I allowed to say the brand name over the air?

SW: -Yeah, of course you are, yeah

JC: Nicorette Inhalator. Like a plastic pipe – the only downside of it is, that people think that you’re sucking a tampon applicator. It’s got this kind of white..have you seen them?

SW: yeah...and why would you be doing that –

On stage in Venice

JC: Exactly. It’s not my scene

SW: No! Who’s scene that would be?? So anyways – it’s working for you?

JC: It is working – I stopped on New Years Day, cos I felt so rough, and I wanted to stop before the year 2000, you know.

SW: Now, here’s an interesting thing about you – you’re diversifying really, err,

JC: As we speak!

SW: Well, really, deliberately so I think, err, do you see the end of anything on the horizon and the beginning of anything new for you?

JC: Errr –

SW: I don’t know what kind of question that was!

JC: A very diverse one...well, I just think it’s good to do different things because otherwise, if you do the same thing all the time, you get a bit kind of, bored, don’t you?

Page 12:

SW: Hmm. D’you think that the Britpop thing is finished?

JC: Ooh, I think it’s well finished, yeah

SW: How long ago did it end?

JC: I would say it probably died on February 18th, 1996...

SW: That’s the exact date we were thinking of

JC: Sometime in the afternoon

SW: - that’s right, about 4 o’clock –

JC: Yeah, summat like that

SW: I remember that! Richard Easter is on the line, now Richard, Jarvis knows that you are in Hollywood

RE: Yeah, good,

SW: So do fire off a question –

RE: Just played Disco 2000...I’ve heard rumours that you’ve actually banned that from being used on adverts or anything – is that true?

JC: Yeah, we just wanted to spoil everybody’s fun. No, err, I don’t know about that one, I think it’s ‘cos it was getting usd on just about everything, and so somebody at the publishing company thought it’s be a good idea to say, don’t use it

RE: Mmm, but that means you’re going to lose out on a lot money, doesn’t it?

JC: Yeah, but well, money’s not everything is it

SW: Have you got a lot of money?

JC: On me? D’you need to borrow a fiver or summat?

SW: No, but have you made a lot of money over the past what 5 years, 5 or 6 years?

JC: Probably not as much as people would imagine that I had, due to very poor business dealings

SW: Really?

JC: Oh aye, yeah

SW: Yeah. OK.

JC: I’m going to go and live on the Isle of Man

SW: He’s looking at me as if to say, “Dammed impertinent question!”

Sidekick: I read that you had a problem with the whole pop star thing, though, ‘cos you still, like me, like to go and rummage in the old charity shop, and it must be difficult if you’re so famous?

JC: Well yeah, ‘cos people kind of think, well what the hell are you doIng, looking through all this
stuff, when you’ve got money – you could be at Gucci..But you know, all them Gucci clothes are a bit rubbish! I like jumble sales – in fact that was a big crisis for me today, coming on here, cos there was one just down our road at 12 o’clock and I’ve had to miss it.

Funny Inmate Letter of the Week

“Anything that is sent to us from outside has to be opened and checked by a Reception Officer before we receive it. Then we have to go along to a central point to collect whatever has arrived. Well, they gave me a carrier bag with everything in in – well, almost everything...I was called back and in front of a large number of inmates I was presented with my “Pulp Person” badge! As you will appreciate, prisons are steeped in what could be termed a very “macho” culture; they could have made their toast from the heat coming from my red face I can tell you!”

Phil Rowland, HMP Gartree, Leics.

Page 13:

Pulp Top 10!

Sheryl Clarke, Blackpool

1. This Is Hardcore
2. The Fear
3. Common People
4. Babies / Do You Remember The First Time?
5. Don’t You Want Me Anymore?
6. David’s Last Summer
7. Sylvia
8. Love Love
9. 97 Lovers
10. Mile End

Sidekick: No! You’ve missed all the best bargains!

SW: D’you go to car boot sales ever?

JC: Car boots are a good er, yeah I think they’re a good development.

SW: But I tell you what, there’s a lot of pro’s there, aren’t there, there’s a lot of people who aren’t actually real car book people, that’s the problem, isn’t it – they’re dealers

JC: Yeah. But everything gets spoiled in the end doesn’t it?

