Pulp People Newsletter 20

Pulp People Newsletter 20. Autumn 1997.


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Dear people,
Yes it hurt, yes it worked. Seasons have passed, the world has changed (for good?) & now at last the silence is about to be broken. “You don’t mean?”- yes I do – “Help The Aged” is about to be released. What will this new “new era” hold? Can it ever be the same? Could it ever be as good? Hey, listen brothers & sisters – it’s going to be BETTER. I kid you not. Live on, love Jarvis xxx

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Hello Pulp People Everywhere!

Alex at Pulp Towers here. Thanks to Jarvis for the front cover. I know it’s been a long time, even for us. Those of you who have been members for a few years will already know that Pulp People newsletters can take a little while to arrive (this is why membership is for six mailouts, rather than a straight calendar year – if it were, some people would get more newsletters than others, and that wouldn’t be fair, would it?). Actually this newsletter was finished a while ago, but with the recent announcement of the long awaited single – the first post Russell release – I put it on hold until more info could be gleaned from the Pulp camp.

That new info arrived in the shape of tapes of new songs, none of which had been on the demos tape I had when the last newsletter went out. Many of those have been dropped, which I guess explains in part the time it’s taken to decide on the single – HELP THE AGED. TOMORROW NEVER LIES and LAUGHING BOY are the extra tracks. None of the three are rockers, in fact Jarvis’ voice is decidedly mellow, especially on Help The Aged. Laughing Boy has a definite country rock feel to it (ok by me) with what I’m sure is twangy guitar – what more could you ask for? Other songs are Pulp epics – reminding me of I Spy or Live Bed Show. They’re dark, I’d say “brooding” if it didn’t sound completely stupid...most of them are over 6 minutes long, not 3 minute pop songs; in a way they are exactly what you’d expect – they sound like a logical progression from Different Class. More orchestrated, with quite a lot of piano. And Jarvis’ voice sounds slightly different, at least to me. I’m getting quite excited thinking about them! Sadly (heh, heh) you’ll all have to wait a bit a little longer to hear them, because the album won’t be out until the new year – bad one, eh? Maybe they’re worried that if they release it before Christmas they won’t be able to compete with the Spice Girls new one??

Though it’s been quiet on the Pulp front musically, there’s been plenty going on and the media machine is just starting to grind into action again, although Jarvis has never really been out of the public eye. Letters addressed to “The Pulp Fanclub, Sheffield or London, I’m not sure which” still get here and we’re getting regular hate mail: “I think your singing stinks and you look like a paper lettuce. You

are the stupidest geek in the whole world...I hate you! And so do all us Jackson fans. Wako Jacko, compared to you he’s the most sainest person in the world..”, blah, blah etc, etc. Strong stuff. I can’t believe people are still going on about that! The Hate Mail Comedy Trophy 1997 though, goes to...well I don’t know who as they didn’t sign their names (probably couldn’t spell them) but to the people who actually went to the trouble of collecting some dog ****, putting it in an envelope, and sending it to us! Did they think we’d pass it on to Jarvis, perhaps? “We are major 3T fans and anyone who upsets 3T, upsets us, and you upset them by upsetting Michael Jackson at the Brit Awards – YOU BASTARD...” Fantastic.

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Luckily, Jarvis’s profile has been kept aloft by people like Harry Hill, who invited the multi talented Peter Davison on to his show (11 July) to perform acoustic version of Common People and Disco 2000. Don’t know who actually saw that but it was pretty funny! And what about Gareth Dickenson, coming last on Stars in Their Eyes? He now appears to have launched a career with his group, Pulp 2000. After hearing them, Steve has been quoted as saying that musically, they’re faultless, and Jarvis should leave Pulp and join them. They performed at The Venue in New Cross on July 7th. Even the Daily Telegraph got in on the act: “Since Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker popularized ‘nerdy’ glasses, it has been hip to look square” (Daily Telegraph just proving they don’t know what they’re on about as usual).

Did anyone see Watchdog on May 1st? They did a report on fanclubs and whether they provide any sort of service or if they are just big shot execs ripping you off. Well I just wanted to reassure you that WE’RE NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. Honest. I still find myself looking over my shoulder every time I come home, just in case Anne Robinson is following me with a camera crew. No, we are much more like the episode of The Simpsons featuring Ringo Starr, still replying to his fans 25 years on, determined not to let them down. Remember him sitting behind a big desk surrounded by stacks of mail? That’s us. Am I straying from the point here?

Pulp submitted a live version of Live Bed Show to Long Live Tibet, a compilation album whose proceeds go to top Beastie Boy Mike D – well, not his personal bank account, he diverts the cash to help Tibetens ruled over in their own country by an oppressive and brutal Chinese regime – nasty. Buy it. (It’s out in Japan on the 27th September). Should you require further encouragement, other bands featured include Supergrass, David Bowie, and all the bands we hate - you know the ones. Another Pulpy tribute brought to my attention is the Lance Gambit Trio, who do an easy listening version of Disco 2000. It’s on the bizarre Cocktail 2000 album: “16 chart toppers played in the very relaxed style of The Lance Gambit Trio”. Crazy. It’s quite good, actually. Other Pulp songs to crop up on compilations are Disco 2000 (again) on Sugar Hits!, which includes horrors by 911, Backstreet Boys and 3T. Shine Too includes Underwear, together with Edwyn, Oasis, Cast, Suede...Crush, I am assured, is “40 sweet and sour tracks including hits from Suede, Babybird, Alisha’s Attic, Pulp (Something Changed), Oasis, Cast & REM’. Hard to believe, and probably horrendous.

Pulp make it to the upper echelons of english literature in a book by Simon Clark entitled King Blood – he’s a big Pulp fan and felt the urge to include a reference to them (in chapter 85, p373, fact fans). Weird.

Candida hit the big time when she was asked on to Classic FM’s The Secret Fan in July, to answer ten questions on why she likes listening to classical music.

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The BBC are on the Pulp trail too, with their new drama series, Bright Hair. The main character of which is a massive Pulp fan. The BBC contacted us for lots of suitably Pulpy items for the set, which we duly sent them, and we haven’t heard a thing since. These big corporations, eh? You help them out and what do you get in return, bugger all. Mind you they are using Disco 2000 as the theme tune for the autumn schedule, which is nice. The first episode is being broadcast on 6th September on BBC1 at 9.25pm.

A thorough overhaul of the website is planned, to ensure that it is in line with “New Pulp”...it’s at http://www.rise.co.uk/pulp if you’ve not spotted it already. As mentioned in the last newsletter, there is a new, authorised Pulp biography on the way, but things have not moved on much over the summer – hopefully more info before Christmas.

Rumours about the new Todd Haines film, Velvet Goldmine are semi-unfounded – the song that Pulp were going to do for the soundtrack, We Are The Boyz, has not been confirmed.

