Pulp People Newsletter 3

Pulp People fanclub newsletter three was written by Mark Webber in October 1992.


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Pulp People News
October 1992

Hi! This is your president speaking. My name's Mark and I look after the fan club and take care of the guys when they do concerts and all that. You may have seen me onstage playing stylophone on "O.U." (and they just got me playing Farfisa on a new song). I can't be that good at it though 'cos no-one's ever sent me a fan letter! Anyway this is all about Pulp and not me, so here's some news...

Pulp's new single is called "Babies" and it is released on Monday 5th October on 12" and CD by Gift Records.
The catalogue number is GIF 3. Both formats feature "Babies", "Styloroc" and "Sheffield Sex City" plus there's a "Sex City Instrumental" on the CD.

We'll be travelling around the UK throughout October and the tour includes the first ever Pulp show in Scotland.
Wed 7 Oct BRIGHTON Sussex University
Fri 9 Oct BRISTOL Polytechnic
Sat 10 Oct WOLVERHAMPTON University
Mon 12 Oct DERBY Wherehouse
Tue 13 Oct MANCHESTER Boardwalk
Thur 15 Oct GLASGOW King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
Sat 17 Oct CARDIFF University
Fri 23 Oct LONDON U.L.U.
Sat 24 Oct LEICESTER Princess Charlotte

At the London ULU concert we have special guest dj's - Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs from St Etienne.

As there is no Sheffield concert, there will be a special coach from Sheffield down to the London show. Anyone interested should call Steve Beckett at Gift on 0742 757505.

After a few month's delay, the limited edition Pulp 7" on Caff Records has just been released. If you already ordered then your wait is now over and the records will be sent out soon. If you haven't yet ordered then go to it now ! Caff singles are limited to 500, only available by mail order and soon became collector's items. The Pulp 7" contains 3 exclusive and previously unreleased recordings of "Sickly Grin", "Back In LA" and "My Legendary Girlfriend". It costs £3 (inc. P+P) and cheques/PO's should be sent to Caff Records at 100 Barnsbury Road, London, N1 0E5, England.

Lots of you write asking where you can find old Pulp records and we're not of much help... the best we can do is suggest that you keep looking in 2nd hand record stores. It's suprising how many Pulp discs turn up in junk shops too ! As far as I know, Dogs Are Everywhere, Master Of The Universe, Freaks, My Legendary Girlfriend and Countdown are still available on order, so try that.

Thanks loads to all of you who've bothered to write. All your letters are read by the band but they're just too busy to reply themselves, this is something I do on their behalf. It's still possible for them to answer any questions you might want to ask them (so long as they're not too personal !) Anyway, all letters are replied to as soon as possible. Sorry if I've been a bit slow lately but things have been really busy here.

Here's a couple more folks who'd like to get in touch with other Pulp People, so why not drop them a line...

I don't have a definate date yet, but sometime around mid-November Pulp are going over to do a live session for Radio France. And there'll almost certainly be some European concerts, at least in France, before the end of this year.

A Pulptastic "Babies" prize pack will be sent to the lucky person who can make the most words from the letters in "Stylophone". All words must be in the English language and anything dodgy will be checked in the Oxford Illustrated Dictionary. The closing date for entries is 1st November 1992. The prize includes the clapperboard that was hand made by Steve for the "Babies" video and lots of other stuff.

Okay then, that's your lot for now. Don't forget we have a new address (and remember to tell us if you move...). The DISCO-VERY fanzine and long awaited badges will be along shortly. Hope to see you at the concerts through October.

Pulp Love,


There are currently 107 Official Pulp People, and this is where they live...

Sheffield - 24
London - 33
Rest of England - 35
Scotland - 2
France - 4
Germany - 3
Austria - 1
Belgium - 1
Denmark - 1
Greece - 1
Croatia - 1
U.S.A. - 1

As Pulp People you are entitled to free post and packing on t-shirts, this makes them £1 cheaper. As designs and colours have so far been printed in small editions, stock is always changing so you should write first to avoid disappointment. At the moment we have L & XL brown Pulp/Super Stars short sleeves for £6, plus very few XL orange Pulp/Super Stars short sleeves for £6 and a couple of XL blue star design long sleeves for £8. We should soon have some new long sleeved shirts. Anyone outside the UK should write first for price before ordering. Cheques/PO's payable to PULP should be sent to the usual address.

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