SW: Yeah but I mean the whole idea of car boot sales was supposed to be that, you know, you open up your car boot and you sell what you want to sell – I mean, but I’s gone beyond that now – dammed annoying!

JC: It’s a bit professional, innit

SW: Yeah – really. Now listen, here’s the other thing about you, you actually really, Jarvis, you love astrology. And you believe in it, don’t you?

JC: I’m interested in astrology – I think everybody’s interested in astrology, because it’s much more exciting to think that like, Jupiter and Mars are controlling your actions, rather than....you. Yourself.

SW: Yeah – It’s a romantic notion

JC: Life seems to be happening on a much more epic scale then doesn’t it?

SW: See, I have Jonathan Kaynor on, because he’s very amusing, err, and he’s interesting, and I think maybe there’s something in it

JC: I think he’s the best of the astrologers.

SW: Oh absolutely, of course,

JC: Because the things he says seem, well, it’s just like common sense really –

SW: He’s, I mean, a lovely guy – is he out there now? Cos I don’t want him to hear this, he is a lovely guy, and he’s very professional. And of course he’s absolutely, he does that 100%. He is an astrologer. I’m 50-50 on it, but what are you Jamie? (sidekick)

Sidekick: Oh, I’m well up for it. I think you’re a bit of a closet cosmic actually, it’s going to turn around for you –

SW: I really really like to believe it, and some weeks I listen to it and I listen to my own prediction, and I think, Yeah, absolutely, but then I think, you could say that about any star sign

Sidekick: I think you’ve got to get your own chart done, I think that’s the really important thing, get your own actual birth date and where you were born, the exact time..

SW: Have you had your char done?

Sidekick: Yeah I have actually, it’s really interesting

SW: And is it fairly accurate?

Sidekick: Yeah, very

SW: And what about you Jarvis?

JC: Well it’s funny you should say that...because I have yeah, so my prediction is taking shape as we speak...

SW: Now Richard –

JC: The universe is about to open up for me.

SW: Oh, good! Now I know that you believe in it entirely don’t you Rich?

Page 14:

“Skin and Hair Care”, edited by Linda Allen Schoen,
Penguin Books. Looks very familiar! Found for £1.50
in a charity shop by Jill Wollacott, Keighley.

RE: No, Not at all. ‘Cos what I do is, I read, rather than read my own stars, try this next time – read somebody elses , and pretend it’s yours. And it fits you as well.

SW: Yeah...

RE: You see, this is the problem

JC: You’re such a cynic aren’t you

RE: Yeah, that’s me. But I can afford to be, I’m in LA, so I’m alright

SW: Yeah.

JC: They’re really into loads of stuff like that there, crystals and numerology etc...

RE: Yeah, I can see that just from my window

JC: Yeah

RE: Yeah

SW: Yeah. See, somebody said that Richard was in Broadcasting House in Manchester, in BBC Manchester, but Richard, who’s a very very honest guy, would not –

JC: No – but it is a very clear line, with no delay on it

RE: Yeah, it’s interesting, but that’s new technology, it’s recovered alien technology

JC: Not that satellite stuff, like

RE: Yeah – that’s basically what it is.

SW: It is the ISDN?

RE: It’s the ISDN line, that’s right, it works very well for me, that ISDN. We’ll be right back.

[Born to Cry Plays]

SW: ...And is that actually in the Notting Hill movie, ‘cos I don’t remember it?

JC: [laughs] Not it isn’t. I mean I’ve not been to see it, is it any good, that film?

SW: I think it’s brilliant – I went in, thinking it wasn’t going to be as good as the first one, in fact it’s better – the writing is terrific, everyone is wonderful in it, everybody’s perfectly cast – it’s just great

JC: Mm...(under breath) it’s fantastic that we’re not in it. No – we haven’t had much luck with films recently actually, we – that song was supposed to be in – I believe there’s a scene where er, Hugh Grant spills some orange juice on Julia Roberts –

SW: Mmm

JC: That was going to be there – so I don’t know what they’re put there instead, probably some kind of um-ch-um-ch-um-ch kind of ...