As reported in the last newsletter, the video for the spoken word version of Babies is featured in “Assuming Positions” – an exhibition running at the ICA in London until September 28th. See it while you can.

Many of you will have read about Russell’s misfortune – his car was broken into in London and a lot of valuable personal things were taken, not to mention letters from fans which he had in the boot – Russell would like to apologise to those of you who will not now receive a reply, I’m sure you will let him off. It’s frightening to think about what might have happened to his things, or to wonder where they are now...

Recently received a mail order list from Giraffe Audio/Video [...] Glasgow, Scotland. Many of you know about them already but in case you don’t, they have a good list of Pulp stuff and if you mention us when you place an order we get a free tape – so please send for a list today!

Some news just in: Pulp have recorded a Rita Coolidge song, “All Time High”, for an LP of Bond theme cover versions called “Shaken &Stirred”, out on EastWest Records in November. The track was arranged by Pulp and David Arnold, who worked on Bjork’s “Play Dead”. Other bands on the LP include ABC, Leftfield, Iggy Pop and David McAlmont.

Jarvis did an interview with none other than David Bowie the other day, to be published in the Big Issue in the next couple of weeks. It’s about smoking...

Thanks very much to everyone who renewed their membership since the last newsletter, and to those of you who sent in pictures of Pulp – please keep sending them in! Oh – I am informed that the magazine Dazed & Confused will have a !NEW! photograph of Pulp in the November issue...The artwork for the new album is being done by the same company responsible for Different Class (Blue Source), but as I write, things are only in the preliminary stages.

Has anyone noticed the resemblance between Mark and Noel Gallagher? I only spotted it recently and you have to admit, there is a similarity...

...I’ll get my coat. Thanks for being so patient. Love, Alex.

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Thanks to Rock Circus, we are able to offer Pulp People a unique “2 for 1” voucher, so grab a friend and get down there! All you need to do is cut out the voucher below and take it along to the box office....

“At the sitting with a team of nine Rock Circus experts who will eventually create the figure, Jarvis had a very strong and clear idea of the pose and look he wanted. He had many observations on how the figure should appear and made a number of light hearted self deprecating comments about his appearance including “Get rid of the bags under my eyes, I’ve been trying for years”; about his mouth, “I’ve got a very small mouth, I used to try to make it larger by pulling it wide when I was young”. Asked how the hair should look on the finished figure, Jarvis said, “a bit greasy”, and offered the advice, “rub

some lard on it.” Jarvis was happy to take his shirt off for the filming and made a special request to the sculptor, “Can you make my biceps bigger on the figure?”.

Chief sculptor Steve Swales said, “It was a very unusual and dramatic pose. Both arms were stretched out with one hand twisted forwards and the other twisted down. It reminded me of a marionette. His eyes were also very quirky as he adopted a saintly and serene expression with his eyes pointed heavenwards. I am delighted to create such an

interesting figure”.

Each figure takes 6 months to complete after the initial sitting, at a cost of £25,000 (Blimey! That’s more than my house cost!! – Finance Ed.). Jarvis was very helpful at the sitting and was keen that every detail was covered, he also donated some of his favourite clothes to ensure we captured his distinct style and appearance.”

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We thought it was time we proved to you that Pulp have been in the studio all this time, not mucking about and forgetting their fans who are all gagging for some new Pulp sounds. Candida hates all the waiting around so we gave her some questions to fill in the time...here’s what she has to say:

PP: Thanks a lot for answering my questions. Most have been asked by Pulp People over the past year or so, and now seems a good time to get some answers. So, how’s it going in the studio? Is everything finished?

CD: Well at the moment I’m finding it relatively easy going, in fact, compared to touring it’s a doddle, though it does worry me how easy it’s been lately ‘cos I know it should be stressful and hard. There have of course been times when I’ve hated recording, but compared to writing the material in dingy basements it’s fairly pleasant. Nothing is finished, of course! And if you asked me this question next week or even this evening, the first answer would be completely different!

PP: what do you think of the new material? Do you have a favourite song?

CD: I like 90% of the new stuff, and I do have a few favourite songs: “We Are The Boyz”, “Northern Souls”, “Help The Aged”, “I’m A Man”, “TV Movie”, “Great Expectations”...these may not all appear on the LP though.

PP: Are you at all worried about having been out of the limelight for so long? Do you think this will affect the success of the next single and album?

CD: I was worried, but everyone seems to think it was a good idea. I just hope the quality of our next releases makes it all worthwhile. At lease people won’t be sick to death of us!

PP: Are you looking forward to getting back on the road, or have you got used to being at home?

CD: Do I look like a touring nutter? I never want to tour again. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to play any more concerts, I just don’t want to play a lot of concerts in concentrated periods.

PP: What have you been listening to this year – have you got a fave group right now? What was the last concert you went to?

CD: I saw UltraZone recently and I’d like to know more about them, it was a great concert. My fave record at the moment is that Kinks song from that advert on TV – “So Tired of Waiting”?? (“Tired of Waiting For You”, from Kinda Kinks – Music Ed.) The last concert I attended was Burt Bacharach at the Royal Albert hall – excellent.

Page 6:

PP: What kinds of keyboard do you use on the new songs? What sounds do the songs have?

CD: The Keyboards used are pretty similar to the ones on Different Class, but we’re using different sounds. Quite a lot of grand piano and a sadly smallish amount of farfisa. But the sounds...I couldn’t begin to explain them.

PP: What have you missed about not being top of the pops? Anything? Nothing?

CD: I haven’t missed that much really – it’s hard to say. Obviously it does have dead exciting moments and its all so mad, but reality counts. When we get back there again it should be more enjoyable because of the break.

PP: Have the new songs been affected by Russell’s departure? Has it made a big difference to the Pulp sound? We reckon it must do, because Russell has such a distinctive sound that it must be very difficult to replace.

CD: No, not really, as there’s been a certain amount of Russell type stuff put on the new songs. I don’t think it’s made a difference to our sound – you tell me!

Russell’s departure was a very sad moment for a lot of fans, including us. Will you miss his on-stage antics and sartorial elegance? (Because we will)

CD: On stage antics I can’t answer yet, but I know I will miss him on stage. I still see Russell though, so I’ll never miss his sartorial elegance. (Russell, sadly, had most of his sartorial elegance robbed from the boot of his car, so it looks like we will all be missing it – Clothing Ed.)

PP: Will there be a new ‘style’ to mark this, the next stage of Pulp, in terms of logo’s and typefaces?

CD: Let’s hope so!

PP: You’ve got lots of fans, male and female. How does it feel to be the subject of such adulation?

CD: I don’t see it in that way, it’s just nice to know that people like what you do.

