Songs never performed live

(1) The band played this song for TV sitcom Sean's Show in 1993. However, it was only a mimed performance played in the background.
(2) Pulp have never played it, but Jarvis did perform it with Air in June 2010.
(3) This song was going to be played at Pulp's last concert at the Auto Festival. It appeared on the setlist and was played during the soundcheck, only to then be dropped at the last moment.
(4) Though there is no evidence to indicate that this was ever performed by Pulp, it was performed by a one-off live project featuring Jarvis (The Jarvis Cocker Explosion Experience) in 1983
(5) This was never performed live by Pulp but it was performed as an instrumental by Jarvis' live project "A Touch of Glass"
(6) There is no surviving evidence (i.e. recordings or setlists) to indicate beyond doubt whether these songs were performed live or not

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