SW: Err, I can’t remember, but perhaps it’s in another country or something, because they do change the music for

JC: But it’s on the soundtrack

SW: So that’s something

Page 15:

Pulp Top 10!

Tagan S, Australia

1. Ansaphone
2. Seconds
3. She’s A Lady
4. Like A Friend
5. Do You Remember The First Time?
6. Sylvia
7. Pink Glove
8. Razzmatazz
9. O.U. (Gone, Gone)
10. Common People

JC: And if people wanted to, they could always go with a Walkman, with that song on, and when that scene occured, they could switch it on –

SW: D’you know, you’ve had a great idea there –

JC: Yeah – The Directors Cut

SW: Jarvis Cocker is here with us, and here’s another question from Richard Easter...

RE: Er, about a year ago, some guy ‘did you’ on Stars in Their Eyes – did you see it? How did you feel about it?

JC: I was very disturbed, and had to go into therapy for quite a long time...but I got over it by, on our last tour, we actually go the bloke to come on stage with us, he, it was a bit of a trick for the audience – he came on stage, and I was behind a speaker, singing, and so everybody clapped, this is true this, and then I came on, it was a bit like Wimbledon, there’re going....sorry, that didn’t come across very well on radio did it –

SW: Looking around from side to side, yeah.

[slight interlude with Weather Report and then astrologer Jonathan Kayner is introduced]

SW: So, listen Jarvis, you’re going to stay with us, and do the stars with Jonathan Kaynor, yeah?

JC: Well I can’t really do ‘em, but I’ll contribute in any way I can, yeah

SW: What star sign are you?

JC: Virgo

SW: Oh, same as me. Are you a perfectionist?

JC: Not ‘alf

SW: Do you have to be often right?

JC: Er, always!

SW: OK. You’re definitely a Virgo then.

Pulp Top 10!

James Templeton, Manchester

1. Razzmatazz
2. This Is Hardcore
3. Sheffield Sex City
4. Stacks
5. My Lighthouse
6. Babies
7. Seconds
8. Looking For Life
9. Deep Fried In Kelvin
10. She’s A Lady

.................[goes through stars]..................

SW: You’re going to do a chart for him, is that right?

JK: I’ve had a look at Jarvis’ char already, yeah, and I’m going to give him a full printout, and I’m going to give him the full nine yards...but I did spend some time yesterday – well hands up to confession time – I listened to some of your albums –

JC: Oh, right! That’s cheating, that is –

SW: You’re a musical man, aren’t you??

JC: [spells it out] You’ve.Got.A.Lot.Of.Problems.

JK: I read some of your lyrics, and I’ve peered at this horoscope; the trouble with doing any celebrities horoscope, is that, what can you say about them that the world doesn’t – you know, I can make comments about you which anybody who is into your music and what they know about you, so well of course, that’s obvious, of course he knows a lot about you – you know, all I can say is, a great

Page 16:

Pulp Top 10!

Matt Stone, Bristol

1. Common People
2. Babies
3. Mis-shapes
4. Do You Remember The First Time?
5. Your Sisters Clothes
6. Underwear
7. O.U. (Gone, Gone)
8. The Fear
9. Help The Aged
10. Pencil Skirt

deal of the way that you come across in public is written large across your horoscope, but then again, there are other things in your horoscope that I wouldn’t necessarily want to say live on air to you, because you might not want the whole world to know about them

SW: We wouldn’t want to know, would we?

JC: No...later

JK: You’re a man with deep secret passions, this horoscope says.

SW: Interesting...

....[more stars]....

SW: Jarvis Cocker is here, and, very quickly whilst I mention this Nick Cave’s Meltdown thing that you’re doing – tell us just a little bit about it –

JC: Well, it’s this thing that takes place over a fortnight and there’s lots of interesting things...tomorrow I’m taking part in a spoken work thing which should be interesting ‘cos I’ve never done anything like that before...and then, on the 2nd July err, people interpreting folk songs...

SW: OK, and where will his be located?

JC: Er, the South Bank – The Royal Festival Hall, all that stuff, all that concrete, y’know...

SW: I know, I’ve been there several times....

[more star signs]

SW: Helena in Bradford....you know that me AND Jarvis are both your star sign? And, err, my life at the moment is going ok, how about you Jarvis?