PP: And finally, what are your hopes for the forthcoming year?

CD: the forthcoming year is an unknown quantity to me, and in a way I’m dreading it cos it could raise the question of touring. If we do tour, I hope the concerts won’t be squeezed so tightly together.

Thanks a lot for that, Candida, we’ll let you get back to the mixing. With those peeks into the secret world of Pulp, everyone will be more desperate than ever to hear the new songs!

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Doctor Pulp just gets more and more popular – what better way to find out about your favourite group than to get them to answer your questions themselves? The Doctor pinned Candida, Mark, Steve, Nick and Jarvis down in the studio, in between recording the new album...

First up is William Vote of Tollesbury, Essex. William asks if any of the group are interested in water sports. Does Jarvis water ski? Does Candida scuba dive? Does Steve surf?

  • Although it is a lovely image, sadly Candida does not scuba dive, though she “sometimes swims”; Steve swims once a week (and bathes daily), Mark admits that as he “can barely swim, the answer would have to be ‘no’”; Nick “used to go fishing quite a lot in my youth – 1980 school champion in fact!”. Jarvis likes “boating and golden showers”. JARVIS!!

Kelly Skeldon from Salford asks whether any of the group would ever strip off for money? And does fame affect their answer?

  • Candida is very firm about this: “I’d never strip naked for money. I have a friend who used to strip and it got her into quite a mess. Being famous only affects my answer because it’s the only reason I’d be paid to strip”; Steve, however, can’t wait – he’d be up for it, famous or not. Nick thinks it’s “a hideous thought, but probably yes, but it would have to be a hell of a lot of money”; Jarvis went all coy: “I’d go topless but only in the right light; being famous affects my answer ‘cos it would put me off – too many people taking notice”. Mark is mysterious: “Certain people will find that they don’t have to pay to get me naked...”

I’ve a feeling we’ve had this one before, but it’s a good story so we’ll repeat it. Nicola Bridges, from Blackpool, wants to know if the story in Deep Fried in Kelvin, about the man transporting a large amount of soil into his living room, is true. Jarvis?

  • It came from living on a housing estate. I never lived in Kelvin tho’. It’s been pulled down dow. The soil story is true – it was a boy who cracked up after being glassed in a nite club. He was eventually arrested for stealing and eating a pirana from the botanical garden’s aquarium”. NO WAY!!

Next up is Julie Bosworth from Boston, Lincs. Julie’s writing a novel at the moment, the lead character of which would suit Jarvis to a ‘t’ (I bet it would, Julie). Would Jarvis be keen to take on a romantic lead, baring all for the cameras?

  • Jarvis: “I can’t act for toffee, I would find it very hard to be romantic – it’s hard enough in real life. If the leading lady was nice I s’pose it might influence me”. Nick backs up this statement by saying, “Have you ever seen Jarvis act??!?”. That’s a bit harsh – who could forget The Great Cockrini?

Page 8:

More favourite things, this time, Claire Calvert from Gloustershire asks about Pulp’s favourite actors and actresses , pre and post 1960.

  • Very difficult to name favoruties, I’m sure, but the answers are as follows: For films made before 1960, Jarvis likes Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Robert Mitchum; Steve’s fave is super cool Jean Paul Belmondo; Candida just loves James Stewart, Marlon Bando, and Dirk Bogarde, though these qualify for both catagories so that’s a bit of a cheat; Nick’s into Orson Welles and Katharine Hepburn, while Mark isn’t really into any pre 1960’s films (though if Andy Warhol had made anything then, he’d love it). As for after 1960, Jarvis goes for Senta Barger, Richard Burton, and Christopher Walken; Steve likes Malcom McDowell, Nick likes Dustin Hoffman and Brigitte Bardot (like she’s a really good actress, Nick!), and Mark will watch anything with Isabelle Adjani, Harry Dean Stanton (yeah!), Jack Smith, Holly Woodlawn, Sissy Spacek (in Badlands), and Roman Polanski. Hope that answers your questions, Claire!

Katie Johnston, from Northumberland, wants to know, do Pulp have a favourite Beatle?

  • Nick’s top Beatle is Ringo (“of course!”); Mark, after weighing up the pro’s and con’s, decides on George; Candida loves Paul and John, Steve’s fave is John too, while Jarvis likes Pete Best (typical!).

Claire Freeman is keen to find out if Pulp are chocoholics – do they have a favoruite chocolate treat?

  • Candida goes for Star Bars, Jarvis prefers Raspberry Ruffle Bars; Nick’s a Hazlenut Galaxy man; Mark likes a bit of Caramel but isn’t “eating much chocolate these days due to the toll the ageing process is taking on my figure”. Steve’s the same, he doesn’t eat confectionary full stop.

Thomas Gower, from Coventry, wants to know whether Pulp like Cast and Suede?

  • Cast first: Candida rates them: “Brilliant musicians, not bad music”; Steve likes the first album, Jarvis likes the slowies, Mark proudly boasts that “in the face of adversity (think he means me) I really like Cast and I’m not afraid of it”; Nick knows: “Again, nice blokes, nice music but could it be a bit more interesting please? 5/10” (Could it be a bit less crap, please – Music Ed). As for Suede, Nick’s “not bothered these days, 4/10”; Mark finds them “consistantly enjoyable”; Candida’s liked them in the past and still does a bit, but finds them “a bit too pretentious” now; Jarvis liked the first album and the singles, and Steve thought they were “very good in the Butler days”.

This next question comes from Michelle Crawford of Bonito Springs, Florida – but that’s no excuse for her question! For reasons completely unknown to me, Michelle wants to know what Pulp think of eighties horrors They Might Be Giants....
  • “Doubt it!”, replies Candida. “Piss-poor”, says Steve, “They Might Be The Worst Band In The World”, agrees Jarvis. “Is this a joke?” asks Nick. No, it’s scarily real. Mark tries not to think about them at all. Well Michelle, you asked!

Page 9:

Hanne Strand writes from Norway, and has a question for Steve: Steve is quoted on the Pulp website as being interested in visiting Oslo. Why’s that then, Steve?

  • “I just got back yesterday from visiting the North Cape in the Arctic Circle, Norway. I like the northern climate, it leaves me reflective. As for Oslo – there’s just a lot of pretty girls”. Thanks Steve, we always knew you were pretty “cool”...

This next comes from Simon Stone in Cardiff: What did Jarvis make of Vivian Stanshall when he met him? And to the whole group: What do you make of Sheffield’s greatest export, the versatile singer/songwriter John Shuttleworth?

  • ''“[Viv Stanshall] was in a bad state when we met him for “D.Y.R.T.F.T?”. He had flashes of clarity and was very funny sporadically. He seemed like a really nice man who’d got lost. I used to like “Sir Henry...” but found it a bit studenty when I heard it recently. He’s got a very beautiful speaking voice”. Ok Simon? As for John Shuttleworth, who we think is quite amusing, the group are divided: Nick gives him 8/10, “faultless” (hold on Nick, shouldn’t that be 10/10 then?) and Candida thinks he’s great, but “what about Ken and Mary?”. John’s antics don’t really amuse Mark (what does?) although he’s glad he “shows an interest in the Derbyshire countryside”. Us too, Mark. Steve and Jarvis find him boring, though Jarvis liked the radio show.

Jacyntha, all the way from California, wonders whether the group have any fond childhood memories?

  • Candida: “Being flooded and trying to sail a makeshift boat in the garden and the army coming to save us and lots of sandbags and tins of disgusting army food”. Pretty exciting stuff! Nick’s romanticised memory of his childhood was “playing in the woods, rope swing, all that kind of thing” (Actually, that’s what I did, too...it was great...). Jarvis: “My Grandad making me a time machine for my birthday”. Wow! Pretty cool! Did it work?? Mark, what about your memories of childhood? Mark: “Oh, I’m no good at remembering stuff like that.” Oh.

Couple of questions from Karen McKerney here, who lives in Leicester. Firstly, what do Pulp reckon to the Manics? And secondly, who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?

  • Manics first. Mark used to be a massive fan, once making the treacherous journey down to Leicester to see them in fact – however “they no longer sustain my interest”. Candida likes them, Jarvis finds them “good but exhausting”, Steve thinks they’re “overrated”, and Nick gives them “7/10: good for a group with two short fellas and one tall”. Indeed. As for the lift question, Nick plumps for a “lift engineer”, Candida goes for Leonardo DiCaprio (ugh!), Jarvis goes for Spider-man, and Steve chooses Reeves Gabrels. I don’t know who that is either. Mark’s not fussy – “a pretty model who falls in love with me in the time it takes for us to be rescued”.

Page 10:

Claire Doble, from Knaresborough, also has a couple of questions to ask. First of all, do Pulp have any person favourite Roxy Music songs (and have they ever bumped into suave old Bry)? Secondly, did any of Pulp get to see Kraftwerk at Tribal Gathering (we did! we did!) and if so, how did they rate them?

  • Pretty difficult to pick a fave Roxy Music song, most of them being so fantastic and all, but they succeeded. Mark’s favourite is “Casanova”, from Country Life. “He was in the studio a couple of weeks ago, he always looked quite miserable. And he sat behind me at the premiere of “Twelve Monkeys”. Cool. Jarvis’ fave is “Pyjamarama” whilst Steve prefers “Dance Away”, “Avalon”, or “Love is the Drug”. Candida “has bumped into Bryan (like you do), and we said hello, he looks good”. Nick has in fact sat next to Mr Ferry on a sofa, and his fave is “Love is the Drug” too. So, if you’ve never heard “Love is the Drug”, check it out kids! As for Kraftwerk at Tribal Gathering, I could easily fill the rest of the newsletter with frantic descriptions on how amazing they were, but instead I’ll pass the mic to Mr Webber: “I did. It was good they made no compromise, but I was quite disappointed that it was basically the same show and music as when they toured with “The Mix””. Oh well, what a surprise, Mark’s the only person out of 33,000 not to enjoy the greatest concert of the decade so far. Oh, except Steve and Jarvis: “Never meet your heroes I guess”. God!!!

Dominique from Belfast is one of many of you who asked about Pulp’s cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Whyskey in a Jar”. As well as that, Dominique asks Jarvis about the three part structure of “Inside Susan” – was it in any way influenced by Gainsbourg’s “Melody Nelson”? And finally, who can remember where the video for “Something Changed” was filmed?

  • ''Pulp don’t do many covers as you know, and Whysky in a Jar was broadcast on France Inter for a Black Session back in 1996. Nick thinks it’s “a crackin’ song. Tribute to Lynott”, which is as good a reason as any. Jarvis agrees – “as a tribute to Phil”; Candida said, “why not?”, Steve said “it’s Bernard Lenoir’s fault”. Luckily Mark gave us the real answer: “The French always make us do covers, which means just having to learn something in a hurry. We don’t have any other

    people’s songs in our repertoire so it’s always last minute thing and people shouldn’t read too much in to the cover versions we’ve performed”. Hope that answers your question, Dominique. As for the Inside Susan/Melody Nelson thing, Steve responds “I don’t think so but I like songs with unconventional structures”; Jarvis: “No, ‘cos I only heard it after”. Ok, and lastly the Something Changed video – anyone remember? Candida: “at the same TV Centre as TOTP, Eastenders and Grange Hill are recorded” Yes, but where?? Mark: “Yes, I do think it was Elstree Studios”. Nick: “Borehamwood Studios, where TOTP is made”. Steve? “Borehamwood, London.” This is the correct answer (or is it?).''

Page 11:

Rebecca Bridger, from Crowborough, wants to ask Pulp, what is their worst fear? And to Mark, when did you actually join Pulp? To Candida, did you have piano lessons as a child?

  • Nick’s nightmare would be “having to hear nails scraping down a blackboard a lot”. Hmm, yes, can be nasty, that. Mark’s only worry is “not getting another girlfriend”; Oh Mark! Don’t be so SILLY. Jarvis’ worst fear is “losing my mind”, Steve’s is “a life of boredom, alone”; Candida: “Is it stupid to say a one year tour?”. Errrr......Mark, so when did you join Pulp? “I first played with them at The Powerhaus in London on 27/12/91 (Stylophone on “O.U.”) but it was 28th July 1995 when they first asked me to join the group (that makes it 2 years ago yesterday!). What a rock and roll lifestyle Mark’s lead, eh kids? Candida’s has been similarly exciting – “yes, I did [have piano lessons] can you not tell?”.

Can’t believe how many questions there are this time! We’ll have to start writing a seperate multi volume encyclopedia solely for Dr Pulp soon. Next? Daniel Hope, from Co Durham, has an excellent question for the Doctor, interestingly enough Daniel is the first person to pick up on this phenomenon. Daniel asks:”On Different Class, on the back when it lists the songs, why are they listed in the shape of a Christmas tree?”. And that’s not all. Daniel’s second question is, “Do all the band believe in God? Because I do”.

  • Very well spotted, Daniel, and do you know, I’m not sure if Pulp were even aware of it before you pointed it out. Nick: “Hmmm. Probably a conspiracy”; Mark: “Just a coincidence of the length of the song titles and the order they appear in. I’d never noticed...” Mark!! You’ll be telling me you don’t believe in God next! Candida: “I have to say I’d never noticed that”; Steve: “We always write song titles like that”; and Jarvis: “because it’s a present”. Oh, ha, ha. What about God then? Nick: “Sorry but I can’t say I do”; Mark: “Not in any religious sense, but kind of in a personal way”; similarly, Candida: “I do believe in God, but in my own way, because I wouldn’t go to church or say I was religious”; Steve: “I am agnostic, until proven otherwise”; and Jarvis: “Sometimes, but I’m against organised religion”. Well there goes another fan!