JC: Reasonable

JK: OK Jarvis, d’you want to take care of Helena for us?

Pulp Top 10!

Duncan Kemp, Bromsgrove

1. Do You Remember The First Time?
2. Common People
3. Lipgloss
4. Party Hard
5. Disco 2000
6. Have You Seen Her Lately?
7. Glory Days
8. I’m A Man
9. Something Changed
10. Cocaine Socialism

JC: D’you think I’m qualified? Well all I’m doing Helena here is reading what Jonathan’s written...is the road of responsibility a profitable path or a lonely lane? At different times as you travel down it, the scenery changes dramatically. At the moment, it’s a little bleak, you can’t help but feel you’d be better off heading for silly street or apathetic avenue; nobody else seems to care as much as you do about quality, integrity, and duty. Presumably then, you’re a mug for taking it all so much to heart....ignore this line of argument...later this very week when Saturn and Jupiter tale the trip through yet another twist, you’ll be glad you stayed on course...

That’s about it – Steve foes on to thanks his guests in a suitably sycophantic manner, and Jarvis, I presume, went off with the Astrologer to get his chart done. I wonder what it said?

Page 17:

Collector’s corner

So rare that even we haven’t got a copies of them, these CD’s are currently lurking around on the black market – catch them if you can!

This Is Hardcore Radio Special

Double CD set of the Radio 1 two part documentary “Do You Remember The First Time?” and “From Disco To Hardcore”

Live Hardcore

Recorded live at the Loreley Festival last year, the track listing is as follows: The Fear / Do You Remember The First Time ? / I’m A Man / This Is Hardcore / Sorted For E’s & Wizz / TV Movie / Party Hard / Help The Aged / Glory Days / Common People

Compilation Corner

Michael Siou sent me this list of compilation CD’s and oddities featuring Pulp songs – I know how you lot like to collect EVERYTHING...

  • New Growth on Island (1996) – Disco 2000
  • Island Fall Sampler (1994) – Babies
  • More Fashionable Than You (1995?) – Common People, Disco 2000
  • Japanese 1998 tour promo CD: three tracks from This Is Hardcore plus inlay card with pictures and tour dates
  • Lush, featuring Jarvis: “Ciao” 1996 4AD promo

Born To Cry

That coat that I gave you,
All shiny & black,
I’m sorry my darling,
But I’m taking it back

I don’t want to spoil the party
But I’ve got to go home
You can stay if you want to –
If you want to sleep alone

Some are born to greatness,
Some are born to die
Never knowing the difference
Never knowing why.
Some are born to change the world,
Some never even try,
But darling, you & I: We were born to cry

Black had become your favourite colour
Because of all the time it can conceal,
& as we lie here together
I know exactly how you feel

It’s time for me to leave the party,
But I’ve just got to ask you first;
If you’re only trying to make things better,
How they always turn out worse?


Page 18:

Dr. Pulp

Welcome once again to the world of Doctor Pulp, where your most obscure questions are answered, with varying degrees of irony, by Mr Jarvis and Mr Webber! This could well be the last ever Doctor Pulp column, because – I killed him.

Mark: JC doesn’t like it much

Jarvis: It would incite civil unrest – I just can’t handle that kind of responsibility

  • How do members of Pulp feel about the films of Woody Allen – if favourably do they have any favourites? (Kathy Evans, Llandrindod Wells)

Mark: I like him OK, but not a real bug fan. No favourites.

Jarvis: It’s a real mistake to get Kenneth Branagh to be a surrogate version of yourself – in fact Kenneth Branagh is a mistake, full stop. Early stuff was best – “Annie Hall” is good, especially Diane Keaton’s clothes.

  • What do members of the group blame their poor singles sale on? (Russ Greeno, Canvey Island)

Mark: Poor choice of songs and the people don’t care any more...

Jarvis: Ronan Keating

  • Do members of Pulp enjoy reading? Have they ever read The Lord of the Rings and what do they think of Tolkien? (Javier Marco del Pont, Buenos Aires)

Mark: I’ve never been to reading

Jarvis: Yes, and I play Dungeons & Dragons most weekends

  • What is your most memorable moment of the 1990’s? (Ayako Higa, London)

Candida by Angeliki K., Athens

Mark: Ask me in thirty years

Jarvis: Too personal to share

  • Do any of Pulp like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (!)