What’s next? Oh yes, Lousie Mathie has a question for Nick: In F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.I.V.E. you are having a haircut. Where was this? And, to everyone, what’s the worst or most embarrassing haircut you’ve ever suffered?

  • You have to remember Louise, Pulp lived through the 80’s, when dodgy haircuts were obligatory, so there’s bound to be a few bad hair days going on...Nick? “That particular haircut took place in Brixton Academy dressing room (by Justin at Base Cute, Ladbroke Grove, reasonable rates, no appointment necessary) and with hindsight the worst one was the Birds Nest, circa 1981. Was trendy at the time honest”. Yeah right Nick. Mark’s “not done too badly in this area, although I’m never very happy with my hair. I’m sure everyone has seen videos of me on The Word & The Beat – that’s the most extreme hairstyle I ever had” (For those of you who missed it, think of Farrah Fawcett Majors); Candida doesn’t risk it: “I’ve only had my hair cut professionally 6 or 7 times, I always used to cut it myself”; Steve says, “too many to mention”, and Jarvis, who let’s face it, has ace hair, said that “an ex girlfriend gave me bald patches” – was that on purpose? Nasty.

Page 12:

Graham Dutton, from Middlesex, is a big fan of Bjork, Gene, Radiohead and Faithless (oh dear), and wonders, do Pulp share his preferences?

  • Bjork is popular with all but Mark: “usually interesting but ultimately un-satisfying” and scores a 6.75/10 on the Nickometer. Radiohead are even more popular (God knows why): “smart”, “I’m a fan”, “I like them”, “extremely nice chaps – like the lp – 6/10”, and “I first found myself liking them despite myself and now concede that they are pretty great”. God!!! As for Gene and Faithless, the general concensus ranged from: “not interested at all in their music”, “don’t like”; “poor” “shocking”, to “haven’t the faintest idea who/what they are, 0/10”. Well, I’d go along with that.

Mark Sturdy is keen to dig up a bit of Pulp history, as many of you are. We picked Jarvis’ brains to see how far back he could remember...firstly Jarvis, who actually designed the sleeve to “It”?

  • Turns out it was Tony Perrin, who you will remember used to manage top black-clad pop combo The Mission, now managing (if that’s the right word) Embrace, who I believe are and up and coming Oasis rip off band, something like that? What a scary thought.

Mark’s next question goes right back to the very beginning of time – is there any audio or visual record of the first concert Jarvis performed at school?

  • Fortunately for Jarvis, “there was, but someone taped over it” – bet that person is kicking themselves now, eh?

Moving on a few years now, what about the audition you did for The Tube, Jarvis? What happened then?

  • This was the early 1980’s, when quite a lot of the people reading this weren’t born, and old crones like myself were doing their O Levels...Jarvis’ mum “took [him] to Newcastle, there were lots of Bonnie Langford types” – or Paula Yates types, presumably. Think you were lucky not to get picked, you might have ended up working with her!

Finally, Mark would like to know if there were any Super 8 films made apart from “Star Trek” and “The Spartans”, back in the early days of Pulp?

  • “I think we did a video for Shakespeare Rock”, replies Jarvis, but this is all we managed to get out of him; what happened to the video, no one knows, which is probably a very good thing.

Page 13:

Continuing with the musical theme, Mel Orme from Cheshire asks Pulp what they think of the return of Echo & The Bunnymen, and the new single?

  • Mark likes most of their records: “The new single is pretty great, but I’ve not heard their lp”; Candida likes the old stuff, especially “Killing Moon” and “Seven Seas”, but isn’t keen on the new songs. Steve and Jarvis like the single but Nick reckons that comebacks just don’t work, giving the old songs 8/10, the new stuff 3/10.

Question for Jarvis now, and one that he has been asked many times, but never in these pages. About those lederhosen you were forced to wear to school as a child, Jarvis; Iris Siegeris, from Germany, wants to know – WHY?

  • Jarvis replies: “They were a present from my Uncle’s German in-laws. My mum thought I looked ‘cute’ in them”. And you did Jarvis, you did.

A question for Steve here, from Claire Coupe, who lives in sunny Grimsby. Why, Steve, were you inspired to play the bass? Which bass players do you idolize? Why do you use the Musicman Sabre bass?

  • Obviously a keen bass player, Claire...let’s hope Steve is as enthusiastic. Over to you, Steve: “(i) A friend had a band without a bass player and I wanted to be in a band, nothing more. (ii) Paul McCartney and James Jamerson are the most melodic to me; (iii) because it’s nice and bass-y.” Hope that answers your questions Claire, that’s all from Doctor Pulp for now, this is me signing off, 3.8.97

Page 14:


Yep, pretty exciting, I know – hold on to your hats and I’ll announce the winners of last issue’s competition. But first, I’d like to say a massive thankyou to all 51 entrants – this is about a 200% increase on the usual number. Out of these, there were 22 correct answers. The question was: “Name the composer responsible for the original James Bond there, the film it was from, and the year it came out”. It wasn’t exactly a trick question, but I suppose it was a bit sneaky...the correct answer is Monty Norman / Dr No /1962. Not, as the other 30 of you thought, John Barry.and definitely not, as somebody thought, for Dr Who! Because I’m feeling generous, all 22 winners will receive a prize. Choose between a signed b/w photograph, a signed 1996 Arena tour programme, or a signed copy of His ‘n’ Hers, the paperback book. Wow! What ace prizes!

The lucky winners are: [22 names]

OK, now on to this issue’s exciting competition. See this photo of Nick and Mark? Well, think of a suitably hilarious caption for it and an equally fantastic prize will be yours. Don’t know what it’ll be yet, but believe me, it’ll be worth the cost of a stamp. The best ones will be printed in the next newsletter. No limit of number of entries, just so long as they make me fall off my chair with mirth. Send them on postcards to the usual address.

Page 15:


Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the Pulp People in-house bands have finally made it to vinyl. I know we keep going on about these groups and you’ve never heard of them, but we thought now you can actually hear them, maybe you’ll believe us! And not only that but we know you all want to know what Russell’s been up to since that fateful day in January. One of the main things is producing the Baby Birkin LP. What follows is an account of what it’s really like to work with Mr Senior, by Baby Birkin singer and founder, Raechel Leigh...

“In March we asked Russell if he would be interested in working with us on our lp, and he agreed. Meetings and rehearsals were set up straight away at the Mark Angelo studios in Farringdon.

“Russell worked extensively with us prior to recording and impressed us with his well-organised attitude, attention to detail and the endless stream of ideas and suggestions he offered. (Although suggesting a Charleston style version of Raccrochez..was not exactly what we had in mind!). May came around and we started to record. Russell introduced the idea of regular cocktails to keep a lively atmosphere, and these were sampled regularly and properly – Russell ensured that correct cocktail etiquette was observed, even putting in a request to the studio boss for proper champagne glasses! But champagne was supped from plastic cups on the eve of Russell’s birthday, together with birthday cake, but, rather than eating it, Russell suggested I eat a mouthful of cake in between each line, where pauses permitted, of 69 Année Erotique, (cool! Cake Ed). He said he hadn’t thought it might result in squelchy noises (right! Perv Ed), but was pleased with the result anyway...

“Russell spent a lot of time creating the right atmosphere for each song – setting the scene was vital: as well as the cake scenario, this resulted in sand, sunglasses, sun tan lotion and a beach dress for St Tropez, which unfortunately didn’t make it on to the lp, although Russell wrote some great lyrics for it; for Harley Davidson I sat on engineer Pierre’s mountain bike, with a fan blowing the “wind” through my hair...sand was used again for Néfertiti, as well as Egyptian style make up by Russell and a brown shortie nightie (gift from Alex!). This song was recorded at the end of a gruelling 14 hour day and I had become a little tearful when things were not going well, but Russell insisted we continue, which accounts for the snotty sounds going off in this song!

Page 16:

“Other selected highlights include Russell’s bad luck – 2 car breakdowns and 1 car break in; Debbie’s perfect snare drum at the beginning of Bonnie & Clyde; Russell’s description of James’ bass-playing as “farty, bottom-end bass”; Russell’s bet with Pierre - £200 if he could eat 20 M & S thick & creamy yoghurts in an hour (piece of cake! I’ll take you up on that one Russell – Puddings Ed.); and Russell playing violin and bowed bass on Jane B and additional guitar on Bonnie & Clyde. It was hard work but we’re really grateful to Russell for agreeing to work with us and for getting such good results.”

Thanks Raech! The LP, provisionally titled Clasée X, is to be released early next year on the fantastic DISHY label here in the UK (also available on Dishy is the ace Soulbossa lp, buy it), and on Trattoria in Japan (CD only). Before then there’s going to be a 7” single, probably Mélo Mélo, scheduled for release on 27 October, with another following in early 1998. The full track listing is as follows: Black...White; Harley Davidson; Mélo Mélo; 69 Année Erotique; Raccrochez – C’est Une Horreur!; Classée X; Néfertiti; Jane B.; Et Même; Dents de Lait, Dents de Loup; Di Doo Dah; Bonnie & Clyde (version anglaise). Russell’s done a great job on this, so check it out just as soon as you can.

Earworm Records: Worm 5

Out at last, the first 7” by Derbyshire’s coolest, Electric Sound of Joy. I know we go on about these boys a lot but this really is a good little single and Play Away, out in mid September, is even better. And it’s on vinyl too! If you live in Derby you might have spotted the article about them in the Evening Telegraph – possibly the worst piece of journalism I have ever seen.

If you live in the UK you should be able to order the single if it isn’t already in your local record store, but if anyone has trouble finding it write to Earworm Records [...] Southfields, London, or write to me here enclosing £2.50 and i’ll get one off to you.

Here’s when to check out the ESoJ live experience:

August 22 – London Hope & Anchor

Sept 10 – Derby the Vic, supporting Prolapse and Formula One

Sept 19 – Liverpool K2 (tbc), supporting Silver Apples. No kidding! Mark Webber is the guest DJ. Prepare yourself for a large dose of Carly Simon and Sun Ra...

Sept 27 – London, Upstairs at the Garage

Page 17:


For the uninitiated, this section is where we check out any Pulp oriented fanzines that you send us – cast our critical eye over them, if you like. regular viewers will know that our standards are very high – not that you’d know of course!

Ok, first up this time is issue 2 of Lucy Wood’s Corduroy & Crimplene, available from [...] Grimsby, North East Lincs. Sadly Lucy didn’t actually send me a copy, so I can’t tell you any more about it, other than it features and interview with Russell.

Next up is Bri Nylon Underwear, £1+A5 sae from Jody and Janine, [...] Westhoughton, Bolton. This must have taken ages to put together, my advice is, learn how to photocopy on both sides of the paper before issue 2! It will save you a lot of time! Pulp fashion for 97, a Muppets Style guide should you need one, and comic strips called “Pulp day out in Manchester” “Pulp Jobs”, a bizarre cartoon depicting what would happen if Pulp all went horribly wrong and had to find ‘normal’ jobs.

This next isn’t actually a fanzine yet, but hopefully it will be by the next issue! Claire Boitoult is keen to start one up and wants people to send in reviews, photos, poetry, artwork on your fave bands, especially Pulp, Blur, Beck, The Divine Comedy, which Claire will presumably then compile into something fantastic. Send stuff to [...] Rochford, Essex.

The Britpop Fanclub and Monthly Newsletter is based in America, but available to all by sending $4 or equivalent to Leann, [...] Milmont Park, PA, USA, or e-mail her at [...].For your $4 you will receive “a monthly Britpop newsletter, tour dates, reviews, live concert pictures, a calender with your fave Britpop artist, stickers etc...” So, if you’re into Pulp,

Supergrass, Elastica, Ash, Space, Blur, Stone Roses, Oasis, Radiohead, Menswear, Small Faces, Seahorses, Happy Mondays and lots more, get in touch.

Still in America, EETV, or Early Evening Television, is a very impressive A4 magazine with colour cover and great layout. Issues 1 & 2 are available, through I’ve only seen #1, and they include a tribute to Russell, a chronicle through Pulp’s 1996 US tour, interview with Mark, plus loads of stuff on other groups, including, amazingly, Piano Magic. For your copy send £5 $7,50 if you live in The States, to EET, [...] Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Page 18:

Last but by no means least is issue #7 of top Pulp fanzine Tournico... Pulp, in the shops now. This issue marks the departure of the lovely Azalee and Margote, who now live in England so it’s a bit tricky getting together with Zeb to write it..so poor Zebulon has been left to do it alone, and a brilliant job she has done too. Needless to say it’s a bit of a Russell special, fantastic picture on the cover and throughout, from the girls’ private Russell archive. English translation available as always, how they find the time to do this I do not know! So send your 20FF or 4IRC’s if you live in the EC to Tournico..Pulp, [...] Boussay, France. Zebulon is also on the lookout for new Pulp fans to swap bootlegs and interviews...send an IRC for their extensive list!

This section seems to have evolved all of it’s own accord – but it’s kind of a nice idea to send messages to the ones you love, that’s ok by me. It might take off, it night not – such is the unpredictable nature of the constantly evolving formation that is our newsletter.