Mark: I love Uncle Nick

Jarvis: He’s the yardstick of quality (especially in the live performances stakes). Plus he keeps getting better and better.

  • What do you think of heavy metal??

Jarvis: I like proper metal such as Sabbath, Motohead, Hawkwind and Heavy Rock of the late 60’s such as Iron Butterfly etc.

  • What do they think of Blur’s last album “13?” (Javier Marco del Pont, Buenos Aires)

Jarvis: Unlucky for some, i.e. anyone with ears.

Page 19:

Pulp Top 10!

Colm Conlon, Belfast

1. Common People
2. Do You Remember The First Time?
3. Babies
4. Glory Days
5. Sylvia
6. Sorted For E’s & Wizz
7. Disco 2000
8. The Fear
9. Joyriders
10. Razzmatazz / Acrylic Afternoons

  • What is it like being a celebrity and hanging out with the stars? (Thomas Gower, Coventry)

Mark: Fucking great

Jarvis: I dunno, ask Denise Van Outen

  • Which version of Anorexic Beauty is on the Beware The Bacon Slicer tape? (Mark Sturdy, Wetherby)

Mark: The only one

Jarvis: I neither know nor care

  • Do / did any of the members of Pulp except Jarvis like the music Pulp made before they joined? (John Kenneth Tilley, Doncaster)

Mark: Yes, that’s why I’m here

Jarvis: They’d better say “yes”.

  • What goes into consideration when deciding on a set list? (Div Williams, Wantage, Oxon.)

Mark: Far too much. It’s not interesting

Jarvis: Biorhythms, chakra alignments, I-Ching forecast, personal hygiene, proximity to ley-lines / centres of earth magic, closing time.

On stage in Venice

Page 20:

Pulp Top 10!

Dyanne Mooney, Preston

1. Razzmatazz
2. They Suffocate At Night
3. My Legendary Girlfriend
4. O.U. (Gone, Gone)
5. Sylvia
6. Separations
7. Lipgloss
8. I Want You
9. Don’t You Want Me Anymore
10. Deep Fried In Kelvin

Poetry Book

Some of you have read about a forthcoming anthology of lyrics due out soon, which is to include Deep Friend In Kelvin. The track, from 1994, is, as I’m sure you all know, on the b side of Lipgloss 12”.

I had hoped to have the full details by now but unfortunately these haven’t been confirmed yet. The working title is “Oral”, and it is hoped that it will be out before the end of the year. The anthology is edited by Sarah Jane Lovett and includes work by Robbie Williams, PJ Harvey, Damian Hirst, Joe Strummer, Craig Charles, Nigel Planer and many more. As soon as I have more info I’ll put it on the website and the update sheet.

In the meantime, here are those fantastic lyrics in full...

Deep Fried In Kelvin

Oh children of the future, conceived in the toilets of Medowhall, to be raised on cheap corn snacks and garage food, rolling empty cans down the stairwell. Don’t you love that sound? Like the thoughts of a bad social worker rattling around his head, trying to remember what he learned in training college. “Mester said you wasn’t allowed in here so why don’t you get lost?” And if you’re good when you grow up maybe you can live on Kelvin. Yeah, you can live in Kelvin and promenade the concrete walkways where pigeons go to die. A woman on the 14th floor noticed that her ceiling was bulging as if under a great weight. When the council investigated they discovered that the man in the flat above had transported a large quantity of soil into his living room in which several plants he had stolen from the local park were growing. When questioned, the man said that all he had wanted was a garden. Oh God, I think the future has been deep fried...deep fried in Kelvin. And now it’s rotting behind the remains of a stolen motorbike. “I never touched it, honest, but there was nothing else to do”. We don’t need your sad attempts at social conscience based on taxi rides home at night from exhibition openings. We just want your car radio and bass reflex speakers. Now.

Pulp Top 10!