  • Ian Pope from Gillingham wants to say a big hello to Catrina Chambers in Scotland – Hi Catrina!
  • Sharon Barrs wants to send a message to a very special Pulp Person, who had helped Jody through some bad times. “Hi Jody, thanks for being my best friend, you are so special. Lots of Love, Sharon”
  • Sonia Boundy, from Bodmin, Cornwall, would like to say a bit “Hi to all my Pulp mates, I love you all”
  • Claire Fennihough, from Staffordshire, would like to say this to her penpal: “Ineke, you’re great (and I hope I will be invited to the wedding of James and you one day). Thanks a lot. Love and sunshine, Claire”
  • A message from Andrea Banyeard to her best mate Helen Quiqley – she misses you like mad and loves you to pieces! Remember Pulp are the best!

Page 19:


If you’d like to be included in our regular pen pal spot, just send us your requirements and we’ll put it in (reserving the right to edit it beyond all recognition, of course)

  • “16 year old (probably 17 by the time we get this out) Tim Doughty is looking for someone to festoon him with insanity and joy. And dull no hopers can go suck a large bison. Mad, attractive, nubile young ladies are always welcome, but a couple of male nutters are allowed to join in the party too. Send gubbins to [...] Kilburm, Belper, Derbyshire”
  • Twelve year old Jessica Wilkins, who lives at [...] Bray, Maidenhead, would like someone who is “aged between twelve and fourteen, who likes Pulp (of course!), Prodigy, Blur, Oasis, Supergrass, Chemical Brothers etc., who happens to hate the Spice Girls and any boy bands...” I’ve edited out the rest because it was rude, but you get the general idea
  • Over to Europe now: Vanessa Siegl, [...] Innsbruck, Austria, is looking for other Pulp People in the area. (This could be tricky, since there are only two other Austrian Pulp People, neither of whom live in Innsbruck). Luckily, Vanessa would be equally thrilled to hear from Pulp People around the world, especially Russia. She can speak English, French, Italian, German, and a little Russian, and likes going crazy on the dancefloor, reading, writing stories, dreaming, driving, travelling, Hooch, and SubZero. Hates dead insects and the Spice Girls.
  • Daniel Hope, form [...] Mount Pleasant, Houghton le Spring, Co Durham, would really like a penpal who absolutely loves Pulp, would like to exchange Pulp goodies, plays a musical instrument and is aged between 12 and 14. He knows what he wants then! Daniel seems ok to us, so we recommend you write to him.

  • Emma Rooney, [...] Perry Barr, Birmingham, is less specific: “If you don’t mind spelling mistakes, and you’ve got a half decent sense of humour, write to me and I’ll write back to you. 17+”.
  • Alice J Gregg, nearly 14, will write to anyone, any age, any sexuality, any race, anywhere...I love Suede, Manics, Radiohead and loads of other stuff. Fab at wearing lots of eyeliner, falling into Camden Lock and eating carrots and small choldren.” (Hold on, aren’t you a small child?). Write to Alice at [...] London.
  • Katie Johnston, [...] Matfen, Northumberland, wants to get in touch with other Pulp People who are into the Beatles, Suede, and My Life Story. Every letter will be replied to!

Page 20:

  • “15 year old Kim Richardson is looking for a pen pal, boy or girl, anywhere in the world, so long as they can write English and are aged about 15”. Write to Kim at [...] Gosforth, Leeds.
  • “Hi there, I am looking for penpals, any age, from anywhere, who love Pulp and Star Wars. If you would be interested in writing to me, write to Claire Forker [...] Andersontown, Belfast”.
  • “I’m 16, and I’m interested in Pulp, Blur, The Charlatans, Manic Street Preachers, movies, and Britpop boys (?). Preferably Pulp penpals from outside America but I will write back to anyone who replies”. This comes from Melissa Anderson, [...] Cupertino, CA, USA.
  • Clare White, of [...] Madeley, Nr Crewe, would like to write to lots of happy, meaningful people who adore Pulp, Suede, Placebo (Nooooo!!), or anyone else who is eyelinered and lovely.
  • Niamh O’Dea, [...] Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland, would love a penpal aged between 15 and 87, who can’t spell words like especially and cylinder, who’d like to have a criminal record but doesn’t want to go to jail, isn’t very good at paragraphing and likes sunflowers” If you fit her criteria then I’m very sorry for you get in touch.
  • Sofie Wahlstrom, [...] Jorn, Sweden, is 14, and likes Oasis, Suede, the Wannadies and other British groups; chatting on the Internet, odd rings and sports. If you share her interests then get in touch...
  • Rebecca Bridger, [...] Crowborough, East Sussex, is desperate to find someone she can talk to because none of her friends are in to Pulp. Bastards! Anyone who is totally mad about Pulp, write to Rebecca, she’s too nice to be lonely.

* Michael Sion, [...] San Francisco, CA, USA, is keen to correspond with Pulp People who have tapes Pulp concerts and who are also fans of Heavenly and St Etienne.
  • Our third Europal is Vanesa Plaza Sanchez, [...] Madrid, Spain, and she would like to write to girls and boys who think that “Pulp is the best thing in the world. I really like to speak about fashion, plastic jewellery, pencil skirts, concerts, lipgloss...My favourite bands are Pulp, Suede, Denim, Strangelove, Longpigs, Manics, Nancy Boy, Menswear, Whipping Boy, etc. I want Pulp stuff too, especially articles, videos, old stuff, etc. I can swap Pulp on video, posters, some albums and some singles”.
  • Jayne McKendry is 15 and lives at [...] Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. She likes Pulp, The Smiths, Blur, Ash, My Life Story, Suede, Radiohead, and the Wannadies. She also likes going to gigs and thinks body piercing is “really cool”.......