Russ Geene, Canvey Island

1. Babies
2. This Is Hardcore
3. A Little Soul
4. Underwear
5. Common People
6. Razzmatazz
7. Disco 2000
8. O.U. (Gone, Gone)
9. Help The Aged
10. Sorted For E’s & Wizz

  • Deep Fried Fact: The story about the man with the soil in his flat is true.

Pulp as they may have lookd in 1994 (photo: Lutek Dabrowski)

Page 21:

Want Ads

  • Jody Foster and Janine Fox are starting a ‘zine dedicated to Mark: “We would like any reviews from anybody who has been to Little Stabs At Happiness, as well as unusual photos or anything related to Mark”. I hope you know what you’re getting into here ladies!! Send your stuff to Jody and Janine at [...] Westhoughton, Bolton. The first issue will feature and interview with the man himself.
  • Rachel Seed, [...] Pagemoss, Liverpool is after a recording (video or audio) of the Royal Court Theatre show, November 1998. She will provide a tape. Go on I’m sure someone’s got one. Wouldn’t mind one myself either – can also provide a tape!
  • Judi Borland needs a replacement copy of the Radio 1 ‘Story of Pulp’ documentary, as hers has snapped. Please contact Judi at [...] Wilden, Beds.
  • Div Williams, [...] Wantage, Oxon., is still after copies of the Countdown CD single, Different Class CD with the alternating covers, any Black Sessions CD and any CD pomos. Will pay.
  • Colm Conlon, [...] Belfast, Northern Ireland, is looking for the issues of Q and Select which include reviews of Different Class and This Is Hardcore. Also posters for Different Class and Common People. He is prepares to pay “a reasonable amount” for these items.
  • Judith Moxon, [...] Ifield, Crawley, would like a video of the now legendary Jarvis / Michal Jackson stage invasion at the 1995 Brits. Will pay!
  • Russ Greeno, [...] Canvey Island, Essex, wants copies of Babies (both versions, CD only), and the Razznatazz CD single. Rusty is also happy to copy the following audio tapes: Glastonbury 1998 (complete set); Finsbury Park (no I’m a Man); Radio 1 Special on Different Class; and the Radio 1 Documentary – hey, better contact Judi Borland.
  • Toni Sutton, [...] Alvaston, Derby, would also like tapes of the Radio 1 documentary, as well as the Radio 1 sessions, Black Sessions, and any of the songs that never made it vinyl. Willing to pay. Looks like Rusty is going to be buys!
  • Giles Bosworth, [...] Coalville, Leics, is desperate for a mint condition copy of the 1996 Pulp calender – he is prepared to pay of swap for videos of concerts, anything really! Can I also just say that the address of Giles excellent website has changed to: http://members.tripod.co.uk/pulp

Soap Corner!

Whilst watching Emmerdale one day recently Pulp Person Colm Conlon was surprised to hear Seth ask someone how he got his prize marrow to grow so big. The boy had put the growth of his vegetable down to playing it Disco 2000 every day. Surreal.

  • Do You Remember The Fifth Album?, out now, available from Jonathan Openshaw, [...] Bromley. Contains Pulpy stuff, Jools Holland, and a quite funny ‘diary of Paul Heaton’ piece. Issues 1, 2 & 3 available for 80p (1 &2) or £1 (3) + A5 sae.
  • A final fanzine ad here, it comes from Rich Bradley, [...] The Park, Two Dales, Matlock. F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.P.U.L.P costs £1 + A5 sae, and comes with a free badge. Includes features on Pulpy fashion, a transcription of the Candida Daily Telegraph interview, a useful guide to Pulp’s ToTP appearances, news, and, as if that weren’t enough, and interview with me.

Page 22:


  • “Hi, I’m Traceyanne and I’m 16. I’d love to hear from anyone, any age, anywhere, who loves Pulp & Jarvis as much as me. Guaranteed reply from me – your loveable, weird and wacky Scottish psychopath. Please write.” Tracyanne Higgins, [...] Falkland, Fife, Scotland.
  • “17 year old girl with unhealthy Webber obsession seeks Pulp loving people for interesting chats. And if there’s anyone willing to tape me the ‘A Little Soul’ and / or ‘Something Changed’ videos, I’ll return the favour with some concerts or interviews or something”. Janine Fox, [...] Moston, Manchester.
  • “I’m looking for some American pen pals that love Pulp, male or female, preferably 20+. Anyone else who wants to write to me is very welcome!”. Marie Snook, [...] Alphington, Exeter, Devon.
  • “I’d like people who are going to, or are already at, Swansea or Aberstwyth Universities, as in September I will be parted from my only ‘pulp fan’ friend for three years and I need a new one”. Jaybe Parish, [...] Aberfan, Marthyr Tydfil, South Wales.


Records that made this issue possible:

Elvis: Suspicious Minds – The Memphis 1969 Anthology
Beach Boys: Pet Sounds Sessions
Impulsion LP
Lee Hazlewood: Cowboy In Sweden / Farmishct, Flatulence, Origami, ARF!! And me...
Van Morrison: Saint Dominic’s Preview
Pulp live in Venice tape

“Pets Called Jarvis” seems to have degenerated into “Toys called Jarvis” already! Azalee’s rabbit – I suppose their is a certain resemblance...


“Where are you? If you think that you are this boy please contact me. I met you outside the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool last November. You had a sister named Rhiannon who was with you; you are tall and slim; you got a pass to get into the stage door from some lad, and you promised me I could have the pass after your sister, but when you tried to give it to me the Security Guard saw and took it away. If you are him please contact me, Rachel Seed, at [...] Pagemoss, Liverpool, or email me at [...]”

“To Gem and Daniel, the two most wonderful best mates a girl could have. Luv always, Sonia”

Page 23:


I have in my possession one spare copy each of the video compilations Sorted For Films & Vids and F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.I.V.E – withdrawn library stock as it happens! I’m happy to give them to whoever writes in first for each, the only criteria being that you must be a non-UK resident. I know you have trouble getting hold of them so here’s your chance to finally own them. As ex library stock they aren’t exactly in pristine condition, but they are better than nothing....

Pulp Top 10!

Scott McGinn, Darval, Scotland

1. This Is Hardcore
2. Mis-shapes
3. The Fear
4. Do You Remember The First Time?
5. Like A Friend
6. O.U. (Gone, Gone)
7. Razzmatazz
8. Monday Morning
9. I’m A Man
10. Glory Days / Common People

Secondly (this isn’t a freebie, more of a tip), I spotted a second hand copy of the original Different Class CD for only £8 in Nottinghamd Selecadisc the other day, complete with interchangeable sleeves and everything. I know some of you are after this so give them a call on [...].

Steve & Jarvis DJ-ing at The Custard Factory, Birmingham
(photo: Roz Leach or Heike Seidler – can’t remember!!)

Pulp Top 10!

Gillian White, Carlsbrough

1. Acrylic Afternoons
2. She’s A Lady
3. I Spy
4. Disco 2000
5. Dishes
6. Seductive Barry
7. My Legendary Girlfriend
8. Love Is Blind
9. Razzmatazz
10. O.U. (Gone, Gone)

DISCO 2000!

What are you all doing on New Years Eve? It will most certainly be a big anticlimax, followed by a world wide hangover. Still, I have a feeling that if I don’t do something I will regret it. I have always thought that ‘someone’ would arrange a Disco 2000, but I haven’t heard any Pulpy plans so far [too right! Lazy Ed.] so my suggestions is....Let’s meet up! I know that some of you lie very far away from the UK but hey – it’s only an idea. I haven’t planned anything, I just think it would be great to meet some Pulp fans, cause I live in Swede...Mail me and let me know what you think about it!
Write to Anna Slund, [...] Lidkping, Sweden. Or email Anna at [...]

Page 24:

Pulp Top 10!

Yvette Cook, Ibstock, Leics.

1. I Spy
2. She’s A Lady
3. Acrylic Afternoons
4. This Is Hardcore
5. The Fear
6. O.U. (Gone, Gone)
7. Razzmatazz
8. Do You Remember The First Time?
9. Death II
10. Monday Morning


Thanks to those of you who contacted me with maps of your obscure places of abode...however, there are still a couple of missing pins on the Pulp world map, so please could the following members send me a photocopy of the area in which they live, or tell me the nearest town, so that I can mark them on.