Page 21:

  • “Hi, I’m Jo Shears (nearly 15) at [...] Pensford Hill, Bristol, looking for a bloke or a girl aged 14-16 who’s into Pulp, Menswear, Longpigs, Mansun, etc; 60’s retro clothing and going to gigs. If you live in the Bristol area it would be nice. Please enclose a photo”.
  • Charlote, [...] Melton Mowbray, would like to hear from anyone who loves Pulp,Mansun, Sleeper and the Bluetones. All people wanted as long as you don’t like the Spice Girls. She’s also like to say “Thanks for being such a great pen pal!!” to Sonia Boundy. Aah.
  • Catherine Jones, [...] Addingham, Ilkley, is looking for anyone aged 12-15, preferably dark, weird boys but girls too. I love Pulp, Suede, Mansun, Eels, The Beatles, long letters, velvet jackets and strange people. Photo if possible, around the Leeds and Skipton area.
  • Tom Cauldwell’s writing is almost as bad as mine, except he’s only 12 so he’s got an excuse. Tom likes Pulp, Ocean Colour Scene, Shed 7, Kula Shaker (obviously in need of guidance there). Doesn’t like football and warns any prospective penpals: “Warning, I am very different from other 12 year olds) VGiB (not really) I want teenagers mostly to reply so don’t be scared I don’t bite”. Write to Tom, he makes us laugh...[...] Leytonstone, London.
  • Paul Mason “will write to anyone who likes Oasis”. (Better get ready for 10 million letters coming through your letter box, then). If you qualify, write to [...] Leytonstone, London.
  • Corinna Edgar lives at [...] Aberdare, Wales, and is already guaranteed two replies to her advert: “I’m 16 and would like to write to anybody, anywhere, especially if they like Placebo as well as Pulp” (Personally I don’t see how that is possible, but it clearly is).
  • “Little girl wearing black clothes is looking for pen pals, perhaps from Britain, but all letters will make me very happy. I’m mad about Pulp, Suede, Pacino’s movies (No!! He’s crap!!), drawing and cats. So if you want to fill my letter box with loads of letters, write to Tiina Sormunen, [...] Polvijani, Finland (especially boys with hanging, black fringes...). Has goth just reached Finlans, then, or what?
  • “Shelley, [...] New Eltham, London, would love to hear from everyone and will reply to all letters, guys and girls, especially those into Pulp, Suede, James, Longpigs, The Who, 60’s and 70’s clothes and stuff. Best if you live in or near London, are into clubbing and have been to Popscene”.
  • Last one, phew! Bodo Ernie, [...] Boblingen, Germany, is looking for pen pals: “Where are all those androgynous pulp people who are different? I am into 60’s/70’s culture, kitsch, glitter and glamour and going to concerts! I love Suede, The Divine Comedy, My Life Story, Gene, St Etienne, and many more. Hope to hear from you soon, you beautiful ones...”

Page 22:


  • Regular viewer Rebecca Bridger, of [...] Crowborough, East Sussex, is after a copy of Pulp at The Brits 1996, including the interview with Steve and Jarvis the day before and the award presentation for Different Class. She’s also after a decent copy of the Mercury Awards, and promised a present for anyone who can help!
  • Michael Sion, [...] San Francisco, CA, USA, is trying to get together a complete list of Pulp concerts, and already had a pretty comprehensive collection. If you want to swap of just get hold of something you’ve not got, he’ll be happy to oblige. If anyone out there can help complete Michael’s list of live dates he’d be really grateful.
  • Emma, of [...] Maltby, Rotherham is after old, pre Razzmatazz Pulp songs – I’m sure lots of you have lists you can send her.
  • If anyone has a copy of Chelmsford V96 on video, send details to Sharon Barrs, [...] Bures, Suffolk.
  • Duncan Stephen, of [...] Fife, Scotland, want copies of Pulp Peel sessions and a tape of “Whysky in a Jar”. Why don’t you go and buy a copy of the Childline album, it’s for a very good cause and you get all those other crap bands on it too. Remember it’s also on the French cd of the last Black Session.
  • Mark Sturdy, [...] Norht Deighton, Wetherby, wants any Pulp stuff from ’83 –’86; singles or albums on Red Rhino or Fire, photos, film/video material, live/demo tapes, press cuttings, bodily secretions etc. He’ll either pay sensible money or swap stuff from his extensive bootleg collection, whichever is most suitable.
  • Lisa Barrett, [...] Sprowston, Norwich, will tape videos, live recordings, photocopy newspaper cuttings, write out chords..anything really. All she wants in exchange is a copy of Jarvis on Pop Quiz and Shooting Stars. Can you help?

Pages 23 & 24:


Once again, I’ve sorted out everything still left here at Pulp HQ. I’m not going to order any more stock until the new designs are available, so until then, this is your lot. As usual, free p+p in the UK, but add £3/$5/22FF (depending on where you live) to T-shirt & bag orders. Remember to give a second choice if possible, as stocks are getting low. As always, if you’re not happy with you’re order, we’ll exchange it, but we can’t give refund. And no foreign coins of cheques!! We’ve had to put the French Francs up due to the strong pound – sorry about that (Economics Ed)

Page 25:


As usual we had a few copies of the last mailout returned to us from non existant addresses and people. If you are one of the following, or if you know of their whereabouts, tell them to get in touch rightaway. We know this service works, which is the only reason I put it in every time – it’s not our fault you love don’t tell us when you move. Missing persons this issue are: [10 names]

Late News


XFM, the London based radio station recently granted a permanent license, were invaded by Pulp last weekend (30.8.97). “Pulp Hijack XFM” was broadcast live from 7-11pm, the idea being that Pulp & friends would hit the decks, subjecting you the listening their own kind of musical terror. Candida was on holiday so she escaped. Mark was busy digging out his favourite tunes so at least you’d be sure of hearing something good. Of course we don’t get XFM up here so I’ve not heard it yet, but it sounded like a lot of fun.

Just In:


Found another Pulp book recently, entitled PULP published by Hodder & Stoughton, isbn 0340701161. It’s in co-operation with The Basic Skills Agency and is aimed at those with learning difficulties. Despite this, it’s an accurate and entertaining history of the group, with good b/w photographs and simple but interestingly laid out text. It’s good, you should buy it.

Page 26:


In an attempt to find out more about what you, the real fans, want from us, we’ve decided to print this handy tear out questionnaire, which we’d be very grateful if you return to use so we can feed the results in to our Pulp computer, analyse the data, and hopefully provide you with an improved service. What do you think?

Name: ______________________________________________________


D.O.B /Age: _________ M/F:__________ Occupation:____________

What’s your favourite part of the newsletters?

Any particular features you would like us to include? How could we improve the newsletter? (Don’t say by getting it out more often!)

Are our competitions too hard? Why don’t you ever enter?

Is anyone really bothered about Volume 3 of the scrapbook? Bearing in mind that it’s pretty much ready & waiting...

Back cover:

Would you rather have a third edition of Disco Very?

We’re amazing quite a collection of your passport photographs (thanks – anyone who hasn’t sent one in, please do!) and have got a few ideas about what to do with them. Could be a full colour cover of Disco Very (there’s too many for a newsletter), some kind of postcard / bookmark combined with pictures of Pulp....any bright ideas, let us know:

So, what do you think of Pulp People?

How do we rater against other fanclubs you may have joined – do we offer value for money?

Any other comments:

Thanks a lot for your time, we’ll try to do something useful with your responses! Before I forget, when writing to use, please remember to use the S11 8WJ postcode – not any of the old ones off records. It causes great confusion at the sorting office. Oh – last thing – back copies of newsletters 14-19 are available for £1/$2/10FF each, should anyone desire additional copies. That’s it!

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