  • [2 names]



We like to see young people having a good time, and nowhere do they seem to do it better than in Spain (if these photos are anything to go by).

You will remember in the last issue we told you about Sandra Benet’s Babies Pulp club in Barcelona. Well since then she has held a PULP PARTY which we helped out with, well – we mailed all our Spanish members and told them to get themselves down there, which I hope you did! Sandra tells me that some 200 people turned up!

It was such a success that they are planning another for September or October, and obviously Sandra would love as many Pulp People to go as possible...so, for more info, contact Sandra at: [...] Premia De Mar, Barcelona, Spain

Page 25:

Pulp Top 10!

Jill Woolecott, Keighley

1. Razzmatazz
2. Common People
3. Pink Glove (Peel Session)
4. This Is Hardcore (Finsbury Park)
5. Mis-shapes (Heineken Festival)
6. O.U. (Gone, Gones)
7. I Spy
8. The Fear
9. Something Changed
10. Love, Love

Internet Curtains

Despite the letter on page two of this issue, the Pulp People website is coming along quite well. So far we have got the following pages up & running:

  • News
  • Pulp People
  • Little Stabs At Happiness
  • Fan Gallery
  • Merchandise
  • Links
  • Lyrics

It’s great welcoming the tidal wave of fans who have visited it – we’ve had almost 3000 visits so far, which is quite pleasing! Most of these fans are not members of Pulp People and aren’t familiar with our...what’s the word?...’relaxed’ way of doing things. These kids tell you what they want in no uncertain terms, and I spent quite a lot of time at the beginning explaining that the site was an extension of our wonderful club, and therefore would be substantially different from the old site, not to mention slightly less professional. Things are better now, and the site has received many compliments.

It is frustrating putting information up there before most of you guys get to know about it, although obviously some things are kept back, for example the Edinburgh offer and regular newsletter features like Dr. Pulp – these things will remain sacred to Pulp People. Similarly, the site can’t help but look a bit better than our cute little newsletters, simply because it is in glorious technicolour and there are lots of fancy tricks you can do (not that I’ve managed to do any of them yet). But I would urge you all to look at it if you can – you can mail me direct from it and I will reply promptly, as I always have done...

One final thing; I don’t know if any one out there has done a search for “Pulp People” – I got the fright of my life! And we thought we were the only Pulp People on the planet.....

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Summer Savers!

Merchandise is really running low here at Pulp HQ so if you want a particular item you’d better be quick. As usual p+p is free in the UK but fans living anywhere else please add £1/$5/10FF per item when ordering T-shirts and bags. Remember to give a second choice. If you’re not happy with your order, we can exchange it but we can’t give refunds, ok? Please don’t send foreign coins or cheques, they are no good to us. Remember you can also check out these items in glorious technicolour on the website.

A. Sky Blue T-Shirt with white dog logo, XL £14 / $22 / 140FF

B. Black T-Shirt with pink Pulp logo on front, This Is Hardcore on back, XL £14 / $22 / 140FF

C. Navy T_Shirt with album cover logo on front, M, L £14 / $22 / 140FF

D. Sweat Bands, black with pink pulp logo, £4 / $6 / 40FF pair. Handy for summer sporting activites

E. Nylon ‘Rock’ Scarf, black with pink This Is Hardcore logo, £5 / $8 / 50FF

F. Sun Vidor, red and white with Pulp logo on front £4 / $6 / 40FF

G. Pulp Badges, unique to Pulp People! Pink on black, 58mm diameter. 50p / $1 / 5FF each, can’t say fairer than that can you?! Choose from Pulp / Pulp People / Party Hard / I’m A Pulp Person / I Am Hardcore / Pulp Person

H. Enamel Pulp Badge, black & silver. £4 / $6 / 40FF

I. Pulp Bag, just the job for school or college (so long as you don’t put too much in them). Available in lime green or bright orange – very limited stock left!! £16 / $24 / 150FF

J. Sunrise T Shirt, white with Pulp logo on front. One left!! XL only £12 / $18 / 90FF.

K. Programme (includes sitcker sheet), A5. 14 pages, colour, £5 / $8 / 50FF

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